I Accomplished Yoast’s Full-Green, but My Site Is Not Picking up a Keyword Yet

Hi guys, I wondered if anyone could shed some light on this please. I started a website about a month ago. I wrote few articles based on key words picked up on Neil Patel's website. According to Yoast I have green dots for both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and readability. I went through every single key points and made sure I fullfil to turn the Yoast to green. I checked if my site was indexed and the page etc in search console. No errors. Everything seems fine. But my site is not picking up a single key word! What am I missing please?
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Have you created backlinks?
You can’t expect it to be #1 over night even if it’s perfect.
I would track your rankings using Ahrefs or something similar

Dennis ✍️ » Ramirez
it was not my intention to be ranked #1 within a month. But why doesn’t the tools even acknowledge I have a keyword!

You are just in the waiting game now. You have multiple choices.
Continue writing content and check back on your original stuff after about 6 to 8 months.
Buy ads to drive traffic to your site.
Use social to drive awareness to your site.
Start your link building campaign.

Dennis ✍️ » Taylor
thank you Jeff. I have a very good social media following and get around 60-70 visits a day through social. 00 organic. Yeah I am going to keep writing and see how it goes. I just wondered if there is something obvious I was missing. Appreciated
Taylor » Dennis
You should really give SEO about 3-months to run it's course. Make some changes after. Keep adding until.

Time… it takes time. And… effort. Don't slow down. Keep writing.
Google will NOT let you get anywhere fast. Keep working, keep writing.

Dennis ✍️ » Clay
thanks clay! Gives me a bit of hope and relief.

You need to have patience of at least 6-8 months. For the first few months, Google will have your website in sandbox and there is nothing you can do about it. Even backlinks wont help that fast. So have patience. Do everything else that Taylor and Ramirez has mentioned.

Dennis ✍️ » Amit
cheers Amit. Appreciate your words. I am going to keep writing

If you are ranking on content alone with no links, a month is nowhere near enough and you need to be constantly pumping out content.

Dennis ✍️ » Holgate
I am doing 1 article around 700 words a day. Is it any good? Do I need to add more?
Holgate » Dennis
If you mean each article is 700 words long, then that is a bit short to be honest.
It depends on your niche so look at the competitor's for the same keywords and see how long their articles are but these days, 700 is not enough and in mo

Don't obsess over green dots… keep users in your mind. at the end of the day you're not writing for bots you're writing for your audience.

Dennis ✍️ » Hamed
thank you.

It depends on your niche and how competitive it is. Look at competitors and see how long their articles are, because 700 words can be enough if it answers the topic, but also could be not enough.
And if you’re getting 60-70 visits per day from social, look at those analytics. You’ll be able to tell if your visitors feel your content answers the questions/topics they want to learn about. Look at bounce rates, time on site, click through to others.

Dennis ✍️ » John
I do have a very high bouncing rate. A whopping 90%!
John » Dennis
you might want to work on your content more. While Analytics will still show high bounce rates, also look at time on page. Low isn’t that good, even at 700 words.

Time.. tic, tock, tic, tock, tic tock. Sometimes you will nail it fast, other times you will be waiting months. A keyword with a difficulty of 20 is not always going to be picked up fast. It took me around 8 months to start seeing a difference on my si

Dennis ✍️ » Roger
thank you roger.

Give it sometime even the brand term sometimes take more than a month to rank up. Keep writing the content and also check your backlinks.
Also you can share your links in different groups or post to get exposure

Dennis ✍️ » Hasware
yes exactly what I am doing at the moment. I guess I need to focus on backlink too. Thank you.

This may satisfy you: My Website Fell After the Latest Google SE Algorithm Update Then I Use Yoast SEO, but Mine Cannot Rise on the SERPs Yet
Patience is needed, also ensure to submit your site map to Google, it helps alot.
Patience.. upload at least 1 article daily to support your main keywords.
Spend a few $$ on social media
Start link building. But take care of link velocity and link distribution.
Be natural while building links.
You’ll definitely get the results in a few coming months.

Dennis ✍️ » Ahmer
hi are you suggesting multiple articles for the same one keyword? Never thought of that actually! Thank you. Have no idea what’s link velocity and link distribution are. Off to Google haha. Thank you
Ahmer » Dennis
When you go for articles, use your best on page techniques and have interlinking.
Not just for one keywords(never go for one keyword)
Dennis ✍️ » Ahmer
but in Yoast plug in you can only add one key word at a time though?
Levi » Ahmer
this is right what Dennis is saying. It’s called pillar or support content. Don’t make it optimize for the same term but a sub category term. Usually a geographic term or service term. Interlink it to your ranking page.
Ahmer » Dennis
yes, but we can target some supporting keywords in our content.


This may satisfy you: To do SEO for WP Sites without Plugins Rankmath or Yoast

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