How Much Rate Is It to Build an E-Commerce With Woocommerce or Magento?

I know this is an Search Engine Optimization | SEO group but I also know there's quite a few web devs here…
… What's the going rate for building e-commerce site these days for about 300 products.
I've not done one for ages and that was on WooCommerce. I'm maybe thinking Magento is more suited to a site with this amount of products!
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Depends on who is doing it & where and its functionalities. I guess $ 2500-4000 is a good deal for both sides.
Depends on product import, if they have a CSV then around £4000.
I start at $8500 for e-commerce. Magento would be much more than woo or Shopify.
We start at $8000 for this number of products … keeping in mind you sometimes have to create more than 50 Photoshop images to support the product variations you may be offering. If it is simple one style only products, our price is usually about 2/3rds of the above … it all depends on the amount of content you wish to sell.
More specifically, 50 images PER product so this would require about 15,000 images created if the variations for each product were required.
300 products ain't that much to be honest! You can definitely do this on WooCommerce!
Yeah and i can do it all for $5000, 1week delivery Max.
Just a note. In UK certainly you can easily pay £12.5k+++ for a half decent Magento setup. I'd stick to WP and Woo particularly as it's not a lot of products. You can probably get a really good one for about £3.5k
Definitely Shopify

Smit » Brian
you pay commission on sales at Shopify…

I'm currently migrating a lot of Magento 1.9 to WooCommerce. Some big sites with over 10,000 products. Magento 1 support ends this month so go for M2 or WooCommerce depending on your budget.
Jeff Coseo 🎓
Magento is awesome one of the better platforms.
We use Shopify for our 13 000 products. No brainer 👍
Keep in mind – a high priced development team doesn't need to be involved in adding all the products if there's not a simple way to automate it. You'll want them to help organize things and make sure all the proper attributes and connections are set up – but once that's done… a $10 an hour high school kid looking for some spending money can add the products. If everything is done by hand, I estimate 6 minutes per product – or 10 per hour. Though that can be greatly less if the products are simple and don't have more than an image or two. So… 300 products is 30 hours. 30 hours at $10 an hour is $300.
The biggest differentiation in price is really the complexity of the product and the filtering/searching system that's in place. That can wildly sway your costs.
The magic is making sure everyone on the dev team, the in-house team, and any other involved teams are all working together to maximize efficiency and throughput. Make sure you've got a great project manager on board.
As for total cost… we won't touch a site for under $6000 for a rebuild. I'd imagine yours to be in the $8k to $10k range, though. When we do a site, though, it's not just what you asked for, but we're talking structured data, a solid technical SEO foundation (with funnels and scalable structure that will lend to ranking), conversion strategy, UX considerations, basic accessibility compliance, GDPR/CCPA tools as needed, and so on. There's a LOT more to it than just the storefront. Even if we don't plan on having an ongoing SEO contract, I set up every site as if it was going to have one so the foundation is there and ready when you are. And, of course, we build it to convert, too – though it works best with an ongoing plan to optimize conversions along with SEO… having a good user centric build from the start makes a big difference.
As for the size – 300 isn't big. I've got a client on WooCommerce site with over 12k products and it works just fine. At 15-18K we might consider doing something to beef up the search functionality since doing complex searches across many fields of many records takes some processing power. It does okay now, though. 300 would be almost nothing.

Smit » Truslow
i agree. I can install and setup a WP site in 2 hours and give you a video to upload your products.. the issues is you need to check your plugin updates thereafter and learn and work with the platform. It is not difficult. Host at a place like siteground, have access to cpanel and get going. Will take about a day or two of videos and self education and then you are ready to go!! I sent these to a client the other day… check it out
WordPress woo basics.
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And training the people to use the site – be it processing orders, adding new products, shipping prices, refunds… setting things up so that the web site can help facilitate picking and shipping procedures in the warehouse, taxes, and all of that. The whole site needs to be integrated into the company's current sales process as best as possible to leverage the benefit from it. If the web site is just a pain in the butt to deal with and it's not part of the daily routine as a smooth and efficient tool – it's just going to turn to crap.
There's a lot more to it than just picking a template and adding products.

Roughly $16,000 aud and 3 months delivery.


This may satisfy you: Is It Worth Switching From WordPress to Shopify or WooCommerce?

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