I Have 6 Websites With a Total Income of $12K/Month Mark


Niche Websites – PASSIVE INCOME (Complete Guide)

I'm constantly receiving a lot of messages about building a Niche Website Business. Therefore, I thought to answer everything here, as it was getting difficult for me to answer everyone in detail.

First, let me talk a little bit about myself.

I'm not a super successful person, and I have experienced lots of failures in the online world. Like perhaps all of you, I also started with a blog in 2007, and didn't achieve any success. I tried many other things and business models also, but nothing fulfilled my dream or even gave me a little bit glimpse of a bright future.

I wasted thousands of dollars on courses, and now I believe there is NOT a single course on planet earth that allows you to earn money online.

I ask you a simple question, if someone is making thousands of dollars, why would they share their methods in a $20 guide? I know some methods definitely work, but they aren't still the actual methods that they follow on their own. There is always some tip or trick which they hide and don't tell you (I'm sorry, this is my experience).

I give you one great example.
There are lots of courses that teach about Facebook Ads. I have bought them also, but they never worked in my favor. It is just pure luck if some campaign helps me in earning thousands of dollars. I can't give this credit to the course.


The thing which I found is if you want to make your campaigns successful on Facebook, YOU MUST STUDY THE COMPETITOR. If some post, related to your business, has received thousands of shares or likes, it means you need to create content or ad like that to make your ad campaigns successful too.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

So, I first study the competitor (successful campaigns), create content or ad like them, share them on Facebook, and then promote them. The $50 which I spend on them give me better results than $500 without this strategy. My targeted audience on the Facebook automatically starts to share, like and visit my website.

I don't need to think much. I just use this simple strategy and it works.

Most courses don't talk about this simple method. They make you run behind different things and make everything complex, rather than making things easier and effective for you.

The Same Thing Happens In The Niche Website Business Model Too.
No one tells you the actual and complete truth.

You have to learn on your own 99% of the time.

After years of failure, I started my career as a writer in I think <year>. That was the turning point and the best decision of my life. Because of some referrals and I got rich and powerful clients who were already in the Niche Website Business. Many of them were running 20-30 niche website. In fact, one client was handing 45 websites. I had another client also with 90 niche websites, but I didn't get a chance to work more with him as I had started my own business (niche websites). It was not possible for me to handle clients.

While working for them, I got an idea that how they actually work and make their business successful. 1-2 clients became mentors also and taught me some basic tips.

I followed their advice and created a niche website. After 8 months, I was earning $3000+/month PASSIVELY.

Right now, I have total 5-6 niche websites and I'm crossing $12K/month mark. But before I reveal how this business model works (which is quite simple), first let me tell you why do I love it and recommend it to beginners.
• You don't need to sell anything, you can earn through ads.
• With 100+ articles, you can expect to earn $3,000/month.
• The least amount I earned is $1.2K, and maximum $7K+/month.
• You need to keep 6-8 months in mind, or maximum 1-year, as Google takes time to rank your articles. I have seen some people though who achieved the $3K/month target in 3-4 months. But, it depends on the niches I guess. You should keep 6-8 months in mind. Keep your hopes low.
• You can write articles on your own, or hire a writer and get 90-100 articles for $1,000.
• Let's think about the worst case scenario. You invest $1,000 on the content, and after a year, your website earns only $50. You still sell it on Flippa for $1,200. You can get your entire investment back with $200 profit.
• The niche website covers you in an emergency. Please remember $3,000/month is average after 6-8 months, but let's say your website only makes $1,000/month. You can sell it for $24,000 at least to banish your money worries. The rule is to multiply your monthly income with 24. This should be the least amount you expect.

Things To Remember Before Creating A 'Niche Website'.
I don't want to waste your time here and give you the key tips quickly.
• Create a website around a hobby/skill, not a product.
• Choose a niche, but it shouldn't seasonal, check it on 'Google Trends'.
• If it has products on Amazon or Clickbank, it is better. For example, in Birdwatching hobby, you can promote spotting scope, in Sleep Disorder niche, you can promote electric blankets, or in a Nuclear Survival niche, you can promote anti-radiation suits or body armors.
• Publish at least 100+ articles on the topic.
• Answer questions about your niche in 1,500+ words, but the pillar post shouldn't be less than 4,500+ words.
• Cleverly promote the products in the articles.
• You can write the product reviews also, but that shouldn't be your main focus. If you are publishing 100 articles, you shouldn't have more than 20 product reviews on your website.
• Once your website starts generating money and you achieve the $3,000/month mark, you should buy the products for video reviews and publish them on your website. Show your visitors through the video that how the product actually works. If you are in a health-related niche (I hate health-related niches), you can pay $200 or $300 to a professional physician or specialist for a 10-minute interview. These small details make your niche website more legitimate in the eyes of Google and make the visitors trust you more. You earn more. You can cross the $7,000/month mark too.
• The best thing? You can repeat the process to increase your income.

That's it.

If you want to know what kind of questions your targeted customers are asking, you can check the website called: https://answerthepublic.com/
Before starting the niche, check its value on "Google Trends". It shouldn't be seasonal.

Here is the worst case scenario proof, if your website only earn $50 or $100 a month after a year, you can sell it for: Flippa.com

You can also check Google to find out how much times it takes to rank your article.

If you want to know about the platforms I use for my niche websites, I like both WordPress and Weebly, but I love Weebly more and perhaps create more websites on it.

I think I have explained everything in detail.

If you still have some specific questions, you can ask me here or send me a private message.

Thank you.
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"if someone is making thousands per month, why would they give you that info for $20? * proceeds to give info for free

More seriously, I used to do this, my biggest profitable site was solely based around 1 specific product. Call it luck maybe. The info is okay but mostly vague. The secret sauce is finding the profitable niches, whichbis hh hard part. Without that, you're making $50 maybe, after you do your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Which you also didn't mention about having to get traffic to your site. This isn't a "of you build it they will come" business. Going to have to do some link building. And good luck selling a site on Flippa for $1500 if you're only making $50. I have sold over $150K sites on Flippa and this has held true.

But also that currently most people are buying Shopify sites not so much adsense sites /ad sites

Ethan ✍️
Man, you are supporting my suggestions – indirectly. You are telling them it happens.

If you have sold over $150K sites on Flippa, you are it means more successful than me. I'd love to hear some tips from you also. But I'm a beginner and slow learner, I have crossed the $12K/month mark only. So, I will share what I know, and I have also wasted thousands of dollars on courses.

So, I won't recommend anyone spending a single dollar more on anyone.

That's why I published the whole truth here which they need to know to start making money – passively.

And, no. NO SEO, NO Link-Building. I haven't hired any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional yet. I just hired once when I was having an issue with a WordPress website, it was a technical kind of issue and it was resolved within 15 minutes with the help for a friend. You build the website and people visit on their own.

Therefore, I mentioned 'AnswerThePublic' so that you can beat the competition.

My experience is different.


you can bea

OP is absolutely right. Every program is promoting link building. Yes links are important. As long as you write decent content, you will create natural links. If you speed up the process, Google knows, so there is no point in link building.

I built a site recently – wrote 40 articles – all 1500 to 3000 words, and after 12 months I am at 25k views. I did minimal Pinterest… in total 1 hour spend. Except that I did nothing.
Any tips on learning how to actually write articles for a niche website? Sentence structure, syntax, grammar, flow of ideas being presented, etc.


Thank You so much!!! Great read. I will start one soon.

Also, where to buy content writers (Fiverr)?

You can hire content writers on Fiverr, but generally you get what you pay for. Readers can easily spot poorly written content, and since your goal is to provide value, your content needs to be quality.

Here are some other sites for outsourcing content writing (please note I haven't used all of these and am just listing them for you to look into):
• constant-content.com
• epicwrite.com
• theurbanwriters.com
• thewritingsummit.com

I agree that you get what you pay for but I wouldn't discount having a cheap copy writer doing the research and first draft. It would save a tonne of time starting up and provide most of the value (a la 80/20).

That said, I don't have any experience with content writers or running a content site. It may require those 99% quality pieces to get traffic. Just my two cents.
I write a lot in the tech (sw, telecoms, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc.) space. I outsource some of my assignments to writers I find on Upwork mainly. And you're spot on: don't necessarily expect a publishable piece from these writers, but you can definitely find writers who can give you a passable draft, which you can "edit to awesome".
Ethan ✍️
I agree, these are some good places. I especially love constant-content. You can add 'Pro Blogger Job Board' also, but I don't use them. They are quite expensive.

Ethan ✍️
No, not exactly. You can say, I hired them. Pay them on a monthly, bi-weekly basis. This is more economical for me. But I focus on the research. In a niche website, research is important. Your visitors are looking for specific answers and you have to deliver them.

Can you expand on how you're actually monetising it for a beginner please?

In what way are you linking articles and products to actually make money?

How are you advertising?

Once you've hit 100 or so articles do you just stop and leave it for people to keep finding those articles?

Ethan ✍️
Through ads, Adsense – you can try some alternatives too.

This is an interesting question, let's say you are talking about Survival Niche, you can mention the 'Anti-Radiation Suit' cleverly in the article or write a paragraph regarding its benefits, and you can link the 'Anti-Radiation Suit' word with the actual product.

100 articles are the target. Once I achieve this target. I just wait for them to rank and don't care about it. In many cases, these days, I publish 1-2 articles after one to two weeks. That's it.

Are you saying you publish 1-2 articles every week or two after your initial 100 articles? Or after your website starts getting traction
Ethan ✍️
Yes. 2 articles each week after publishing 100 articles. This strategy is used to keep your website updated.

same question here. is it through amazon affiliate links or do sellers personnaly contact you? or you try to contact them?. tia

Ethan ✍️
Amazon Affiliate Links, I don't contact the sellers.

I have tried that and got some success also, but link to Amazon products is more easy for me. Please, remember that Amazon isn't the only place for promoting products. There are thousands of other places that give you an opportunity to promote their products. All you need is to search for them. Use your keyword + affiliate.

Great guide, thanks. Personally, I don't have anything against season products/websites. As long as you understand the seasonal impact, there's really no reason to avoid seasonal niches. I've had some niche websites and an Amazon FBA business with seasonality and it's been great. You just have to understand that there are going to be some slow times during the year. But during the peak season you can make a lot of money in a short time. And if other people are avoiding seasonal niches, that's even more reason to do it because you'll have less competition.

Ethan ✍️
I agree. You are correct here. But I don't recommend it to the beginners here because it would be tough for them to work on a niche that requires time and miss the traffic during the specific time of the year. This is the only reason I'm saving them here, as I want them to earn consistent income. I have seen that how during the FIFA World Cup season some websites get a lot of traffic and earn a lot more than our imagination.

What volume of traffic are we talking about that nets 3k income / month and which advertising type?

Ethan ✍️
40,000+ is necessary, this is my experience. You can have good results with less traffic. It depends on the niche. Besides, there are many advertising platforms. I don't think it matters, as the real challenge is getting traffic which you get by publishing 100+ articles.

Ah yes you posted this on my post. I understand it (not to a huge degree) becaude I skimmed through it as I'm about to work.

Thanks for sharing… I have heard of Google ad sense I just never knew how to get people to see your site.

When you do make a site or even begin, how much do you have to invest for the site? Did you only invest time, and no money at all?

Ethan ✍️
I don't think so you need to invest anything on building site. It is easy to learn. Many 30 minute or 1-hour tutorials are on YouTube about WordPress. You can also use Weebly, it is a drag and drop system.

If you can create content it is good, no need to invest any money, otherwise you need to find good writers and try to buy and publish 100 articles.

Ahhh right you mentioned that. Thanks man. Though I am not sure how good I can do with content, I do appreciate it

How do you figure out why or how your competitors Facebook ad was successful though? I can't see who they targeted or how many clients they actually gained from their ad. How do I find out if the ad was successful?

Ethan ✍️
A simple search is enough to see what kind of post is popular, getting lots of shares and likes. That's it. Not just Facebook, you can do the same with the competitor's website and assess which content is popular. It gives you quite good, and clear, and idea.

Aren't you afraid written content online is not GOOD ENOUGH anymore?

Like aren't videos or podcasts better at getting people's attention?

Ethan ✍️
No, it is not possible at all.

I know the video content is gaining popularity recently but it can't dominate the internet because of two main reasons.

1 – If it is all about videos, you will see only video related websites – total 4-5. No one can accept that. For that reason, the written content can never be out of the game.

2 – There are billions of niches. Everyday we indeed deal with new niches and they will keep on incoming in the future because of the technological advancement. Video content can never cover that or answer specific questions.

How is the process with Google adsense? Do you include it immediately or wait some time for first visitors?

Also do you register site with Google search console?

Ethan ✍️
No, I first wait for some visitors. This assists in publishing more content and give me enough time to make my website look more professional. But the affiliate links are already in the content, so it doesn't affect earnings as such even if a lot of visitors are on my website and there is no Adsense.

How did you get started on affiliate links? Do you have to set up an account with some affiliate site and then make sure you get paid for the links? I am a beginner so I'd appreciate your input.
Ethan ✍️
Yes. It is necessary. Clickbank or Amazon aren't the only places. There are hundreds of other websites that allow you to sell their products and earn commissions.

So are you saying you won't derive any income from this until a niche website has 100 articles? How long will it take to get 100 articles? Most bloggers post once a week, so at this rate it will take about 2 years. Also if it's a brand new website, how are you getting traffic?

Ethan ✍️
I don't get traffic immediately. Try to publish all articles within 3-4 months. Sometimes you start seeing results with 60 or 70 articles. I'm trying to give a secure figure here. Plus, the ranking isn't in our hands. Google takes time to rank your articles. Eight months is an average time duration. You can search this on Google for understanding the ranking system more.

Thank you for this informative article. I have a beginner question: Do you buy and test out all the products you use or do you do research by reading up on them?

Ethan ✍️
I research. I generate income first from the website. Now I'm buying products (after achieving $3K/month mark for a niche website) to make my websites look more legitimate and profitable. If my website isn't earning $3K/month, I don't invest in any product at all.

By the way, I have started doing this with a recent website as it is crossing $3K mark.

Thank you for your reply. That makes sense to me. To be honest, your story is really inspiring and something I'd like to emulate. I hope you don't mind. :) I hope you find more success. Cheers :)

thanks .. but i have problem with choosing the niche ,, i know that most people say that i should follow my interest but the problem that i have no interest for anything .. can you give me a friendly advice for the niche that i should go for i am very disappointed .. can you please?\

Ethan ✍️
I won't recommend that at all.

Interests are hobbies. Business is passion. Turning interest into business feels like a business. Your priorities are changed and you are wishing to have wealth.

It doesn't mean interest can't be turned into a business. It can! But when you diversify the income and try to beat the competition, you consider many factors and jump into new things to dominate.

My advice is not to go for health, wealth, and relationship. I know people say these markets have all the money. It's no correct. They have money but the competition is fierce. You can't beat them.

I'm here I can tell you about a million niches but you should research first and give me a few names. I will help in that and try to make you understand all the aspects of a niche.

first .. thank you very much for help .. second , i was thinking of about 4 niches to choose from 1- teeth whitening .. 2- flat belly 3-filmmaking 4-joint pain ,, i know they are health category but i don't know what to do

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