How Worth and Word Count do You Pay a Website Content Writer Averagely?

How many people hiring writers to write blog post articles for their sites?
And if so, what do you pay and what word count do you set them up to write?
Any tips of how to get the best out of your writers would be handy… I can't be bothered writing anymore.
Just seems like it's smarter to outsource that stuff these days… if I can find good writers.
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You can find some of my content on my personal site
I write guest blogs and articles, and I ghost write as well.
Feel free to connect with me if you need some written content.
Hey Daniel
in our team content writing is consist of writer, editor, content manager, SEO virtual assistant (VA) and manager.
This is involves content planning, content creation, editing. posting/design and optimization.
This would cost around $120-160 per page.
I don't know much about what kind of website you are working on. Is it an affiliate site or business brand?
$2-4 per hour.
KPI is 3-4 articles 2500 words each.
Firm SOP's, systems & processes is the key.

Daniel ✍️ » Eugene
hey man, you sound all over it… Do you have a checklist or something that you fill in with info about the blog brief and send to the writers?
Eugene » Daniel
just like you try build a website to over take another, u can do the same with a blog or any supporting content. My writers have a system for finding the best ranking blog content and essentially their job is to rewrite stuff that's already ranking. Give them all the tools they need like Grammarly, Ahrefs, surfer, and create a process. This way its easy and any robot with basic understanding of English can do it. Hire writers per hour, not per month and set hourly key performance indicators (KPI)s for the different jobs. Blog, guide, directory, geo content, main page content… all gave different key performance indicator (KPI) per hour. First do the jobs yourself so you set realistic targets.

Try You will get the best value for your money.
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Millan » Daniel
you can check our report of content marketing study here
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MillanWe also have a marketplace. 3k words should be your target.
SEMrush Content Marketplace: Content Writing Services
Training writers is a huge challenge but I highly recommend looking for writers who 1) really care and put in the effort to try and actually help the reader and 2) write clearly in short sentences and 3) don't use cliches repeatedly in every sentence. These are the top 3 to look for. In general a good writer will be around 5 or 6 cents per word minimum. 10 and up and you'll get better quality. I highly suggest you learn how to write properly yourself so you train your eye to see what's actually good content or not.

Finding writers will usually be the challenging part, prices can range from $0.04 – $1.5+ per word, though you do have more control over word count. The word count will usually be dictated by what is already ranking for your keyword, though you can reduce the overall cost by writing parts of the article yourself (intro, conclusion) and then outsourcing the main body.
In terms of tips, you should first show your writers articles that you've produced for each kind of intent (how to's, product reviews, buyer guides, list posts, info posts). This will let them see what style, language and structure you already use so that you don't need to spend a long time formatting once they return it.
In terms of SOP's, you should include everything you'd do at the researching and editing stages. This could be what kind of links they should use and how many, where they should get the subheadings from (competitor pages, people also ask, common sense), when/where/how many times they should use the keyword…
You can start off with a few requirements and then gradually increase them when the writer is providing the content you want at each level. You could also build a template article structure depending on the type of content you create to reduce your editing and formatting time.
It will take some time to set these systems up initially but once you have your ideal process, you can then test and train writers. While writers can be hit or miss, not knowing exactly what you want from the content and making it clear to the writer early on will make it very difficult to get good quality content back.
Look for a writer who takes their time to write high-quality, plagiarism-free and well-researched articles like me.
I have been writing content for businesses that want to see their Google search rankings surge. Also, I have a vast portfolio of my writings to prove the quality of my work.
Inbox for a great deal or
Price: $0.05 or $50 per 1000 words
Find a writer who is passionate about your niche, not just someone who is writing for word count pay. Train them, introduce them to people in your industry and make them proud to work with you and they'll write better content then any of your competitors.
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