How to Find SEO and Marketing Clients?

The Summary of Discussion 2: How to Find SEO and Marketing Clients?

Nayon Kumar
How to i find SEO client.


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Chris M. Walker 👑🎩
First thing I would do is figure out an industry to target and focus on that.
Become THE company when that industry needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/web design.
Learn all the little details about it such as the terminology they like to use, what they don't like and so on.
Then break it down even further from there.
Create a customer avatar.
What I mean by customer avatar is create a fictitious person that represents your ideal customer… their age, gender, type of business, whether they are married or not, what they want, what they need, what type of pain they are in, and how you can take them from that pain state, to a happy state.
Once you have that all figured out create your funnel based on that.
From that information, you should be able to determine where they hang out online, which in turn will give you what type of traffic source to use to best reach them.
Some potential traffic sources are:
SEO… though this will take longer and isn't really direct response.
LinkedIn… best bet here is to provide content to build trust.
Google Ads… same issue with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but still useful
Content Marketing… blog posts, podcasts, Facebook groups/page, Instagram, YouTube and so on. Frank Kern calls this intent based branding.
Facebook or LinkedIn ads… in my experience it works better to send them to an advertorial then it does directly to a sales page or an audit form.
Highly targeted, non spammy cold email campaigns… self explanatory.
In person marketing at networking events, chamber meetings, etc…
And don't be afraid to straight up post on your personal Facebook and ask if anyone needs help with SEO… you never know, and you shouldn't be shy to promote your business.
Now you have a niche, an ideal prospect, and traffic sources.
Now you need a sales process.
Determine if you will get on a phone call, Skype, in person, email etc… with them.
If they need to fill out any kind of form ahead of time
How you will have them pay, if you will have a proposal etc…
Make sure you have some sales training and some scripts you have down pat so you can close them.
Be obsessed with implementing this EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Schedule it out.
Spend 12 – 18 hours a day on it. It won't take long to fill your pipeline and grow and scale your business.
I hope that helps.

Scott Allen 🎓🎩 » Chris M. Walker
This post right here is packed full of insanely good advice.
Kherk Roldan » Chris M. Walker
Well said man
Kolade Fakunle » Chris M. Walker
This should be an entire blog post. Value
Nayon Kumar ✍️ » Chris M. Walker
Thank you

Ross Berberian
Find their website run a report showing them how they are losing money from free business leads of people unable to find them then show them some stock analytic data of what the cost might be inorganic.. From SEMrush some data they let you see free.. learn how to sell


Asad Ali
If your good at SEO they should find you…

Chris M. Walker 👑🎩 » Asad Ali
Not necessarily, and not even commonly.
That assumes they are looking for SEO and know they need it.
There are a lot of businesses that need help, and will take it if presented to them properly, but won't look on their own.
"Sit around and wait for money to come to you" is not a winning business strategy, especially in the beginning when you need to make things happen.
Sajjad Ul Islam Azad » Chris M. Walker
Kirk A. Sporman » Asad Ali
So then if SEO is wait and get paid, how do you sell SEO to a client? "I don't do it because it's passive, but you should "
Asad Ali » Kirk A. Sporman
I think you misunderstood the humour.
Kirk A. Sporman » Asad Ali
Sorry, it mentioned the wrong person.
Chris M. Walker 👑🎩 » Kirk A. Sporman
Not sure if you are trolling or you really don't get it but I'll give you a the benefit of the doubt and elaborate.
An emergency dentist (as one of countless examples) benefits from having a result that shows up for "emergency dentist in city"… but they may not know that and won't search for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to solve this problem they don't even know they have.
If you have the ability to help them you should do the outreach or marketing needed to bring the issue to their attention and try to help them.
They should also do outbound marketing alongside SEO, as should an SEO company.
You seem to think that you can only do SEO (inbound marketing) or Ads/outreach etc… (outbound marketing).
Marketing isn't sports. You don't have to pick a team and only support them. You can and should do everything.
Further you also seem to think I said "you shouldn't bother doing SEO for yourself". I didn't. You should.
But doing only SEO as your way of generating business for yourself, especially in the beginning, is short sited, a poor growth strategy, and is needlessly limiting.
If you are fine with the limited amount of business that comes in from people searching for SEO (which by the way is a bad comparison you made… few people look for SEO services for their business, but other industries have far greater traffic and Return on Investment (RoI) from SEO) that's your prerogative.
However if you want to reach as many people that need your help as possible you should be using every tool available to you to reach them. You should feel obligated to help them.
To answer your specific question; you simply accept the objection and explain it something like this.
"While SEO brings in business for many industries "such as yours" it doesn't bring in as much in others, ironically SEO is one of those, I do it, but I don't limit myself to reaching people that need my help that way.
When we work together I'll bring the same approach to your business, and do everything I can to bring you an ROI".
You can leave off the last bit if you just want to sell SEO but again why limit yourself?
I hope that clears it up for you.


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The Summary of Discussion 1: How Did You Get Your First SEO Client?
I am new here, I have been reading a lot and Steven Kang has been very helpful.
However, I am yet to get my first SEO client.
My question is; how did you get your first SEO client? What method did you use?
The answers here will help not just only be but many others who are trying to nail their first SEO clients.


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I'll be honest, If I were starting out today, I think you'd be better off getting an entry-level position at a prominent agency or even in-house. You can learn so much from people who have processes nailed down and even starting out most places will pay at least $45-50k and up. Do that for one to two years, learning as much as you can and gain that experience and then go searching for your first clients. Likely they will fall into your lap while you're still working making the transition much less stressful.

Steve Toth🎓 » Shelly
100% support this because it's what I did.
Fiala » Shelly
That's currently what I'm trying to do. Down side is that even tho jobs r listed as entry they always want more than a yr experience so I feel like I have to exaggerate (not lie) the things I've done.
Agree with Shelly here.
But if you can't find a job in an agency, why not build your own site and start implementing and testing your SEO skills while doing another 9-5 gig or freelance work(if the cash is tight)?
That's how I started. Then I transitioned to client SEO.
There are courses now that would help you master systems and fulfillment.
The most challenging part is knowing your framework works before you start getting clients. You would never have the confidence that you know your craft unless you rank your own projects, IMO.
As for getting clients, some found me via my site and social media groups like FB and Slack.
Hang in there bro.

After doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for 20 years, I can offer this advice: work as a freelance SEO and let SEO agencies give you their overflow work. That way you will get the experience you need, but also you will meet clients and talk with them. They will know you're doing the work.
You won't "take" of those SEO agency clients. But, you will get a reputation for doing good work. I can tell you, based on my personal experience, that if you do good work, clients will seek you out and hire you.
I've had a lot of clients come to me after a few years, as I did work for them when I was working for an agency. They have since moved on to another role at another company, and they DO remember you.
There are a LOT of agencies out there now who need to outsource work or white label SEO work. That's what you should be doing, that's how you get your first client.


I didn't pitched out for clients. Even now, I have no interest in doing so despite knowing about SEO hehehe. As a matter of fact, it was the complete opposite; I was recommended by my former colleagues and that my current boss introduced me to. I just learn things for fun, and I still believe I'm a noob on the technical aspect.
What happened was that I just started out as a fanatic or a veteran in the knives, handheld lightings and even rifle parts or EDC / Outdoors / do it yourself (DIY) / hunting related industry. And I became good at it that my level of understanding could even compete my former corporate's supplier's technicians (who were trained by the manufacturers themselves!), because I loved it very much as it was masculine in trait. 😛 What I meant by veterancy or being a fanatic is that I know all about the modern product updates of the Swiss army knife, and certain lighting brands like Maglite and Black Diamond Equipment.
At that time, what I knew of hidden and interesting factual information is actually the 'entities' in Search Engines (And I have to thank SEO Signals Lab for this). And things like that set me apart from marketers and all competitive websites available. (There is also an interesting story in that past of mine that got me gaslighted in office politics too, as a result of identifying the information and the actual stocks that doesn't tally anymore… only to find out I was right almost a year after. 😆)
But the most important thing about the aforementioned brands is that THEY DELIBERATELY deleted all traces of manual or product information found in their websites. So this means that there's only a handful of REAL experts that can contest the top ranking websites on-page wise, as well as empower their support team on how to properly identify and catalogue these things, while preventing price gauging from the public. 😊 If you look into Victorinox and modern retailers right now, almost nothing is stated well of important entity / informational keywords.
And then you take for example of what separates an older version of Maglite 2D Cell Flashlight vs. the new one, and what was the older bulb variation that they used before giving way for Mag Num Star II Bulb? And then also what separates Maglite from other brands. 😛
The answer lies in that in the barrel stamp of the torch 2C or D cell used, has a 'D stamp' before the serial number found. The older ones doesn't have any alphabetical stamp before the numbers (the older manuals are gone btw). The bulb is known as 'White Star', which is significantly weaker than the current upgrade of illumination technology.
So yea, all these things add up into me being recommended. I was asked to get into the IoT industry btw, and currently into the B2B printing sector. 😊
Here's how I got my first clients:
1. Cold called. This was rough, but it worked.
2. Ranked websites in a specific niche. Then called companies and told them I wanted to send them leads. After a few weeks and having sent several leads, I offered to let them continue getting leads if they did SEO with me.
3. I offered a few people a money back guarantee. This was super risky, but it worked.
Nowadays I mostly get referrals.
I printed some very simple flyers and asked my drycleaner and my butcher for permission to paste them on their counters. That´s how I got my first clients.
A family member of mine started a business in an extremely high ticket niche, but their website was not up to scratch. I reached out to them making the affects of their problems known and how my skills could solve it. Initially, this was for a website redesign, and I expressed to them how SEO could help them to dominate.
Since then, they've used me for their other business ventures, their friends and family etc…
The best thing I can say is: be proactive and get good at not just listing a potential client's problems, but convey the affects of these problems AND how you can solve it with your knowledge.
Didn't need a case study or validation once I was in..

Oh and show their competitor and how they're asking progress on search engines. works a treat
SpyFu – Competitor Keyword Research Tools for Google Ads PPC & SEO


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