It looks like Proof that Content Quantity is not enough without Backlinks

So I hired a firm named for my Shopify ecom site to help rank. They wrote 16 blog posts a month. Mostly long tail almost for 5-6 months but at 500-600 words per post. The challenge is I saw no traffic from those posts. Now I hire freelancers writers to write content for me and have pumped in 50-100 posts in range of 750-1500 word blog articles. I see some of them ranking of course. But in Ahrefs I've seen a sharp drop in keywords I'm ranking for while backlinks, apparent organic traffic, referring domains etc seems to be on the uptick. If i pull an Ahrefs report, close to 100k per month combined keywords i rank between page 3 and page 9. What am I doing wrong?
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it looks like proof that content quantity is not enough without backlinks


When you have too many post competing for similar keyword, it dilutes your ranking on Google. Try to scan through them and summarize it into a few post. More may not be better.
What countries are you targeting? Are you offering multiple languages on the site or just English? I ask that cause the major drop is from the US.
To me it just seems that perhaps keyword targeting is more on point now, and you are ranking for more meaningful keywords. You could also see that from the fact that the value of your keywords has gone up if you were to rely on that statistic.
Best thing to do is analyze which keywords you are not ranking for anymore and that should give you more information on how to proceed.
So once again… It depends! 🙂
First step. Fire They are terrible. They do minimum onpage and 0 link building. Do you really expect to get results for $99 a month? That is your problem right there.

Bharath ✍️ » Andrew
i paid 375 a month for 16 posts. Not 99. Just so we have context and yes, have already closed the engagement.
Andrew » Bharath
yeah even still. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more than just pushing out blog posts.
Bharath ✍️ » Andrew
certainly don't disagree. So i started focusing on keyword research, on page, internal linking and ensuring the blog posts actually are long enough and helpful than just content. I do follow H1,H2, bold, alt tags, external citations, table format, bullet and lists etc. After all these crappy services its kinda hard to trust SEO services or know which ones to trust honestly. Definitely will be exploring surfer SEO. But again, I'm a business guy. So would prefer to hand this to pros and focus on my biz rather than do this myself. But how do I find the right resource for it at right price etc.
I'm in a super competitive market and I've spent $2,000 on links alone this month and it's only half way through.
Lmao the amount of money yall spent on one thing is f*cking absurd. I pay one SEO person to do my SEO everything included. Strategy, Ranking my website, Google My Business (GMB), schema, off page, on-page, links etc… all for merely 750 a month. I'm in the air conditioning business. If you think that's too much for my niche you smoking crack. Profit margin is pocket change compare to what i pay to keep my shit up top.

Your drop in keywords will be followed by a loss in traffic.
Do a link audit
Do a content audit.
Get quality writers to rewrite content, add media to every article and rewrite with SurferSEO.
Have proper heading structure as well and it will fix itself.
If you don’t do this, your site will be dead soon.
FYI one good piece of content beats 50 half arsed pieces.
You will end up nowhere if you hire people who provide SEO for 99 $ /Month .

Bharath ✍️ » Vasu
It wasn't 99. That's their intro price. I went for the 375 plan which I guess was their highest.
Vasu » Bharath
375 is also not enough . You should spend a minimum of 800 $ a month to avail a bare minimum decent SEO. $ 2000 a good budget.
Bharath ✍️ » Vasu
well, thanks for sharing. But throwing numbers without context doesn't do much right. Why $800 minimum? Why not $8000 minimum or $80000 minimum. No offense, but some context on why $800 minimum would help.
Vasu » Bharath
Yes, there is no upper limit . SEO involves lot of sub tasks . The most of it is for quality articles and decent backlinks from real sites for which you have to pay . Quality matters.
Vira » Bharath
Sorry to barge in. For context, you can refer to this following SEO tasks for a minimum package:
Monthly Deliverables:
*4 Guest posts on niche related, high DA website (Legit blogs, White Hat Outreach only and not Sponsored Posts)
*40 Directory and Business Listings
*Focus on 10 keywords (with medium to low competition)
*4 on page blogs (one per week)
*Quality link building (forum, blog commenting, resource, link reclamation, broken link building, competitors link building)
*Website maintenance (Optimizing speed in order to minimize bounce rate)
*Google my Business optimization
*Keyword Audit
*Traffic Optimization
*On page optimization
Chris » Vira
could you recommend someone that you use for writing blogs?
Vira » Chris
I sent you a PM!

Articles under 3k words do not rank that well. Short form articles are spammy and crap. Try to work on something valuable not spammy

Rienzi » Millan
“Articles under 3k words do not rank that well.”
– I have proven numerous times the length of the content is very important. Relevance does.

Also the articles may not be internally linked correctly and cannibalizing anchors will cause no keyword rankings at all. Plus all the above mention duplicate content checking.
Also check the context is the article in depth does it answer the topic and is it good content.

Ivelina » Jared
Thank you for sharing! What do you mean by cannibalizing anchors? Should every anchor you ever write be different?
Jared » Ivelina
dont link to 2 separate pages using the same anchor text, only link to the page u are trying to rank for that term and the most powerful

How are you producing that content? Do you have content strategy or you are just pushing the content out? If you covered one topic (or keyword) multiple times, you might have just shot yourself in your leg since there might be some cannibalization. You can't just pump out content without any strategy/plan. It's the same as with backlinks – if you do it wrong, it will harm your website, not help it.
They are inexperienced.. if you hire those kind of people what would you expect, and it's not about long articles or short.. it's about content quality.. we should follow Google algorithm if you want ranking
Write something people actually looking for and it should be short and concise.

Have you ever done Competitors Analysis and Content Analysis?
Have you done Complete Technical and on page SEO audit?
Do you have any Content Marketing, Content development, and Content strategy?
Have you Ever done the Link audit & Anchor audit?
Have you ever done keyword research according to your Competitors perspective on which Keywords they are ranking and out of them which are suitable to you according to your site Current worth.
Have you ever spent 2000$+ money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
SEO is not about cheap link building and normal Keyword research in 100-300$ . SEO is totally changed now . This is 2021 🙂 and within 2021 Google released two major updates in it's search engine Algorithm.

Peter » Shariq
wow! You are well informed! Amazing!
Shariq » Peter
thanks I will try my best to educate my clients and general public regrading SEO. Idk why they believe so much on 100$ SEO services which are literally crap!
Andrew » Shariq
lol 100 won’t get you anywhere lol
Shariq » Andrew
yea. A good SEO service starts from 2000$ basic then up to 20K$

Ben Allen 🎓
Several of the above people commenting are probably right. I see several potential issues here.
First of all, unless they've changed in the last year or two, Shopify does not handle blogging well. Last time I checked they don't support blogging and you need to use a separate platform (like Blogspot/Blogger) while using a custom domain.
Secondly, writing blog articles just to write articles, especially at that price point, is a bad idea. Like one of the above people mentioned, if your niche is pretty specific, and you have 200 articles all talking about the same keywords, you're diluting your keyword relevance by internally linking to all of them with similar anchor text keywords. Multiply this a hundred fold if those blog articles that share keywords with your product pages are not internally linking to those respective product pages with good anchor text keywords.
Third, if I was right about #1 and your blog articles are basically on a separate website with the same domain, that means all of your keywords are on a functionally different website with only one internal link from the main e-comm site pointing to hundreds of pages with similar keywords, which would absolutely tank the volume of your keyword rankings.
Fourth, $99/month on SEO will do *way* more harm than good. That's like paying $99 to have your engine rebuilt. Nothing good could possibly come from that.
Combine all of the above with the fact that Shopify in general is terrible with SEO the more pages it has, unless you're using a custom coded Shopify site, and all of the above issues are multiplied exponentially. Shopify is about 5 years behind the best on-page SEO practices, and that's being very generous. If you want to use Shopify for ease of use and because it plugs in with your inventory management and payment systems, I would seriously consider investing in either a custom coded website, switching to BigCommerce, or switching to WordPress/WooCommerce. If the majority of your business is e-commerce sales, I would throw money at your website and its SEO, or else switch to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Facebook Ads.

Lindsay » Ben Allen

I see the growth in backlinks but no mention from anyone on anchor text. I get the question is in blog post but Google has been hammering anchor text ratios this year. Outside of your blog post, which can or can't be a problem and I don't see causing negative keyword growth unless there is some really bad on-page, then I'd assume the anchors are too exact for Google's likings and your being held back. Particularly with local rankings receiving links from local directories which has particularly been targeted this year. There is a thousand reasons but that would be my thought to add to the pile. Also, any service for $375 a month I would assume would bomb my rankings.
Based on the report you provided I highly encourage you to check the detail report to see what are the keywords that are dropping, is it related to your COVID-19? Is it related to your articles or is it related to your URLs, usually you can spot this by comparing sessions on analytic, this should be enough to spot the problem quickly. Also, 500-600 blog does not mean it’s bad quality, the best way to conduct highly quality content is by producing EAT content, and also you can use Google Search Console (GSC) to check what are your search queries within 3 months and compare with competitor to see if your ranks are competitive, tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs provided decent ranking and at least can help you to track what are winning and losing. For backlink I would suggest to get links around similar industry with 60> domains plus organic traffic 1500+, it might be costly but def much worthy than any shit links that you might get from link farms or brokers, you might spend like $400 per monthly just on links but it will be worthy…
that shows 1800 keyword. where did you get the 100k?

Bharath ✍️ » Strauss
The traffic potential for those ranking between page 1 and pg 10… not the no of keywords.
I'm not sure how you even got that, the search volume numbers are clickstream data, meaning paid ad data, and it's an approximation of what is possible, don't use this as your source of truth, I'd say GSC is closer, use that. that would be 100% if all pages are in pos 1, and in real life you Max out at a ctr of about 30% in pos 1 – it changes with intent and branded v unbranded.
Bharath ✍️ » Strauss
indeed. I took those nos from Ahrefs. And my assumption ofcourse is that 30% traffic max is what it can attract at pg 1 position 1. So that would be almost 30k traffic at its best. I do get what you are saying and do appreciate you sharing. My challenge is knowing how to get those product pages to pg1, position 1.
Personally I think 16 blogs with all same target keywords will only get you flagged
Bharath ✍️ » Andrew
Dont disagree. It was not all same target keywords. It was spread across quite a bit but i dint see the cluster of keywords against a topic… and i was tired asking them to brief me on strategy… when their response was… we will write content and rank… duh…
Andrew » Bharath
feel free to use Ahrefs to spot their anchor keywords feature to see keyword distribution, it is likely that Google detect the signals and derank you already , feel free to send me some URL of your content and I can take a look to see what happen..also for link building, I recommend go over domain authority (DA) minimum 40+ with min organic traffic over 2k, and each month’s traffic spike can’t go over 1k, it is important to make sure that backlinks will be only be good if there are high quality
Strauss » Andrew
you will be fine, write 1000 pages about the same thing, you wont get flagged. There's nothing to flag about blog posts.
Andrew » Strauss
if your back links are all centralized with same targeting keywords and you will be flag, been there done that learned my lessons
Strauss » Andrew
that's not the same as blog posts though, hyper focused anchor texts, all the same anchor and all the same keyword, yeah sure, I wouldn't even say you get flagged, its more likely in my humble opinion that there is a TFIDF or some similar metric that silo-ed links if the anchors are all the same. Pages about the same thing are what make up the majority of silo's – I would recommend doing variations of the same thing, think of it this way, your silo is your topic, you can create sub silos within your parent silo, they are all about the same thing, but they are about different segments of that same thing, they also allow you to create a relevance click path up to your root. Like here's an example of posts you could write about the same thing.
the best silo structure in seo

I can tell by looking at the stats that you are mixing a lot of things AKA cannibalizing with your targeted keywords…
You gotta fix the pages targeting the same keywords and then boost the actual landing pages.

Bharath ✍️ » Talha
Lol. Since we are engaged on the second site, if it works, then this site can also be yours to work on 😉.
Talha » Bharath
sounds good…
Happy to do the fix for ya.


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