Is PBN Shit Useless?

Okay so, i bought 3 domains on auctions with 100+ RD each and i restored all of them from the wayback machine. They are all indexed, so i tried to test them by adding links to some websites from the homepage. It's been a week and there are no movements (maybe 1 position at best). I just edited the text on the homepage to link to some of these posts that I'm trying to test on.
Does this mean that the private blog network (PBN) sites are shit or am i doing it wrong?
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You might want to check out Matt Diggity
's post on delaying the timeframe before linking out

Dave ✍️
Yeah i already did, but that's for expired domains not auctioned ones.
Shaun » Dave
I guessed it carries the same concept. No harm done trying

How long your site was live before linking? Not the matter of risk, but the question of trust and topical relevance.
However, there could be many other reasons:
1. Your domains are not good. ( No strong backlinks )
2. You haven't restored and used the site in the exact same topic as of payback for the links. (E.g. Not using supplement niche expired domain for supplement niche money site)
3. Give it more time. One week won't be enough to see in some cases.
By the way, I liked that you recovered the Wayback content. As it helps in seeing the best results from the expired domain.
PS: Every domain is an expired domain.

Dean » Sumit
domains bought at auction under whois privacy is considered expired? Do you think Google could prove that?
Sumit » Dean
I think you are asking 2 questions at the same time.
1. Are auction domains called expired ones?
2. Can Google see your domain as PBN under whois?
For the first question, yes those are expired domains as well. Every domain first gets expired and then, moves to the auction or either droplist.
And for the second, no it can't but if you use those domains badly ( I mean low-quality content and bad topical relevancy ), then definitely you can see penalty or say, no trust from google which results in no link juice.
Dean » Sumit
but if it doesn't expire it's not an expired domain. Like if you get it from the owner at an auction and he passes owner ship to you.
Sumit » Dean
Those domains are from direct listers and the other way is private purchase.
Most domains which come in auctions first go through the expiry date and then, they go into auction.
But the bottomline is, it doesn't matter whether the domain is from the auction, drop list or direct purchase.
You will see great results if you focus on strong backlinks & exact same topical relevancy.
For a better understanding, you can read my written book on "Guide To Expired Domains". [Broken link checkd by Mathlibra]
( It is free, no optin! )
Dean » Sumit
thanks, do you know a way to find domains that expired years ago and is search option for niche
Dave ✍️ » Sumit
1. I paid ~$200 each for them, and they have legit links from great sites
2. I did, a website for cars links to a car review website
3. That's the only thing i can do atm haha 🙂
Sumit » Dean
You can use tools like domcop, etc. to find those yourself but to be honest, that's a very tedious job.
Like even I also sell expired domains but finding good ones is very difficult.
And I always say, finding the "right" domain is more painful than paying for it.
Sumit » Dave
I see, let's wait for it then. I hope we see good results! ^^
Could you please explain more on relevancy. Let's say my keyword is "best shoes for flying". What topic domains would Google consider relevant? Thanks!
Sumit » James
Thanks. Will 301 from airline website be effective
Sumit » James
Could be but won't give sustainable results.
Amit » Sumit
so Sumit, do domains from godaddy auctions are also classified as expired? since they keep their age and are not technically dropped. Please clear this doubt. Thanks again for the help and answers above.
The mix of both. most of them go through expiry date and then into auctions and others, directly listed by the sellers.
However, it doesn't matter if their status is "aged" or "dropped" as long as you can find strong backlinks and exact same topical relevancy you are looking for.
Read my ebook above to know the difference in all those terminologies i.e. aged, dropped, non dropped, expired, and auction.

Also even good links can cause your sites to go down in rank before they go back up typically I see a decrease the first month and then I start seeing the power come back
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Bitly | URL Shortener, Custom Links & Link Analytics

Sumit… [Broken link checkd by Mathlibra]

Did you add the links from the restored pages without adding any fresh content? I have been restoring pages for a few years now and found this to be an important factor.

Dave ✍️
I restored all pages, and added the link to existing content on the homepage
I would suggest to add fresh content in your strong pages and link out from those..
Dave ✍️
Hmm okay thanks, will do that 🙂
How do you guys restore all pages? Do you use any service or what?
Raghu » Azher
my team does it manually.

These days I see a lag between adding links and anything much moving, especially on younger sites. It can be up to 6 weeks until you see the full effect, but typically about 3-4, so don't worry yet.
Matt Diggity 👑
1) Wait longer. PBN links are taking 21-28 days to kick in now.
2) Recheck how you're sourcing your test URLs. That can be tricky.
3) Test twice. The second time you'll have more time since first index.


This may satisfy you: Based My One Time Testing: 3 Expired Domains as a PBN didn’t Give Positive Effect to My Money Site

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