If SEO Services You Bought are Done then You Should Acquire These Details

Getting rid of my SEO guy (Search Engine Optimization assistant). What do I need to ask him for in terms of work done, passwords, access etc.
Thank you in advance!!! Any advice would be appreciated as well.
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Ask for the Google Search Console (GSC) access, Google Analytics (GA), admin passwords. Don't forget to change every login detail (username and password). 👍🏽1
You want ownership of Google analytics Google search, Google my business and Google tag manager.
Likewise if you ever used any other search providers i.e: Bing (Microsoft). As far as your website you want a back up of your site in a compressed file (if it’s small enough, if not then you need to have somebody do a back up) make sure you have admin or ownership access to your domain and DNS records. Finally access to any local citation providers like Yelp, Yext (covers most), BBB etc. 👍🏽1

Taha » Charlie
also Google search console
Charlie » Taha
thank you. I shortened the services name and forgot a comma lol speech to text works 90% of the time 👍🏽1

Like others have said, ownership of your Google assets. Make sure you change the passwords. Bing as well.
Ask for citation login details and change those passwords.
I'd also ask for a report on what has been done so you can give that to a new SEO spec, or do it yourself the rest. 👍🏽1
Good luck with that if you don’t have them already… make sure you do it gently…why, you will find out, hope it’s some “normal” guy…
If you need to do on page SEO, you have him access( in Shopify, add him as staff with limited access not in payment areas) and if it is in off page, you don't need to give him access. Thanks
You need his contact and address just in case. 😀 👍🏽🤭2

Bici ✍️ » Rienzi
whys that?
Rienzi » Bici
Just kidding. But On serious note: I don’t know the story so I’d say if you have not signed any contract make it to a point to know his details as well before you part ways. Even if it’s an overseas SEO 👍🏽1


What you need Man:
Keyword research report, Backlinks report, Report in clicks gained and rankings gained. Also make sure he is removed from GSC and your site.
The easy way to deal with this is give him a company email and make sure that he uses your company email for all access from the beginning. So then when you take the email access away you will have access to everything else. 👍🏽6

Albert » John
best answer so far…
John » Albert
👍 👍🏽1
Albert » John
anyway a professional SEO will hand over everything to the client upon termination of their services for the whatever reasons.
John » Albert
Are you asking or telling? 👍🏽1
Albert » John
I'm telling in general terms.
John » Albert
I mean business owners should be the "Admin" of all their accounts in general. Not many people know how to do this for the accounts or to delegate permissions on different accounts so I can see where the SEO Specialist or Marketing/IT Personnel would be the admin and have complete control over things. I've seen it where some of them use that control benefit as leverage of another person doing the job and business owners not knowing about the access. I once had a situation where I was hired in house to preform a job and their was already an out of office company providing the hosting and complete access to the whole organization. I knew for a fact they were unhappy about the companies decision to hire me but, they still had a lot of control and honestly the upper hand. The company couldn't understand why I wanted to bring all services in house because they weren't in control and was under the impression that it was managed with a lot of work from the third party but it was just an outsourced hosting server. 👍🏽1
Albert » John
understood 👍🏽1
This isn't fool proof fyi. For example what if he/she manually copies and pastes the password into a google sheet?
Just saying be careful with sharing login passwords.
John » James
Who uses google sheets?? Keypass. Ummm yeah passwords in Google Sheets? In the cloud? That's not foolproof either? I'm misunderstanding what you are trying to say. If you need to reset password you just hit forgotten password and reset through email link because you have access to email. Probably already said too much.
James » John
fair play mate. Have a good weekend John.
John » James
You lost me long ago. I don't get what you are trying to say from the beginning. You too. Happy 4th. 👍🏽1
James » John
sorry for losing you/not explaining myself well enough. Happy 4th! Enjoy it 🙂


1. Ask him to maintain a sheet of all login detail and share with you after few
2. Ask for till date report
2. Check all his work
3. If his not working according to your expectations then stop working with him and pay him for his work and change all password. And leave.
(Personal experience) If someone say he will give you granted results. Stay away from him he is scam artist. According to me, you can only track his effort and task how he performing in each tasks.
Check onpage, off page, technical seo But no one, controlling google for granted results. You can optimise your website according to google guidelines but you can take granted of it. Meaning you can only control your actions not Google action or google updates 😉
Ignore my grammar mistakes 😂 or its just my personal experience
List is of multiple things and it depends on what you have shared with him because all he has is backlink reports rest is up to you.
Still I am listing few points.
All Google Account access. – Google Analytics, Google webmaster, email access, Google Sheets.
Bing or other analytics and webmaster.
Backlinks data and other tool access.
Website, host and ftp access.
Social media access.
After all done then change passwords of everything including backlinks password (if used anywhere) 👍🏽2
Logins, links created, google assets, reports and be sure to change passwords for everything. 👍🏽1
1. Full domain access (domain registrar)
2. Hosting Access (full – It's your right)
3. Search Console Access
4. Analytics/Tag Manager Access
5. Backlinks list (if they've ran any)
6. Local listings they claimed (if any)
7. Money back (if they did a bad job!)

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