Is It Worth Switching From WordPress to Shopify or WooCommerce?

Is Shopify better than WooCommerce? Is it worth switching?
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Shopify more easy to use but monthly basis, WooCommerce upper level, free and more flexible for your future needs…
I've just migrated my clients site from Shopify. Site speed has increased from 12 seconds to 3 seconds and I've cut the URLs down from 1,500 to 140 because of the daft way Shopify filters work.

Brandon » Andy
what did it cost to migrate
Andy » Brandon
the business owner actually learnt WordPress himself as he was determined. And then I migrated it for him as that's what I specialise in. So not much.
You need to ensure you map and redirect all the URLs correctly as the Shopify URL structure is so different. I've got a ML program I've made to do this for me in a couple of minutes though.

Shopify is typically easier for non-coders and has better functionality right out of the gate. Woo takes a bit of setup and additional plugins to get the functionality you may need. I ended up integrating Stripe directly on my WordPress site without using Woo because I couldn't get what I wanted without a bunch of paid plugins. SEO-wise, I've heard both that Woo is better and that they're comparable. So, kinda a toss up in that regard.
This is an SEO focused group so you’re going to get a big skew toward WooCommerce. Why? Because SEO types are control freaks and Shopify won’t let them have control over many aspects of their website.
Cost—Don’t fall for the BS that WC is necessarily cheaper. For the regular small merchant (not a designer/developer turned merchant), to make your site not look crap on WC you’re going to have to get help setting it up. That’s several hundred, or a few thousand dollars, out of the gate. And don’t skimp on hosting.
I’m a merchant first and SEOer second. Shopify gets my vote on ease of use, the HUGE ecosystem of apps, themes, support materials, growth materials, and experts, and because it ‘just works’.
Which ever way you go don’t fall for the ‘with WC you get total control’ argument either. Are you wanting to sell product or endlessly fiddle with your website? Most merchants have a million other things they should be doing rather than tending to the window dressings.
Disclosure: I have a WP site too.

Brandon » Gee
but what if your Shopify site is slow
Gee » Brandon
1. If it’s slow it’s probably your fault. On Shopify—true on WP/WC too—people love to try all sorts of weird and wonderful apps for things. Huge page speed f*cker-uperer. Major cause of speed issues.
2. There are speed issues and there are speed issues. Yes, page load speed etc is hugely important. But, the SEO community is also notorious for splitting hairs over some unreachable nirvana state of site speed that simply isn’t worth the effort—in terms of the impact it’ll have.
Shopify isn’t necessarily slow, and definitely not necessarily slow to a point where it matters.
Back to your question.
If your site is problematicaly slow, fix it?

Shopify is super easy to use compared to WooCommerce.
WooCommerce allows you to edit more.
Both will probably cost the same in the long run.
Shopify for direct marketing. Woo for organic … (and direct).

Gee » Jeff

I'd like to go with Opencart instead – solid framework and site gives a solid look unlike WordPress which gives very soft look (no wonders, since wp is mainly focused around blogs).
If you'r focus is only selling products via social media without much customization or SEO then you can go with whatever option you'd like to go.
Most people recommend WordPress because of more control.
Shopify is good for simplicity, but WooCommerce will offer more flexibility and therefore better for SEO.
There is not much you can do on server end, otherwise Shopify is fine.
If you are willing to do it properly woo commerce kicks ass. It costs you max a few hundred dollars with the paid plugins and advanced functionality which is well worth the money if you are serious. Comparative when u grow and make more sales costs increase for functionality however on Woo you just pay same cost and let the money roll in.
Shopify or WooCommerce, Whatever it may be, Completely depends on how your marketing skills are and how you are promoting your business. It is not at all related to the platform you are using.

Brandon » Kalpayita
speed and ease of use is
I have done marketing for both and tested the platforms, both worked fine for me. But my personal suggestion would be WooCommerce. Because you can customize your store as per your requirement and you will have your own brand identity.

It depends based on skill and amount of resources available, along with business goals. Shopify is an out-of-the-box solution that allows you to plug and play. That includes the security certificate. The best is that it's already fully optimized for mobile responsiveness and has one of the best carts out there from a user experience standpoint. The downfall is that everything costs money. There are very few- if any- free apps. You also have very little control on hosting/page load issues, other than some minor site design. Again- great for the startup with limited time and knowledge to build.
WooCommerce is much more flexible and gives much more control. If you've got limited skill, there is a learning curve, which can result in lot of frustrations. If time is money, it could get costly. If you're going to do this regularly, it might be beneficial to go Woo.
From an SEO standpoint, Woo is better. From e-commerce/functionality (order management/ marketing/ centralized location to print labels), Shopify wins.
It all depends on what your business goals are.
Disclaimer: I've built several websites on both platforms.

Brandon » Mike
this is comprehensive review.
Mike our Shopify site is slow as hell. I think 10 seconds. Would u suggest switching?
Mike » Brandon
pm sent.


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