How to set up my Webshop for Dropshipping, find the right products, a Dropshipping Agent

Which dropshipping course can teach me the following:
How to find the right products.
How to find a dropshipping agent.
How to setup my webshop for dropshipping.


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You really don't need a course. All that info is available online if you just Google it. If you really want a course, I have heard that Earnest Epps one is pretty legit but I have no first hand experience with it.

Lund » Kloth
Thanks! Do you have a specific channel to follow?
Or would you just Google the specific thing and start reading or go to YouTube?
Kloth » Lund
I would just Google it.
Lund » Kloth
Thank you, i'll try that

Be very careful by selecting the courses, especially when these are expensive.
Most courses make more money with teaching how to dropship, than the drop shippers themselves.
It's like during the gold rush in the USA in the 19th century: the people who sold the mining tools got rich, not the miners.
First I would look at Udemy courses. Every few weeks Udemy offers extremely steep discounts.

Lund » Ferdinand
Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. I haven't really used Udemy before, but most of their courses seems to be too basic?
Ferdinand » Lund
Yes, I think so. But spending 10 USD at Udemy instead of 1.000 USD to a scammer does hurt less. 😎
True 😉

The best course is to practice!

Lund » Khatibi
Sure, and I like to practice.
But it's hard to practice, when you don't know where to even get the basic information.
Or the deep information and how to optimize the processes.
we only optimize what's already in place
just get started with the basics:
find a product you'd like to sell
create a website in Shopify with one product (not a hundred)
then make 1 ad campaign for 8$ a day for three days
Lund » Khatibi
And how do I ship that product from Alibaba to my country within reasonable time?
How do I ship directly to me customer and not me, yet make it appear as if it came directly from me?
well, if you get to the stage where you need Alibaba instead of aliexpress then you're selling lots and lots of products a day!
it's easy… when you find a product you like
you ask the supplier do you offer dropshippin services (they all do in alibaba and aliexpress)
when you sell a product you send him a Google sheet or excell with the adress he must ship to.
Lund » Khatibi
Sorry I don't know the difference between Alibaba and AliExpress. I am guessing AliExpress is for private/small buyers and the other is for big buyers, buying from the supplier.
How do I buy from AliExpress and ship to my customers?
Thank you for taking your time to answer!
Alibaba is for bulk buying, prices are cheaper but you have to pay huge bulks… it's a B2B platform
Aliexpress is what you should use starting dropshipping.
get into aliepxress, you'll like the prodcut XY to sell
you contact the supplier to make sure he offers dropshippinng sevices
you sell 5 of it
you take the adresses of your new clients
you give them to your supplier and you pay him
and he'll send the product directly to your customers
Lund » Khatibi
That sounds so simple.
Is it really that simple or anything i should be aware of?
How much would you need to buy for, to get over to Alibaba?
I assume its for bulk buying, and shipment isn't to my customers but to me directly?
When you get tothe stage of mass bulk buying from AliBaba… you'll be buying the products before selling it… you'll need a wharehouse either in china or somewhere else..
If I were you I wouldn't worry about it now
You'll get there when you succeed the first stage which is selling few products a day. Focus on making one sale
Lund » Khatibi
That sounds good, thank you for your time!
Is there any last advice?
Anything i should be aware of when buying from Aliexpress? Do you prefer Facebooks Ads over Google Ads/SEO?
Does it depend on the product?
Ferdinand » Lund
This is second-hand knowledge, but if you find a product that is doing really well soon there will be others who will sell it for less.
And there are thousands of drop shippers around the world who thought that this "simple" business would make them rich fast. It seems those who are getting rich have a deep knowledge of certain niche products, their prospective customers, and how the whole distribution chain works.
PS: There is a reason why the drop shipping hype has almost completely vanished from the web. Thousands have been burnt in the past years. These guys are all at Robinhood and Coinbase today. 😄
if you're targeting the US where most people are apple users, facebook will be tricky
Google ads is quite nice as well
to know which channels to use, you just have to test it out there's no standard way of doing things
You and another competitor might use the same tool and still get different results
Lund » Khatibi
Sounds good, thank you for your time!
you're welcome and good luck!
And you need deep knowledge of how online marketing works. Actually, I think it might be best to do the dropshipping project for a year or so and then sell your acquired knowledge in online marketing and SEA – seriously.
In addition, you might want to look into affiliate marketing…


Yeah I think I agree with the rest of the other comments. Have you sold any products yet? Right now now I'm at $1300 a month… with razor thin profits. Google organic, no courses. It goes much higher or lower with the seasons. I learned everything I know with no course and just online as well as my friend that did it… but his help always kinda sucks really 👀. Its probably hard to practice without knowing what your doing… once you build and build alot. and look at whats not working I think you start to gradually understand what to do. You need to be working shi* 10 hours a day… before the course, and then you wont need the course. And as your working on your schiv 10 hours a day you will be looking up every question you have and then there will be no need for the course.

Lund » Xavier
How do you deal with people who wants refunds?
LOL that's funny you ask that. I'm dealing with two charge backs on the moment. Are you talking about refunds on a platform… or through your own credit provider?
Lund » Xavier
I am talking about 2 things.
1. People who wants to return a product and get their money back. Do you offer that and what happens with the product?
2. People who got a defect and wants a new product?
Do your supplier offer any refund policies?
1. If I can get the product back unused. Yes Always give money back after you receive it. Point # 2. is the same as the first rule. and Point 3. I have a bad supplier actually sometimes I eat part of the cost. but I can get compensated for damage goods from supplier… sometimes it becomes a mystery of weather I damaged it or the supplier… In that case I eat the cost… I'm still trying to work those dynamics out
Lund » Xavier
How often does it happen?
If you sell 1.000 products, how many are asking for a refund=
Xavier » Lund
I think your starting to ask very industry specific questions, but I don't sell 1 thousand a month and will never get near that amount. But for products I have that are very good and priced correctly… I NEVER have refund issues… with products I price too high always have refunds… and that goes with the shit products as well
Lund » Xavier
Thank you for answering and taking your time. Please don't share anything you think is compromising for you.
But how do you find good suppliers?
Lets say i want a vacuum cleaner and i found the right product model i want. What should i look for in a supplier?
how to find a good supplier I'm not good for that question. Really, I almost thought that there was no one for what I wanted… and one day googling, something else, I found what I wanted. Someone else will need to answer your question.. but I imagine if there is something good you like… you can contact the person and get the whole sale deal when you getting it for cheap is in the best interest of the company. IDK how these deal things work really. Product knowledge, Social skills, and endless research probably. I got a good enough profit margin from my random walk. I will try to improve that soon


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