How Much Impact in SEO Is Blog Commenting?

Some people say blog commenting don't work anymore, but some SEO users still do it.
So, I decided to give it a try for just once. I chose a relevant blog and did a well thought comment.
Now, Ahrefs counts it as a backlink with a no-follow attribute.
Yes, nothing conclusive but what do you guys make of it?
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Nobody ever said that Ahrefs wouldn’t find a blog comment link. That really has nothing to do with if it is worthwhile or if it will help you to rank better.

Globen ✍️
Fair enough. Does that add to your Domain Rating (DR) and UR? Or better yet, was the link useless or did it help in anyway?
Mike » Globen
whether or not it adds to DR or UR doesn’t really mean anything either. They have nothing to do with rankings.
Whether or not it helped can only really be measured by rankings.
Globen ✍️ » Mike
I'm not sure that's helpful, because my keywords are all green and on the first page.
So if we follow along your way of reasoning, there is a chance that it helped but who cares who knows?
The real question I'm asking is, if it does help conclusively, is it something I would consider doing when the majority are saying it doesn't work anymore?
Because if it doesn't, my rankings are up, but still nothing conclusive.
Mike » Globen
what do you mean your keywords are all green?
Blog comments have been a waste of time for years now, but if you want to go against the grain and invest time and energy in them, go for it. They were always weak AF. Most are now nofollow. You will rarely get one through moderation. But don’t let me stop you. By all means, go for it.
Globen ✍️ » Mike
your getting it the wrong way bro. Not here to argue.
I agree that there are ways that will return more than spending it on comments.
I'm asking, if it's entirely "useless"? Do you have conclusive facts or would you just say – "everybody knows"
I meant my keywords and rankings are all green on the metrics meaning going up.
So, if I conclude that commenting on blog helps, I am convince it's a bad conclusion.
I am just asking if there is any value to it or non at all?
Mike » Globen
As I already said, most of them are going to be nofollow.
The other problem is that the majority of sites that do allow links in comments do not moderate very much if at all. They end up with hundreds of comments with links which makes every single link on the page extremely weak.
Lastly, they are one of the easiest types of links for Google to target and devalue. It's extremely easy to recognize comment links in the source code, which makes it a piece of cake for them to just ignore them or to devalue them.
As for your keyword rankings going up, I wouldn't make any judgments based on one link, no matter what type of link it was.
Globen ✍️ » Mike
Fair Enough 🙂 I appreciate the inputs bro 🙂

One of the first things I learned about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and that has served me well is to think to oneself “If I was Google would I reward punish or be indifferent to the SEO about to be performed?” Based off of this I would have to say from an SEO standpoint if I was Google I would lean towards being indifferent to blog commenting.

Globen ✍️
Thanks Fernando, let me take your point (please for discussion only 🙂
1. You are not Google (I do get your point) but you being not Google makes the suggestion arguable.
2. I was asking, if commenting is ENTIRELY USELESS or does it contain even the faintest amount of positivity when done right?
Cheers mate 🙂
Alvarez » Globen
I love and am always open to discussion!
1. You are right! I’m not Google, but I do think it’s important to take the time to really understand the company and what they are trying to accomplish. By doing this you can put yourself in their shoes which will help in making decisions. Will I always be right? Nope, but I do think it puts me a lot closer to accomplishing my goals.
2. My answer: Entirely useless = No. 🙂
Globen ✍️ » Alvarez
well well well! Good point there bro. Thanks for sharing 🙂

At best it will do very, very little (like a blog comment on a high quality blog with high DR in your niche, that doesn’t have many commenters).
Most likely it will do nothing – Google specifically has said these types of links are worthless for the obvious reason that anyone can post a blog comment linking back to their site. Therefore, every SEO in the world can (and did) abuse them until they were erased from the algorithm.
At worst they will hurt your site.
Bottom line – it’s not a viable strategy in 2020.

Globen ✍️
Yes I agree fully and very good point you made there. I just needed to know if it's entirely useless at all 🙂

If nothing else, it's potentially building authorship authority on the subject for the person making the comment – and it establishes a relationship between that author and the site being linked to.
NOTE: This can be a negative thing, too. But if done properly, it's a positive.
So… I suppose it depends on what you mean by "don't work anymore".
Wait, who is Ahrefs?
It's a third party tool, works differently, may find any links (even if you Disavow some links in Google), if will show on their crawling report.
Ahrefs has no power in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It can't decide SEO. It's just a tool to check some metrics, that too not accurate.
Ahrefs has nothing to do with backlink!

Globen ✍️
Bro, off the mark. Read the question again, it's not about Ahrefs that's already established. You are not answering the question.

If by commenting you are adding value which triggers the click to become your traffic referrer source from not a spammy website, then it might be seen some what valuable.
I never built blog comments but I recently got convinced we should be doing a bit of it for the diversity.


This may satisfy you: Backlink Types of Web 2.0 Comment Anchor Text and Citations Aren’t Valuable. Are They?

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