If Current Line Is in Page One, What Are Final SEO Steps to Achieve Line One in Page One of the SERP?

The Summary of Discussion 2: If Current Line Is in Page One, What Are Final SEO Steps to Achieve Line One in Page One of the SERP?
What final steps do you take when a site is in position 4 for a good term?
Do you play with internal linking, on-page TF-IDF (term frequency-inverse document frequency)? I'm in position 4 and wondering what I should focus on next.
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Check all your on-page factors for improvement. Including other low quality pages. If you have a lot of low quality pages that could drag down your ranking page. You could try internal linking, could get aggressive with anchor text. Last, it may take a good quality link to nudge the page up. You should look at all factors all the time.

Alex ✍️
I'll try that. It's quite broad! Any specific on-page factors you're looking at?
The list is too long for here. Your best option is to look at the pages that are ranked 1, 2, and 3 since you are 4. In fact make yours better. It shouldn't be too difficult if you're at position 4. However, don't expect it to happen in two weeks. Google is gonna A B test it. So you will shuffle all positions until it settles.
Alex ✍️ » Greg
What's interesting is that it's an inner page that I haven't built any links to. So I was wondering if I should maybe add a few links, or should I focus on on-page. If I add links, I could 'mess' it up as it's doing well naturally.
Alex ✍️
I'll check out the top 3 & do better. It's what I already do.

I'm playing with CTR in this case

Greg » Mouna
that would be your on-page factors. Title and meta specifically.

Focus on your on-page as much as you can,, especially, your meta title and descriptions and keep an eye on your Google Search Console (GSC) account and then, make some content with most ranked keywords and publish some related sites there already have decent traffic, you could use Medium, Quora too,,,
Meta/CTR improvements
Internal links (possibly new content based on top ranking sites)
Tiered linking to internal links
Tier linking to direct links to target page
Dont go crazy with linking. Mostly brand.
1) Review Surfer audit
2) Work on user metrics (time on page and CTR especially)
3) Get links that competitors have
4) Internal link optimization

Alex ✍️
Thanks. That's literally the exact steps I've done. (except I started on 2 first before 1, as I had done that a while ago – will redo 1 after I've tweaked the CTR) 🙂

Improve a supplementary content of pages, to play with internal linking.
I recommend focus on "quality of page".


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The Summary of Discussion 1: If Current Line Is in Page One, What Are Final SEO Steps to Achieve Line One in Page One of the SERP?
This may satisfy you: How High Is SEO Success With Just Internal Linking?
Position 3 to number 1. What are your top tips?
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Look at your competitors who have the positions above you and try to evaluate why they're in that position and emulate them. Just getting links is non-conclusive.
Competitor gap analysis!
Includes both on-page and off-page.
First: on-page audit – content density, quality, length, visual assets, internal linking, bounce rate, and CTR
Second: off-page – competitor comparison: quality of links, occurrence of links, reputation of links
SEO = Search Engine Optimization
1. Update on-page SEO specially H2/H3 tags
2. Check the SEO title and try improving Click-Through Rate (CTR). E.g. Titles with special characters tend to have better CTR. Try adding Brackets etc. I got an email from Brian on his research.
3. Add Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords as this will have a tangential impact on overall content coverage
4. Add an FAQ schema – this helps
5. Try to add internal links from your webpages to this particular web page that you are trying to Rank.
Hope this will help. Difficult to comment without looking at keyword metrics though!

Marc » Shobhit
great summary. I think what you are also trying to say is… it depends, right?
Shobhit » Marc
yea.. this is a general suggestion but for more specific next steps, more data is required from Venessa.
Yeah, don't do #1 except incrementally like one H2 at a time.
#2. Yes
#3. Again, don't make anything except incremental edits.
#4. Add things can help
#5. This is very useful from the higher traffic pages

1) Adding relevant internal links with 80/90% keyword anchor text and LSI anchors is one way I've managed to gain higher positions without doing anything else
2) add videos for higher on page time and also improve ctr with brackets in the title etc
Just make any onpage edits to CURRENT content/markup incrementally. I followed Surfer all at once and dropped badly.
1. Re-check the On-page.
2. Do some internal linking from other page to this one with targeted keyword and LSI.
3. If needed built 1-2 links from exact niche with Brand keyword and naked url.
Check backlink anchors and also nofollow vs follow ratios.
Vanessa ✍️
Thanks for all the suggestions. So far I've done and will currently do the following…
1, Tweaked the title and H1 tag slightly
2, Made some minor changes to the text.
3, I ran a few cheap Google, Facebook Ads.
4, Sharing it everywhere I can.
5, Adding some supporting pages and interlinking.
6, Removed all meta descriptions. (Just because I want to see how the pages perform without them).
7, Work on page speed.
Leave it for a few months. If this doesn't work, I'll try and add some backlinks.
If all else fails, rewrite the content using surfer or pop. I loathe doing this, though, as I don't really believe in them.


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