How Many Clients Can You Handle as a Solo Entrepreneur Before You Need to Hire Help?

How many clients can you handle as a solo entrepreneur before you need to hire help?
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Matt Diggity

Steve Toth 🎓
Oh Matt, it's not so bad buddy 🤣
It's not about how many you can handle but more how much time you need to develov your business. I had 3 clients max when I started. My goal is not to work for my company but let my company work for me. That's how an entrepreneur thinks. 😉

how many clients can you handle as a solo entrepreneur before you need to hire help

More than clients its a matter of sites if you ask me. I used to handle 20-30 clients locally with each of them having 1 site… 1 language..1 source of. links etc. Now that I have 1 client with 26 sites in 13 countries. with 13 different languages… is that "just 1 client". Quoting the 4hww "I rather stick bicycle. spokes in my eye" than try to do it all alone.
Oh and lets not forget that 80/20 applies like hell to clients taking up. your time by constant nagging of emails Skypes or lord forbid phonecalls. There is always that 1 or 2 that take up the majority of that time. But I (and you should too) put them "in their place" asap.
Got results? Exceeding plans? Yes! Stop calling me and let me do my biz.

Same here, few clients, but all with one or two websites in 15-20 languages
Igor » Roberto
Super. Bene. Jako dobro. Sehr gut. Bon. UgghaBugga. 😂👌💪
Meakin » Igor

I have 5 bigger clients and 20 smaller ones, I work alone most of the time, but want to double those numbers then hire help.

Tayyab » Kara
Such a huge numbers. I wonder how are you handling it all alone.
Kara » Tayyab
I've worked myself into a full time job. Smaller ones only contact me a couple times a year. Each month the work varies and I provide different services for each. I do more web maintenance and marketing than SEO currently. I'm looking to up sell and grow my SEO clients.
Awesome. I too provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and hired 3 people for 3 clients
Haider » Kara
Do you mind sharing the recipe and ingredients? "process and softwares"
Kara » Haider
I've been building my business going on 18 years. Providing excellent work and results for clients has lead to a great referral business. I am constantly learning and my expertise has grown over the years. Consistency is the key, quick response time, and developing relationships with clients is extremely important. Follow up is very important too. Almost all sites I manage now are in WordPress, I'm a hosting reseller, I provide custom integration services, email marketing, I'm Google Ads Certified, and offer social media management. I create a digital marketing plan for each client depending on their goals and budget. I use a Hootsuite, MOZ, and Google Analytics for reporting. I use Quickbooks and do all my own accounting monthly. I work with a variety of industries. Keyword research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are critical on all sites as well as content creation.
Haider » Kara
Great to hear that.
I myself believe in quality work which ofcourse led to referrals but while the number of client increases, keeping up the quality standard is hard, so have to say no to clients sometimes.
Keep up the good work, best wishes.
Kara » Haider

It depends on what one client brings to be party… I have one client who has 50+ website's! I have client's that have very simple campaigns and other clients who have incredibly complicated and competitive websites and niches. I also have 3 other clients with multiple websites of 10 and over.
With my group of clients, I found it too much at 10+ so I got help at about 13 clients. The trouble was, that work became even harder for a time, doing all the fulfillment, marketing, client getting, reporting, training the new staff member to the standard I wanted, automating, building SOP's and training libraries.
Scaling and transitioning between being a freelancer and an agency is incredibly hard but my life should become a lot easier, the more clients I get, as I can automate and have a system in place for the team to basically run its self with just a little guidance from me from time to time.
I'm still a little way off that yet but hopefully this year, I can take a lot of the workload off me so I can soley concentrate on client getting.

Thank a lot David Holgate

It depends on the following…
How much is each client spending
How much profit do you have left over to reinvest into hiring
How much time does each client take
Do you have a process and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)?
What tasks are you doing for clients?
What are your goals?
What are you clients goals?
I currently have about 15-20 clients and looking to double that this year but I started hiring after two or three. ⏳
My advice is this: get help AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! 👍
You wouldn't believe how much you need to troubleshoot problems when building out a team in the first six months – one year. For each task, each of your hires will find 5-10 ways of misinterpreting your instructions. 😂
If you can build a process for one/two clients then you can scale quite easily. To get to 10 clients or more then start building out a process and hiring help is, generally speaking, a massive task.
Take a look at the four hour work week by Tim Ferris, the E-myth revisited by Michael Gerber and Clockwork by Michael Michaelowicz for a great "crash course". Good luck 🤞😸


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