How to Get a Free SSL Cert?

The Summary of Discussion 2: How to Get a Free SSL Cert?

So how to get free ssl certificate while godaddy host my site? I don't want pay them $150 and I don't want to switch hosting.
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Use Cloudflare. Or use cloudways $11 per/month droplet with free SSL.

Kafka » Ali
^^^^ there's your answer.

Cloudflares free CDN will also give you minification, https2 (https3 on select accounts in beta from memory) and caching alongside the SSL. All the aforementioned are good for customer experience and rankings as a result. Setting up with Cloudflare is as easy as following the instructions on the intro page for each registrar, GoDaddy included

Mucha » Platt
Agree, Cloudflare is huge when it comes to site speed. Connecting it along with W3 Cache I've seen amazing jumps in the past.

Or just use Lets Encrypt…its free and works with any host

Dipen » Floyd
From my experience let's encrypt sucks with godaddy, I had same issue and said good bye to Godaddy. My suggestion change hosting from GoDaddy.
Floyd » Dipen
I agree

Are you using cpanel hosting or managed WordPress
Mikkel ✍️

Eman » Mikkel
then you're stuck. Go to Cloudways and you'll get a free ssl certificate from them to. Go to Cloudways while the black Friday cyber Monday deal is going on. Start the free trial. Download the cloudways migrator plugin and follow the instructions on Cloudways.
Pick the vultur high frequency servers plan.
You can then get free ssl there. Message me if you need help

Not going to happen … do you have cpanel… I think they removed the free SSL from the panel "lets encrypt"… move to A2 Hosting..

Savior » Ison
why would anyone move to a2 hosting after they lost around 25% of their clients data not too long ago.

Use Cloudflare or let's encrypt
Put the site on Cloudflare and they'll provide a free SSL certificate
You can Use Cloudflare to setup free ssl
Watch this tutorial
Free SSL certificate for your website with Cloudflare. Full end to end encryption with free https
Use Let's encrypt
Please use Cloudflare and get a free and reliable SSL certificate on any site you need. It also helps with DNS management even in the free plan.
Try Cloudflare. There is an article describing how it works:
Free WordPress SSL Certificate with Cloudflare – Works on any hosting
if you only need partial ssl, then try Cloudflare or Sucuri. if you require full ssl, then not 100% sure. I know you can configure lets encrypt, but they don't make it easy, and not sure if it can be done on shared hosting
Mikkel ✍️
Thanks guys already add ssl certificate by using Cloudflare
change your hosting, you can contact me or any other company which provides free SSL.
Or use Cloudflare CDN free
you can get free SSL from Cloudflare also. its simple easy and effective for your site. almost all hosting give you free SSL for first year.


The Summary of Discussion 1: Will not having an SSL(https) on your website effect your ranking with google ?
Will not having an SSL(https) on your website effect your ranking with google ?
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Yup. But there's certainly some hold outs doing surprisingly well, but I'd imagine in 2021 googles going to bring the penalties up even higher so if your building, or thinking of making the switch, do it ASAP
No… you won't have rankings to be effected.

Matt » Kafka
Stop spreading misinformation. This is wrong.
Kafka » Matt
lol, take a joke son
Nothing in your original reply signifies it's a joke except the absurdity of it, kiddo. Considering someone is asking a genuine question about it, how am I to know who does and doesn't know its effect?
Kafka » Matt
if you don't have an ssl, Google won't rank you. You wanna debate that? Be my guest. It's a joke and a fact, all in one.
You're the only one looking for a debate or fight – I just said your original post is misinformation (it is, joking or not.) Aaron, Tristan🤣🤣🤣 Guess what? I'm now "the wedding company SEO guy." I'm too old to even do this right now. 🤣
Kafka » Matt
i wasn't looking for anything. You're the one that decided to throw fighting words.
The answer was obviously yes.
My post was another way of saying the same thing.
If you're too old for this, how were you bored enough to start this thread?
Aaron » Matt
Matt, I think you misunderstood the joke bro. Rob, I had a good chuckle!
Kafka » Mills
thank you sir
Tristan » Matt
, f*ck me, this thread took a turn for the worse real quick.
Better be careful Matt, he's an “SEO wholesaler”…

Yes, but let's argue no for a second and say there is no direct decrease in rankings. If you do not have ssl you get a warning icon appear near the URL bar. The person coming to your site is now more likely to bounce because they want to be on a secure padlocked site that they have come used to. That increases bounce rate which then in turn lowers your rankings. So even if someone says no, the answers still yes

Hisaria » Platt
I like how you think
Ashwin » Platt
Damn, that was good!

You can use Cloudflare and have ssl free.

Google doesn't tell us many ranking factors so when they do, it's good to listen:,a%20secure%20connection%20to%20Google "We've seen positive results, so we're starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. For now it's only a very lightweight signal — affecting fewer than 1% of global queries, and carrying less weight than other signals such as high-quality content — while we give webmasters time to switch to HTTPS. But over time, we may decide to strengthen it, because we'd like to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web."
HTTPS as a ranking signal | Google Search Central Blog
Yes, and it's seen as untrustworthy especially if it's an e-com site too. Https is pretty standard now with most surfers as it gives them trust in your business. Why wouldn't you?
Ya, no reason in the world not to have an SSL. Simple and free.
Barely. Its literally the smallest ranking factor.

It affect people's first impression of your site though.
Anyone who notices the *not secure * messages won't be impressed.
Considering let's encrypt ssl is free, what reason is that's to not do it?
Ryan » Russ
there's 0 reason NOT to do it. I'm just saying don't do it and expect an SEO boost. Do it for the other reasons.

These days SSL is mandatory you can't see your page directly without warning.
Lets Encrypt vs Paid SSL Certificates
Yes, Of course it affects your ranking as SSL signifies trust for audience that there information will not be shared or misused. In case, you don't have SSL certificate or site lock on your website many visitor will turn back instantly and it raise bounce rate for your website that Google really does not like.
If you are interested, then here are some samples of ranking effects before and after installing SSL. I have been able to study lot of sites and using SSL is no brainer.

how to get a free ssl cert

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