If a Few SEM|SEO Agencies don’t want to Show Their Specific Achievement

Answer me this. I've been in the digital marketing industry for a VERY long time. When people need our services I'm very transparent with my clients, I show them everything we do to prove to them we are very confident we can do the job right with quality. People spend lots of money on marketing and it's best to be transparent and show them past work, Reviews, before and afters, etc. So I've started my other business which is doing very well, my turf cleaning business. Although I can do the marketing I have ZERO time for this. I still need help with quality content, link building and press releases. I reach out to a few companies to help. As soon as I mention show me examples of the things I need, they get offended and don't want to work with me. WHY? Are afraid you cannot perform? Are you intimidated? Do you lack confidence in your work? I am interviewing you, this is how this works!! When people want examples of my work i give them everything they need to see. It builds trust, confidence.. I close lots of deals like this. I guess if you don't want my business, I did myself a favor by not giving you my money because you proved to me you cannot do what you say you can do.
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You come across quite aggressive in this post. It can be a bad sign if the one you do marketing for a. tells you that they can do it as well as you do and b. they come across aggressive.
I used to have a manager who behaved like you come across here. I'm very glad I'm out and I don't have to deal with that shit anymore. Because it's very stifling and not a pleasure to work with.
Happy to show you our case study. If you can DIY then great. If you cannot, then we are happy to collab and do it for you. For us its perfect if you know a bit of marketing, because we save time in educating you and we don't need to prove the worth of a marketing person's time and efforts. We can actually hit the ground running. So if you are genuinely serious about this, you're welcome to reach out to me; i'll be happy to take you through some of our previous / current work. What we will not do is any research until there is money on the table. No love lost if you don't go ahead, but it doesn't cost us anything other than 30 minutes to talk to you.
I agree with
Simon – it may be that either you've not found the right service provider or they get insecure when they realize that you are also from a marketing background. With me, logic is simple – if you can steal my client from me, then congratulations and thank you very much for getting rid of my baggage, coz if a client leaves me, it means they didn't trust me, and if they didn't trust me, then I pretty much don't want their money 🙂
We are www.facebook.com/digitalbrahmans . If you drop me a Direct Message (DM), we can tee up a Whatsapp call/ Google meeting, after I email you our case study and sample work.
You're contacting the wrong places then if they aren't willing to show any sample work. This is digital marketing, not construction lol.
Because after only being a member on here for a little while. There are so many sharks on here. The same kind of sharks who offer 100 quality backlinks for a Fiverr. Most are based in India or around that region and we all know how they like to rip people off
Can you post here with a list of the 'things you need' and also the scope of work and remuneration?
That would put things into context.

Fabio ✍️ » Edwards
It says it in there
Edwards » Fabio
In where? I've read the OP and can't see the information 🙁
Fabio ✍️ » Edwards
Blog posts, backlinks , pr
And the budget? No on page I see? Why's that? is there a particular reason?
Please don't take this the wrong way but I asked you for the scope of the work and the budget, and you gave a 4 word reply, how can any professional quote you for work based on 4 words?
The quality of applicant is a mirror on the quality of request.
Fabio ✍️ » Edwards
I need off-page optimization; backlinks, pr distribution. I need blog posts for my blog about 1000 to 1500 words each. I also need certain service pages;
Edwards » Fabio
Presumably on a monthly basis?
What sort of monthly budget?
I am asking to try and gauge where the job sits in the game. 🙂
From a personal position I probably would find it odd that you are looking for help given that you are capable.
Possibly that's why they will not commit.
I never provide. Detailed proposal laying out each step as a blueprint.
Fabio ✍️ » Edwards
I have 2 jobs. I need to focus on my business. I do. It want to sit there and create 2 to 4 blog posts month, write a press release and distribute it, email people for backlinks. I have turf to clean and need to make money this is why I want nothing to do with it. Please look over my website and come up with suggestions, wrote me 3 different strategies and let's go from there. If this is something you do not want to take on then I understand. I just want good quality work done


Not sure why you're interviewing them. You interview your staff. Not your suppliers. Also – you contacted them so don't ask questions like "do you lack confidence in your work". Don't forget that you – as the one requesting help – are also getting vetted and too many red flags mean they won't help.

Fabio ✍️ » Charlie
I know and understand the difference between a good quality optimized blog post vs a lower quality one that was outsourced to another country. If you charge 100 or 300 for a blog post and the dude over seas charges less or the same what will make my decision? I need to see the blog post, the writing quality, the url structure, etc… Same goes for my business. Why anyone hire me with out seeing pictures, before and afters, reviews etc. One of my competitors charge pretty much the same as me and I have better Equipment, clean the turf more, rejuvenate the turf based off install specs. I have another competitor that's way cheaper and people choose mew over them because they know the difference between my work and there's. So if I'm going to spend good money on marketing I want to know what I'm buying and see the work.
Charlie » Fabio
Why not go to these peoples websites you're speaking to then – look at clients they work with?their client portfolio) and check out their blogs and call them up and ask for their review of the company then? Might be worth it. Hope you find someone by the way! Loads of agency's out their so always worth doing checks at the start and ensuring you feel comfortable with the agency.
Fabio ✍️ » Charlie
I have 3 proposals so far and told them all the situation. They all have me examples
Cool, so you close to picking one / all sorted?
Fabio ✍️ » Charlie
Not yet. I am trying to find someone that's good that really needs the money because of covid. Se people are struggling and are taking a hit.
Not yet. Do you want to send me a proposal of what you think needs to be done?
Charlie » Fabio
Yeah – we could speak through it and see what would work. I'd always want to speak to someone before sending proposal as need to understand you and your business and your vision. You on Skype? What time zone you in? My agency is a UK based one but have clients in Europe and have worked for US clients before. If you want a link to our marketing services see https://www.media-street.co.uk/service/marketing/
Marketing | Marketing Services in Devon | Media Street


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