How much SEO can be done by a Business Owner Themselves Versus Hiring an Expert?

How much SEO can be done by a business owner themselves versus hiring an expert?


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Depends… if you willing to sacrifice money and time to do and learn! We did for ourself for a year, ( 2 person 24/7) because we were learning from William in the meantime! We did pretty good, better than a lot of SEO, ( our website is better than ever, bear in mind that a year ago we had no idea what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, so we been ripped off by some SEO companies) but finally William said yes! 🥰
DrDerek Sheavly
It depends on your niche and size of market area. If you just fix the title tags and H1 and H2 heading tags, that should help you rank in a small market area with little keyword competition. It's easier to rank a mustache trimmer in Muleshoe, TX than it is a dentist in Houston.
Do it yourself is the ONLY way! Learn, study, research, test… otherwise you will hire an SEO "experts" that will deliver very little or most likely nothing. You will waist your money, and most importantly your time! Dedicated one to two hours per day for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can do it!
Shaundra McLamb
It's a double edged sword for me… doing the work slows down the money, training others slows down the money for a while but it does help you make more money in the long run BUT hiring someone who knows SEO is a NO NO cause they don't
The only reasons you'd do it yourself as a business owner is because you don't have the budget or have been burned previously from SEO users!
It is possible to become proficient. I started out as a business owner and I think Will has mentioned he did too so it's possible to make it work but SEO is a massive time suck, so be prepared for little sleep if you're a business owner who wants to run the business and the website SEO!
I applaud any small business owner to do it themselves. You really start becoming passionate about your niche. When you write your own unique content, you start to retain a lot of info, and you become more of an expert of your business. Good SEO in my opinion is basically creating your own diary.
I'm no expert and yep, I'm a business owner. I don't service my car because I have a mechanic that knows what he's doing and I see the end result.
I've spent thousands on SEO experts with zip. I don't blame them as they're trying to get an income.
I decided to do it myself and spent countless hours learning what I call, the basics, and I hit five figures first year.
Six figures second year.
I still need an SEO guy to do the deeper stuff because they have the tools for it but haven't used one yet.
If I do, it will be just to raise Google trust only.
Joshua hit the nail on the head. So did mladen
I think there are lots of false SEO people out there but it's no different than any other industry. You can certainly do it yourself but it you're going to compare what a true expert is bringing to the table vs the spare time you're spending learning, you are comparing apples and oranges. I am an expert and the one thing that's always offended is the notion that you can do it but don't have the time. The mechanic example is perfect, you don't drop your car off and and make that claim. You just appreciate their skillset and pay accordingly.


Few business owners (agencies too) are not aware of the potential with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google My Business (GMB). Everyone looks at it from their own perspective. As an agency owner since 2010, I never knew we could produce results like this. This is for a specialized design/build business in NYC. When a business gets this kind of exposure, they become a brand people talk about. I don't think the business owners could have produced results like this. Why would they? They see the value of investing in their marketing.

how much SEO can be done by a business owner themselves versus hiring an expert

Jordan » Winslow
Nice humble brag lol. Great results.
Winslow » Jordan
I know lol. I've mastered the humble brag. I drop those breadcrumbs wherever I go.
Jordan » Winslow
I can dig it! I gotta get like you with it. I'm way less covert when I mention an accomplishment lol.
Winslow » Jordan
I got to the point where if I don't get out of my shell and promote myself, who will? If not now, when?
Jordan » Winslow
Yes, sir. Very true.

Most of this post is basically ripping on SEO companies and I'll admit I've been burned by a few myself. But then I spent countless hours and a lot of money on courses to learn to do it right. Now I have an auto detailing business and a digital marketing business. I generally work with service based businesses and guarantee results. If I can't dramatically increase your organic ranking on Google in 90 days or less, I'll refund your SEO money.
Here's the current standing of my detailing business.

how much SEO can be done by a business owner themselves versus hiring an expert

William Jones 👑 » Nathan
That's how to do it brother
Nathan » William Jones
I try. It's just who I am. I enjoy helping people.
Brian » Nathan
Are you on the front page of Google?
Nathan » Brian
Yes for over 100 keywords. Pic above are all in position 2.


This comes down to priorities.
You invest either time or money. They are almost always mutually exclusive.
When you start a business you don't have a lot of money so you invest time. Once business takes off you don't have as much time so you have to invest money.
One thing to always consider, if you want to grow quickly and want to work ON and not IN your business, then throw money at the problem as the opportunity cost is just too high.
Spending 40 hrs trying to write 10 SEO blog posts of 1,000 words long means you have not used 40 hrs trying to generate sales. If you can make $20k in sales in that 40 hrs then paying someone $1k is a WAY better use of your time and money.
This depends on the business owner- how he want his business to grow, their budget, time management.
If you have sufficient time and less budget then you should do it yourself.
If you want professional to do his work and you want to focus on High Yielding Activities and other strategies then its best choice go for hiring SEO expert!
If you are looking to do yourself then i can give you TEMPLATE which can help you manage listing easily!
Anyone can do it… doesn't mean they should. As a business owner you need to ask yourself the hard question of do I want to work in my business or on my business. Some consider marketing as working "on" the business but marketing online is more of a working "in" the business. I believe as a business owner you should be educated so when you do outsource or hire internally you know what needs to be done to make sure actions are pushing the needle forward.
I run my own business and I've wasted lots of money with no results hiring different companies that under delivered.
with covid severely effecting my business this year I can't afford to spend a load of money so I purchased the lifetime deal and will go through the course work and learn the best I can.
it takes time to learn a new skill but it interests me

It's good you're learning how to fish. Actually, you're learning how to be a digital farming. To grow digitally is a patient process. Here's my best advice for your business.
Firstly, William Jones is a great choice. If I met him and others like him starting out, I think I would be further today.
Secondly, whatever you do, the best thing you can do is make sure you can undo everything.
Did you put on an extra plugin that bloats your website? Undo it.
Did you change a setting and suddenly rankings drop? Undo it.
Did you add a link that turned about to be spammy? Undo it.
I hope you get the idea.


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