I Run 30 Websites That Generate 2 Million PVs a Month and $400K a Year


[AMA] I Run a Network of 30+ websites that generates 2 milllion PV's+/month and $400k/yr in revenue

Note: sent mods a request to do this Ask Me Anything (AMA) weeks ago, they said okay as long as there's no shameless self promotion so ain't none of that today. Can post proof (some analytics + earnings data via data studio) if you want.

I've been in the content marketing/blogging business since 2005 and have sold 8 websites since that time, the largest sale representing high five-figures paid out to me.

Here's the TL/DR of my situation right now:
• Day job = running the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/content departments of a $6 million/year agency (note: not MY agency). I have a team of 8 direct reports. I manage approximately $800k/yr in revenue here.
• Side gig #1 = running the SEO/content strategies for several cybersecurity-centric businesses (budgets north of $2k/mo each). I manage appx $60k/yr in revenue here.
• Side gig #2 = running the SEO/content strategies for appx 30 sites (again, not MY sites). I have a team of 14 contractors spread across 4 verticals. I manage appx $400 – $500k/yr in revenue here.

My main specialities:
• Process-driven SEO/marketing strategies
• Data-driven content/SEO strategies
• Team management
• Project management

I also speak at various marketing events, incubator sessions, and small business events.

Ask me anything about blogging, monetization, team management, thought leadership, content strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), conversion optimization, and basically anything else tied to getting your blog off the ground.
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Thanks for doing this AMA.

In your opinion, how much should a person expect to pay (or what's a reasonable budget limit to set) for professional SEO help? To make it more specific, let me offer a few hypothetical people…
• A casual blogger simply looking to get more organic traffic
• A blogger looking to generate side-hustle money (~$100-500 USD/month)
• A full-time "this is what I do for a living" blogger (~$4000+ USD/month)

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
SEO should be costed hourly, with a clearly-defined scope of work and accountability structure so you know where your hourly is going.

Based on that, how much you spend is based on your needs. For a casual blogger, learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) yourself. You'll have fun seeing how your work influences ranking/traffics.

For side hustle/full-time, call-out workflow you need done and find the right resource to do it. Have them quote their hourly rate + scope out the work you're asking for, and then hold them to that.

Hourly > retainer simply because you gain clear visibility into deliverables and workflow.

could explain what is process driven SEO strategies?

Also do clients come to you when they are already established or do you have brand new website (literally 1-2 months old). If the second one is the case, could you explain your process from the beginning till where you are comfortable with the site.

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
SEO is not a black box of mystery. It is a serious of formulaic deliverables, the order of which you action them being dependent on what is needed for your site.

Most clients come with a site that is around a year old, though I do build my own brand new sites.

My general process for a new site:
• Perform vertical analysis (who's playing on the playground, how big are they, and what are they doing well?
• Some preliminary keyword research
• Determine content approach (educational, strategic, tool-based, viral, User Generated Content (UGC), etc.)
• Curate a dozen or so topics based on what is currently performing in the vertical
• Outline a 3x content plan and assign to my team (content, graphics typically)
• Publish and immediately begin outreach

The process above is not dissimilar for established sites, but an additional step of an existing site audit is done.

How do you feel about using your name as the domain name for a blog that is more technical in content rather than personal?

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
Depends on your goals. I have my name as a domain and I use it for my professional showcase. AKA: why you pay me $80 USD/hr to consult/work with you. In that application, it makes sense.

Also consider that it makes sense because my "exit strategy" is… non-existent.

However, if your goal is to build a brand with the intention of selling one day, you want to build that brand and that includes a brandable name.

Thanks for this. Curious to know – what do you normally do if you get hit badly by a core update?

Do you wait until the next core update, or do you make some changes quickly?

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
Never quickly. I always give it a week before I even look into it. Google loves to spaz out and then unspaz out just as quickly.

If the impacts seem reaching, I start to look at who benefitted and who didn't. Because I monitor about 80 sites (50ish Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) sites, 30ish content sites), I am fortunate to have a large data set. When things go awry for one, another benefits. I look into the why.

But as a rule: never quickly react. Take the time needed to make an informed decision.

• What platform are these websites built on?
• Are they in different industries or are they tied together for linking purposes in one industry?
• What type of content is in the blog posts? Long form? Short form? Video? Educational? Informational?
• Is your team in house or remote? If remote – freelancers on a per project basis or part of all sites their expertise relates to?
• What tools do you use to manage your team?
• How do you define SEO and what does "doing SEO work" look like for your sites?

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
• What platform?

All WordPress.

2) Different industries?

I operate across 4 main verticals.

3) Type of content?

Whatever the keyword/topic I'm targeting requires. There is no such thing as on-size-fits-all content.

4) What about the team?

For SEO workflow @ agency, team is in-house. For content sites, team is remote. I do not use freelancers- I hire contractors to be part of my team. I'm not interested in a contractor/client relationship. I want team members.

5) Tools to manage the team?

Basecamp or Asana.

6) How do I define/do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO = making your content more valuable to a user while also helping Google see and appreciate that value.

How do I do it?
• On-site/technical optimizations
• Data-driven content strategy
• Value-focused outreach (IE- I ACTUALLY provide value to the sites I reach out to; "free guest post" is not valuable)
• Revisit top-performing content annually and look to improve it
• Never build 1x content, at least 3x content
• Create marketable assets for Reddit/Pinterest/etc.

What does 3x content mean
stillyoinkgasp ✍️
It's three times as good as what wrist is ranking front page.


Hello. For Sports Events websites, how many months would it take to see significant traffic if I started it now. What monetization strategy do you recommend if my goal is to earn 3k USD per month from it? Thank you!

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
You are thinking the wrong way. How many months for traffic? I don't know- what are you doing to market it? What experience are you offering that people would want to visit/share/talk about?

What monetization strategy? For a sports event, if the foucus is LOCAL sports events, I'd find local vendors for a direct ad deal with secondary monetization via affiliate channels (paraphenalia, signed gear via ebay, etc.) and tertiary monetization for contextual ad networks (AdSense, Mediavine, etc.)

My tech blog has a few hundreds pages now and I get a few dollars every few days to buy a cup of coffee twice a month. I'm 2 years in now with about 200 pages, length of these pages range are from 600 to 2,000 words. Some pages are educational while many are the review type pages.

I would love for this to be a full-time thing but I don't know how to get to the next level.

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
• Don't think of content as word count. Word count is more or less irrelevant.
• What value are you offering? Are you building a community? Why would someone care to support you?
• How can you build an audience that is invested and interested? They are the ones that will fund things like Patreon and act as evangalists for your brand.
• Direct ad deals are no joke. $50/mo is nothing to a tech company and 10 of those types of deals suddenly makes a site worth owning.

Thanks for the detailed response.

I thought I was providing an alternative to those longer dragged out tech reviews by providing short and simple reviews. But my biggest question now is how does one actually build a community to these type of tech blogs? Should I focus on local first? I feel direct ad deals would probably would in my favor locally as well.
stillyoinkgasp ✍️
Communities exist when they exchange value. Use something like BuddyPress + BBPress to create content that incorporates a forum. Engage people and encourage discussions. Keep the conversations healthy and quickly stamp out toxicity. Let people come to find value in your niche, with politics/etc. kept out.

Converse with your audience. Engage them on social. Ask them questions. Get them to contribute. Have contests. Share ideas.

What would you do as a complete beginner with little money to monetize a niche blog (say, on writing ) quickly? What steps might you take to build a site from scratch to profit quickly?

Thank you!

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
Identify the greatest need in the niche. Is it information about software/tools that can empower your writing? Is it consulting with new writers about their process, business, or product? Is it pairing writers + clients that need them?

Focus on one thing, do it well, and then expand. I have always made the most money when I specialized and started micro vs. generalizing and trying to go macro.

Thank you! This thread is very generous.

I'm doing search analysis/keyword search/Google Trends to figure out the biggest need and testing content on my site to see what works.

Any techniques or tools you would recommend to figure out the greatest need to micro niche?

If you had to start over but with all your current knowledge but no network of people or anything/anyone that you have now, whether it be job or gigs, what would your game plan be to earn some income?

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
I'd leverage my SMB potential to build a baseline income and then build out two authority sites + social channels + social groups for each.

Go to meetups, run webinars/etc., and land 4-6 Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) clients paying $1.5k+ each. 50% margin on that means I'm earning at least $3k/mo, which is enough to cover my bills and take immediate financial stress off my plate.

4 clients @ $1,500/mo is basically 8 hours/mo of workflow plus about $600 in costs. So with the other 32 hours/week I am building my two authority sites.

My approach with authority sites is to build really in-depth, cited content and then expand on that with bespoke media. Then I approach actual industry experts, ask for quotes, and link back to their site/blog/LinkedIn/etc. Easier to earn E in Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (EAT) when you provide value in return.

As soon as I have any money coming in, I invest that in building a team. Graphics, content, social, whatever. Whatever I need. That investment allows me to leverage my time and do more.

With my baseline income from Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) keeping me fed, 100% of anything and everything else is invested in the content sites until they are earning at least $1k/mo in gross profit each. Then I'll start to draw while still investing most.

Once one of the two is generating at least $1k/mo for a year, I'll sell it for $30kish, give myself a $10k bonus, and take the other $20k and invest in my existing remaining site as well as a new one.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I'm curious: Why sell at 30k? I feel like having a stream of some sites generating a good cash flow is better than having the cash. I know you're reinvesting, but I don't see the worth there, though to be fair I am totally new at this and don't know wtf I'm talking about
stillyoinkgasp ✍️
When a site gets to a certain size, the effort required to scale it well and build its brand grows significantly. I build 2 sites with the express intent to sell 1 because:
• I only have so much time and am only capable of managing so much
• In order to successfully scale, I need to be able to afford resources like WordPress devs, graphics designers, etc.
• I want funding to invest in advertising to drive traffic to key pages

Ultimately, if I'm starting from scratch and have to build a team vs. leverage the team I have, I'm going to have to grassroots it since I don't have a silver spoon :)

Getting a site to $1k/mo is relatively easy. Getting it to $10k/mo is much harder.
Thank you for your detailed answer, that explains a lot!

I have another question. You seem to know your shit.

I am in the process of giving all this a first shot. I've thought (and procrastinated) a ton about this, and I know what I want to do. It's in the pretty general weight loss / fitness niche, but I think I can offer a specific angle that could be interesting to many folks.

Two things: I think doing the site in German, my mother tongue, would be beneficial in many ways. Less competition, better language usage, more local offers of any kind. Though I am not 100% sure if you can really succeed in a non english market. What are your thoughts about that?

Would love to hear some feedback, especially regarding the more "local" market.
stillyoinkgasp ✍️
• Can you succeed without English?

I mean, yea. There are millions of people all over the world that speak German. A lot of live in Germany, which has a bustling economy no? If so, boom- you got a market.

RE: capturing an English audience, why not dual-language the site? Get a natural English speaker to rewrite German to English (note: a REWRITE, not a translation) and you can take advantages of both markets.

RE: feedback, I can't offer much more than the above. Don't let a logistical problem (dual-language site) prevent you from moving forward :)
Thank you! I am fairly confident in my English, but I've faced many hurdles in my head regarding a dual language blog. Such as Social Channels and the like. Can't really do those in two languages.

Maybe I should just give it a good try already. :)
stillyoinkgasp ✍️

Maybe I should just give it a good try already. :)

This. Progress > perfection, if being perfect means holding back now.

Thanks you in advance, starting a new blog/ affiliate site in Spanish language in US but would like to focus in Spanish market not only in USA but in South America, your advise will be greatly appreciated.

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
Best-in-class content. Market your content in every country you want it to rank in. Get people talking about the site.

Get links/social mentions from the countries you care about. Reference GEO where appropriate but don't overdo it.

Company comes to you and says "I need SEO. I want free traffic to my sites." What are the first steps you take?

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
• High-level: why? (10 mins or so)
• Expectation setting: your "free traffic" comment is a red flag so I need to level set.
• Assuming we are aligned on #2, we review goals.
• I discuss timelines/investment requirement (along with scope of work/deliverables)
• Proposal is sent/signed off
• Initial round of work begins. This is almost certainly going to be strategy development/competitive research + high-level on-site guidance.
• Once strategy is reviewed/approved, we execute on content strategy. Content calendar is made, resources are found/assigned, and the project is set up/schedule/assigned out in Basecamp.
• Once the content begins to be deployed, I begin outreach via social and industry blogs (if appropriate).
• High-level review of ranking performance/organic traffic once or twice per month (budget depending); quarterly audit of strategy performance.
• Repeat steps 5-9 every 12 months.

what do you do outside of work?

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
TBH right now my wife and I are solely focused on work. I invest somewhere in the neighbourhood of 60-70 hours/week. She is starting a new role within our jointly-owned corporation and is working 45 – 55 hour/weeks.

I intend to retire in 8 years and have at least 2 years of this type of grind left :)

I have been considering starting a blog I.n a fairly competitive niche (small business accounting). My goal is to create a following, then branch off into video and audio content, and eventually use my following to generate leads for an accounting practice. Do you think this strategy could work? If so, any tips on ranking competitive phrases? If not, what worse do you think I could get started to accomplish the same goal? Thanks for making yourself available for this!

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
This is a fine strategy to take. You're effectively building yourself into an authority before trying to make money as an authority. That makese sense.

RE: competitive phrases, focus less on keywords and more on topics. What are people in your industry looking for, and what would help them? Start with that.

The more genuine you and your content are, the easier it is to build your audience and earn communities on places like Reddit.

Thank you for responding so quickly! Focusing on topics is a great suggestion. However, I feel like the only inspiration I get for topics are blogs/videos posted by others. Any tips on coming up with original content
stillyoinkgasp ✍️
• Process-driven content
• Guides
• Roundups
• Actual reviews (not BS reviews)
• Q&A style posts
• Memes
• Survey/statistical content
• Create value-add toolsets
• Do the topics already done, but 3x them
• Get third-parties to guest post on the site (actual experts/influencers, not garbage SEO-driven guest posts)
• Get opinion/news curation
Thanks for following up! When you say do what's been done but 3x it, what do you mean
stillyoinkgasp ✍️
3x = 3 times as good as websites you are competing with
I've seen this question and answer a few times now.

Do you have a statistical measure for this or is it in some way feel based?

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
It's content/User Experience (UX) based. You measure success by improving on-site metrics like time on site, pages/session, and bounce rate.

When comparing yourself to your competitors, look at how they are approaching the subject. If there's a better way (think: GIFs, infographics, explainer videos, etc,.), do it. Then measure how these changes influence the metrics I listed off above.
Thanks for helping. I am an accountant, so when I get a number I automatically try to agree it to something quantitative(3x word count, 3x backlinks, etc.). I have to start thinking more qualitatively.
stillyoinkgasp ✍️
Welcome to the world of intangible value :)

I have just started a blogger blog, was just wondering if it will be good in the longer run. Have free hosting, free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cert and no bandwidth issues. What do you suggest? Gumakkad.com

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
Always own your domain, your hosting, and your content. I prefer self-hosted solutions vs. third parties. You never know when a third-party is going to change the rules of the game.

Remember when you could reach your audience organically on Facebook? Pepperidge Farm remembers…

Do you have imposter syndrome? How did you know the content you were creating was important or relevant? Thank you for doing this AMA!

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
Everyone has imposter syndrome. That's okay.

RE: what is important/relevant, there are many ways to see what people are looking for. Mining tools like Quora or Yahoo Answers for questions people are asking, and then awesomely answering them on your blog, is one of the easiest ways to get going.

But everyone has imposter syndrome. Over time, as you gain familiarity and experience in a vertical, you earn expertise. You may never be a "expert" in your eyes, but it comes as you work in the space.

Example: I've reviewed 150+ watches hands-on. I have 50 in my collection. I'm not a watchmaker, but to most, I'm considered an expert. :)

Can you tell me more about what kinds of tasks you have contractors do and how much you pay them?

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
Content creation, graphics (hero images / diagrams /etc.). I pay between $26 and $35/hr, depending on need, experience, turnaround time, etc.

1- How could i push my 2 niche websites with than 10 articles to rank and make a passive income. 2- I'm a digital marketer and project consultant in a DM agency and I wanna to move to full time SEO, please how could i prepare myself in terms of deep SEO knowledge and should being polyvalent is better than specialist. Thanks

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
• Grow them. 10 articles across two sites is just the beginning. You need more than that to gain ground organically.
• Read the Moz/Backlinko intro to SEO guides, and focus your education/development on User Experience (UX), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), or dev. SEO is the cross-skill, not the main event.

Thanks dude

I run an informative, educational blog with articles aimed at a slightly more educated demographic. It's only two months old, and so far the most traffic I've received is 40 visitors, mainly with the help of Facebook. Google has denied my AdSense application, so Facebook is the only way of advertising for the time being, but I don't really have the funds to continuously advertise. Getting a YouTube account started would help, but it'll be useless unless I have a graphic designer, and a good camera. Patreon would probably be too early at this moment. I only have a few articles at the moment but they're well-written with a lot of sources. SEO for main page is very good. For others, not so much.
Is SEO the problem here, or just the lack of advertising, or both?

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
How are you marketing the content? Are you sharing on communities where appropriate/looking for conversations where you can add value/finding the right audience?

RE: YouTube, look at explainer/slideshow videos as an inexpensive start. As you gain ground (and budget), you can invest in the gear needed for live-action movies.

RE: SEO, two months is not enough time to really see its impacts. But you can hedge your bets:
• Make sure the metas/h1 are solid/keyword-rich but not over-optimized
• Interlink throughout your site where appropriate (at least 3-5 internal links per post)
• Build supporting media/graphics and market them on Pinterest, Reddit, Imgur, etc.
• Work on growing your FB page

Social media marketing has been the only strategy so far. I would like to market to scientific and informative sites and blogs, hopefully through a partnership. Would like to also write for those sites.

Would YouTube be a more effective means of boosting viewers to the site, and potentially supporters?

I've been committed to growing my FB page, but I'll work on the others as well. I've been having an issue with outbound links, as I don't have any partnerships, affiliates, connections etc. to link to.

And what about a podcast? Should I start one up along with a YouTube account? And at one point should I start a Patreon account? Do the number of visitors matter per month matter
stillyoinkgasp ✍️
RE: YouTube…

It's the second largest search engine on the planet. It's always a good investment if your content "works" for it.

RE: outbound links…

Link to industry/niche authoriies, and then Tweet/Direct Message (DM) them and let them know where/why. Don't ask for anything. Just let them know you give a crap :) You never know what will come of it.

RE: Podcast…

This is outside of my scope. However, I'd say that if you can do it without taking away from your ability to create your "core" content, go for it.

RE: Patreon…

Start one now. Why wait? You never know who will find you and kick in a coffee or two. I have 20 Patreon subs and growing :)
Thanks for this. I really appreciate it. One more important thing I forgot to mention:

I only have 3 blog posts written, so I'm sure this plays a large role when it comes to traffic. I take my time to write well thought out posts though. I'll probably need to churn out at least three posts per week to generate a lot more than 40 visitors per month, wouldn't I
stillyoinkgasp ✍️
No. Frequency is not as relevant as people think. What matters is depth and value (you could also say quality, but that is hard to quantify whereas value is a bit easier).

Once you have something valuable to people – and the typical list-style Amazon listicle ain't that – you have something worth sharing/marketing.

I'm first reading the replies you've made and I would like to thank you in behalf of all the users your have replied in here . Your experience is valuable.

1- I'm looking forward to launch a blog and YT channel in the motivational and self development niche ( specifically in the development of social skills department) , would you say it's overrated/worn out niche?

2-How do I avoid become a "motivational guru"? which are so badly appreciated nowadays and plainly seemed as scammers.

3-I speak English and Spanish , it's reasonable to launch the content in both languages at the same time or it's better to first focus in the wider and more profitable market ( English speakers ) to then impulse the Spanish content?

I do see am issue in the subjects and really want to help

I sincerely hope you reply. God bless.

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
Good morning :)
• RE: Self development…

Is it "worn out"? Depends on your message. People today are thirsty for authentic content that's "real". There's fake everything. To build a long-lasting brand, don't be fake. Bring something real to the table.

If you do that, those in the vertical looking for another voice will naturally gravitate to you. When you earn trust, it doesn't matter how competitive a space is… people make room for one more when they really believe in what they're adding.

2) RE: Avoiding being a "guru"

This comes down to a demonstration of value. It's tough, because as you move toward thought leadership (which is what a "guru" is), it's hard to avoid the stigma that comes with being paid to stand and talk.

If you provide genuine value, people will feel good about their decision to support your thought leadership. They will also be open to the message you are sharing.

Lastly, be considerate of how you choose to monetize your time. Be very aware of how each item/product/service you ask for money for that people will be critical of the value it provides. Make sure that anytime you ask for money, it's from a position of giving something awesome in exchange.

3) Spanish vs. English…

Start with where you are comfortable, and make a plan to dual language the site sooner rather than later. There is a massive Spanish-speaking market out there, and it has fewer marketers trying to reach it.

Good morning to you good Sir , thank you for your reply. I'll be looking forward to start my business ASAP.

How many members team you have inhouse and freelancers? I saw some of your site. You are doing it super good.

In terms of backlinks can I ask more questions? Like how can you make 3-6K+ Referring Domains (RD) on few sites? (Car & Helmet site I saw).

And how do you manage so much of content?

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
6 in-house copywriters, 3 in-house Jr. SEO users.

14 freelancers: 1 designer, 1 dev, 12 content contributors.

RE: referring domains…

Offer something worth linking to. Add value to the community. Be the best at what you do.

RE: managing content…

We have two project managers that keep us all organized :)

Sorry more questions

bt blv me i have become fan of ur work

so refined and ranking for competitive keywords!

1 – how much you pay content writers? any good source for writers?

2 – who manages servers?

3 – how much you pay Project Managers?

4 – how much you spend on links
stillyoinkgasp ✍️
• We aim for about $35/hour. We hire from local classifieds.
• Our ops team handles that. Amazon Web Services (AWS) I believe.
• $35/hr.
• $0. We rarely, if ever, buy links. Now, for my SMB clients… about 20% of their budget is used for outreach/link building.
Thanks for your time and reply :)

Your works are super good.

Hope to meet up some day :)

I'm a website manager too. I have 3 websites which I personally handle, I have a few questions:
• All of my websites are stuck in positions 20-30, What can I do to bring them up?
• Say I want to rank for the term, "Best Motorcycle Helmets" and my website is currently at 11ish, what should I do to bring it up? What are the on-page things you would recommend.
• Off-Page, I've been told to build links most of the times. But building them isn't easy, getting authority links is quite tough and on reaching out to link prospects, all I get is an email which which says, We charge $$$ amount! Which is most of the times out of my budget?

When writing the articles, what do you take care of? Do you just give your competitor links to your writers?

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
• Sounds like an authority problem- look for ways to boost your website/brand profile.
• On page: ensure site interlinking is up to snuff, remove any competing content and make sure I only have 1 page targeting the keyword, look for ways to boost the value of the content (images/media/etc.), ensure the h-tag structure is good and that content has a clear hierarchy, incorporate SCHEMA (if appropriate), reduce page load time.
• Link building is hard for sure. The reality is that, especially as a new site or smaller site, you're paying to play until you're big enough that people pay you.

RE: when writing articles, we provide topical/strategic direction. You can't be lazy with your content and under investing in this area is expensive long-term. So we brief our team with what we want to see happen.

The thing is: you identify as website manager. I do not. I am a Website + Content Strategist, and that includes things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), etc. but my focus is primarily on making sure the web/content experience my team creates is excellent. This means different things to different sites, but the intent is the same.

The difference between my role and a manager-type role is that my team helps bring my vision to life. I don't just hand them a link and say "go". We hash out good ideas and look for ways to execute. It's collaborative.

Do you have some case studies which you would be willing to share or a tutorial on what you do (or things you generally follow) maybe a framework that you follow for all your site.
• Authority, I know it's not easy to build, but how would you boost it?
• I take care that interlinking happens where required.
• How much do you generally spend on building links for a new website? Like do you have a budget for them? Have you grown sites without building links? (Just based on the 3x content which you were talking about?)

Say, if you were to rank for the term "Best Motorcycle Helmet" what would your strategy be?

Would you focus on the tougher keywords or would you start your site with easy to rank keywords. And as part of your content strategy, what would you start targeting first? Is there some keyword research methodology that you generally follow?

For content strategy: Would you straight away start with the best related keywords or begin with informative posts! Or what would your strategy be?

P.S: I'm asking too much, you've already opened up so much here. But believe me this is the last year through which I'll be able to task risk. Me and wife are planning a baby and I really won't be able to continue working if things don't work out quite well! It's my problem, but since you really you've been helpful so far, I would love to see your point of view on this!
stillyoinkgasp ✍️
What you're asking is more of a consultation call vs.l a Reddit conversation. I've answered most of those questions indirectly elsewhere in this thread :)

How do you identify your audience? Any particular methods you can use to identify + target an audience?

stillyoinkgasp ✍️
I use SEMrush to mine competitors for keywords, then I look at who is looking for those keywords. I happen to have sites across four verticals that covers broad audiences, so I have good demographic/affinity data from Google for most niches I want to work in.

The other thing I enjoy: surveys. More than once, $500 on SurveyMonkey has turned into important insights :)

Thanks for your insight. A follow up…when do you introduce surveys into the mix? Do you look for a specific traffic volume beforehand
stillyoinkgasp ✍️
Surveys are market research. Do them first.

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