How Long Does It Take to Be an SEO Specialist?

Reiner 👑
How long does it take to be an SEO specialist? Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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3 Years …
Up and downs
Google kick on ass millions time and we understood there. This is the part of life and that is right direction of learning 😬😂
Less than a blink of eye
Why do you flood this forum with BS posts?

Jack » Daniel
Spot on
Lund » Daniel
i think the typical questions are common to generate activity, because activity leads to exposure and that leads to more people in this group and that leads to more money Chase.
How am I doing Chase, am I learning the techniques?
Weldon » Daniel
He doesn't understand yet, give love and advice to the newbies let's not crap on them crap on them.
Corey » Lund
exactly. I’m taking notes though. Even I have question fatigue 😂 But there are 29999 other people in the group as well so I just keep

been doing decades, always testing learning new things. no one's ever the expert, they're just people that test and learn. is an ongoing process

Walton » Weldon
«been doing decades” most ridiculous and stupid thing I read today🤣 u need a f*cking decade to be a doctor, not for to understand the market, it’s about experience, if you put your self out there u will learn fast.
Not saying needs decades, but it is a constantly changing landscape. Always be testing and be learning this my point. My point to him, as a guy that had been doing this since 2006, I have had to always be learning and testing. Just get started, learn, make some mistakes, then find success. The biggest problem people never really get started. Just start and diving in head first and learn as much can and never think you got it 💯 Always be testing always be willing to learn some new. It will come for him when he puts the work.

Forever I think what we know now won't be there in 10 years just be a massive DIRECTORY £€£€€£ all page one no organic listings all ppc what you think?

more likely big G will shrink organic till it's on page 2.
Sampson » Abbas
yes that seems like what they are doing know i mean mobile search with 4 ads and the Google guarantee thing makes it look like organic is already on page two and iv noticed the past 18 months Google has gave directories review and comparison sites a big boost

Just print the cards, build a website and you're good to go.
10,000 hours of working in it. 1 day doesn't equal 24 hours of hours working it unless you were doing actual SEO work for those 24 hours.
With dedication and consistency you can achieve whatever you want. But it takes time to become an SEO specialist. Specially when you get back sites from Google penalty. And also judge the competition through SERP. 🙂


This may satisfy you: Should a Reliable SEO Specialist Be Capable of Speaking English Fluently and Correctly?
If you are employed in the company and on SEO duties alone, then even 100 hours could be enough. Plus lifetime learning.
If you are a Freelancer or a small agency hired by a client to increase profits, that's a whole different game. You simply need more hats and you basically need to be a Digital marketer specialiszed in SEO. This is comparable to formal education, so 10.000 hours.

Sangbaran » Mišo
I believe all SEO specialist can do digital marketing.. BUT not all digital marketers can do SEO…
Mišo » Sangbaran
, I must say I am strongly disagreeing with your statement. At least with the first part of it. 🙂
But perhaps we need to established if we are on the same page regarding the definition of a "Digital Marketer".
To me, what you said is same as "All Radiologists can be Doctors (MD), but not all Doctors can be Radiologists".
SEO is part of Digital Marketing. It takes care of a single marketing channel. There are many other Marketing channels, as well as other accompanying disciplines that are important for the use with all channels.
Since there is no formal DM education, and since the barrier of entry is so low, "Digital Marketer profession" is being used both for people who watched few YouTube channels and for those who studied for years and invested thousands of hours into structured education.
A proper Digital Marketer is someone who can stand equally next to a Doctor or Engineer. DM=MD.
Now back to SEO: I assure you that the entire SEO is not bigger than the entire Radiology. Or Anatomy. Or any Medicine or Engineering subject.
If we talk about those things at proper scale, a Digital Marketer knows all other DM disciplines at professional-grade level, as well as he knows SEO. If his main focus is SEO, then he specializes it, just like an MD would specialize Radiology, for example.
So all real Digital Marketers CAN do SEO, and very often far far far better than those who do SEO alone, because they have T-shaped knowledge and understand forces that are outside of traditional SEO. For example UX, Copywriting, Conversion Optimization, Consumer Behavior psychology etc.
The other way around is literally impossible. If someone has learned SEO alone, there is simply zero possibility that he can do Digital Marketing. He may be able to do some parts of it, but limited.

A bit of knowledge and the decision to be one. A few days perhaps?
Now… if you're asking how long does it take to be an SEO expert… that is a much different answer 🤣
its like chess – you can learn the moves in a day but it takes you a lifetime to master the art
It's like – "I have done my Master's degree, but I'm not a master still".


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