If an Agency You Hire Rely on Google Tools So Deep Than Ahref Semrush Etc

Is it a good sign when your SEO agency rely on keyword tool and say Its better for SEO (eventhough Its made for google ads) instead of Ahrefs or SEMrush?
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I would say it doesn't matter. We all use what we want to use and we all have our own reasons. You don't sound ready to use an SEO agency though. My guess is you are paying less than $500 per month and you are already second guessing everything they do. If I were them, I would fire you as a client and move on.

Wiren ✍️ » Lees
I don't second guess them but Its strange to me to rely only on kw planner. Especially when they only focus on kw different pages already rank for that often is irrelevant or to much leaning towards our smallest business area instead of the main one the page is focused on.
Why are you so aggressive and say things like they should fire me as a client?
Also, we pay 1500 dollars a month and we write all the on page content
"Why are you so aggressive and say things like they should fire me as a client?" Because you have all the signs of a pain in the ass client, frankly. If you hired them to do your SEO, why are you wasting your time totally micro managing the hell out of what they're doing? You're here talking about the keyword tool they're using? If that's not anal micro managing nothing is. I don't mean to offend, but I'm just saying what I think.
Ryan » Wiren
in my opinion, keyword planner tool is the cheapest & reliable tools for planning.
But still, depends on the knowledge & budget of the agency, they can choose to use other premium tools or not as Ahrefs or SEMRush is a paid tools.
Other notes: based on your location & target market, the biggest database are still from Google (if you focus on Google) because they are the source. Other tools might still not suitable for other language then English.
Wiren ✍️ » Lees
all the signs? You don't know anything about me, prick.
I let out agency do a lot of work without me micromanage them. But when they suggest kw as our main focus, that has little to no resemblance to our business, I need to question them. Especially when they say the kw I suggest, which is from several sources, are according to them not valid. This because Googles keyword planner say otherwise. I think it is strange. Especially when our customers more or less search for those kw.
I just wanted to ask you all If what they say is relevant?
Just sit down with them and ask why they suggest the keyword tool. Then watch what results you get. Or make Ahrefs or SEMRush a qualifier for your next hiring. Easy.
Dougie » Wiren
You seem like a nightmare client – I'd bin you asap or farm your account off to a junior until you decided to quit contract tbf
Lees » Wiren
You asked me, I told you, now you're angry. What a snowflake. Just by what you're doing here making a big deal out of your agency's keyword tool IS ALL I NEED TO KNOW – snowflake.
Wiren ✍️ » Lees
you are toxic dude. I'm not making a big deal. I just wanted to ask everyone here If this is reasonable and the response I get a great besides you and a few other dick heads coming with aggressive response.
You're a snowflake.

What makes you think SEMrush is any better? I've found that to be wildly inaccurate in the past (when compared to actual data).

Wiren ✍️ » Robin
I did also mention Ahrefs. Keyword planner are made for the SEM business side of Google, thats why.
Colbert » Wiren
They're just trying to get search volume data and Google's KW planner is a great source of that info. Yes, it's part of Google Ads but that doesn't matter.
Let them work. Don't micromanage them.


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From my experience, no single keyword research tool can uncover all the terms searchers use. I use tools from both Ahrefs and Mongools to cast my net wider. Anyway, the purpose of keyword research now shouldn't be just about identifying the precise keywords to place in the content, it should be more about understanding how people search for things they want more info of.
Keyword planner used to the best hands down for keyword research, getting accurate search volumes etc but recently they have become much more restrictive and so other tools have been moving more into that space.
Yes, its a good sign. It means they know their basics and built up from there.
Wait i think i misunderstood. They ONLY use Keyword Planner? Thats a bit olddy.
Wiren, you're better off just canceling their contract with you and forgetting all about it. I can guarantee you won't be satisfied. My guess is you'll be expecting to see real progress in 4 months at less than $500 a month, and when you don't see it, you'll fire them anyway. Might as well save the time, money and aggravation, do both you and them a favor and end it. Just my two cents. We don't have to agree.
All keyword tools suck. Google keyword planner is pulling data from Google the most accurate source. You don't know what they are doing with this data. I have to agree with the statement why hire an SEO agency and turn around and micromanage them? Let them do the work and if you do not like the results move on. Just because they're using Google's keyword planner does not mean they do not know what they are doing. Maybe quite the opposite. You can pull great data from Google themselves
Don't concentrate on keywords and forget about whatever tools they want to use. How many conversion can you attribute to organic traffic and what is the trend on a YoY basis? If tasks aren't being completed that help you reach more sites and draw more traffic, dump them. If it's the beginning of the campaign, give them a few months and just make sure that they are doing tasks and explain what they did and what they plan on doing in a monthly report.
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i agreed with you, use organic traffic that appears on SERP, right Matt

People still use Google kw planner for SEO? That is brave. Can't recall the year but at some point the search volume numbers were consolidated, at least singular and plural. So if you rely on SEO kw analysis, then the planner is not rely top shelf. I use Ahrefs instead, which seems more accurate but to be honest not one tool i have seen is. I go for Ahrefs so I prioritize for the start. Once you have stable top 10 rankings, you can check real impressions data via Google Search Console (GSC).


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