It Seems SEO Is Dead | You Should Build a YouTube Channel and a Facebook Group Beside Your SEO Agency

Norman » Reiner
I'm confused as to how you built a channel, an agency and a Facebook group around SEO only to turn around and say to that Search Engine Optimization | SEO is dead and all this negative stuff about the industry that you just repped for however many years?
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He created shock value man. He got everyone listening and talking. I agree and disagree with some of his logic though. But I get it.
The only thing that I don’t like is that he made it go somewhat viral to the point that business owners may see this and become discouraged from hiring SEO companies in helping them. He’s jeopardizing our careers.
Btw Reiner approve my post damn it! Let’s all get a good laugh come on! 😂
SEO will never die. Google can't let that happen.

Google would love SEO to die! That would create a massive amount of advertisers using Adwords and other Google advertising. Ever notice over the last 20+ years that there are fewer and fewer 1st page organic spots? Yeah, that's Google doing away with as many organic spots and replacing them with advertising spots!

Chase is marketing. You are his target. If you took action based on his silly shenanigans, then you were the one that was duped.

It might be the truth but what did he mention… Making an authority site and something else similar I can't remember.i bet that's his next niche. Building authority sites using principles of SEO but for more branding purposes than just generic traffic.

Chase's point – just because you ranked for something and get traffic doesn't mean you'll get conversions or build trust in the customers (without lots of value/touchpoints) eyes with just SEO.
Getting folks familiar with your brand of SEO and turning them into customers is much bigger than ranking a page or 50.

Norman ✍️ » Dave
needing quality content/service/product was always a given. You can get 100000 visitors but if your shit's trash nobody is buying. I thought everyone know that. I assumed people looking to rank higher, have quality stuff but it's just not getting exposure. Guess not.

If you didn't realize Chase is a nut (and I mean that in a good way) after watching the first 20 seconds of any of his videos, you should have. "SEO is dead" is just another rendition of "links don't matter", a polarizing approach to the world around him. Highly entertaining but also inspiring guy imo.

Always thought that his videos was just nonsense, gibberish. A whole lot of talk without substance.
Klein » Roth
I didn't think so. His live audits were a top notch one-stop introduction to local SEO optimization with almost all relevant screws and bolts involved. And more practical than 8 hrs of moz tutorials for the beginner that just wants to get his optimization started or understand SEO agency lingo.
Roth » Klein
Will check his local SEO better then. Thanks.
Klein » Roth
You should, good content. However, he never labeled it local or touched midsize to enterprise SEO, where if there's one thing that matters, it's links. And for a good reason, you can outrank your plumber competitor in Tittybong Australia with on-page quite easily. But you won't stand a chance in a competitive ecommerce market.

Marketing and brand building is the most important part of SEO.

Scott » Gary
I think it all start with sales first agree or disagree? What I’m saying is new business focus so much and money on creating and building a brand that they forget it takes sales to build a business. Just a perspective and open to discussion but my strategy has always been get sales and brand will come.
I get your point but you can build a brand without sales. By blogging for examples. Its not easy to get a big amount of sales without some branding. Wolf of Wallstreet was a masterclass of that for example. I used to sell loads of nightclub tickets by approaching people but it wasn't until people started approaching us that our company started making millions.
John » Gary
“but it wasn't until people started approaching us that our company started making millions.”… this is the key of all this marketing and branding thing 👌👌, when they start chasing you, that’s the game changer and money maker 👍👍

Chase alleges to be a “marketer” now, and one of the first rules of marketing is to generate attention. Unfortunately he has chosen his own FB group as the guinea pig to test this new strategy.
I’m actually not entirely convinced that Chase really thinks white hat SEO is dead if we consider that two of his biggest clients (a hair extensions company & a mattress review site) are still getting very good organic traffic in Google.
Last but not least, Chase’s statement that SEO is dead since it does not help the end user is mistaken. The point of SEO is not necessarily to directly help the end user, but to help Google (who aspires to help the end user) understand your site better.
If you’re implementing white hat SEO changes to a site that is not a total POS & Google decides to rank it higher as a result, then you -are- helping the end user by virtue of Google’s response to these changes.
SEO is only dead for sites that don’t have anything to offer.

Norman ✍️ » Albin
you may be right but it seems disingenuous to sell out your first business to have a stepping stone to next one.
Just doesn't seem necessary. SEO is one aspect of marketing… He could have made a smooth seamless transition without shitting in everything he built.
Albin » Norman
I don’t disagree. It was done in poor taste. I don’t hate Chase but this was just a silly stunt that almost smells like a betrayal of the audience that helped build his SEO brand
Norman ✍️ » Albin
I don't hate the guy either. I don't know him to hate him… I just feel like he abandoned what he built and that makes me question anything he stands behind now.

Google is just a traffic channel. Copywriting, UX, CTAs, etc are meant for the users. Those are completely two different things. If you can't convert the organic traffic into a lead, sale, click, view, etc then you are not using your traffic channel properly. The same applies for any other traffic channel.
If someone doesn't know how to take advantage of the organic traffic, that means that he needs to broaden his skillset or improve his conversion rate. And not saying that SEO is dead. If you focus strictly on "how to rank on Google" while ignoring the "how to make the users take action", you are leaving money on the table. Or worse case scenario, IF G somehow tracks "engagement" (as they do with YT) you're going to loose rankings as well.
SEO is not dead, nor harder, the same stuff works in 2019, content and links. But it just gets harder to bring organic traffic cos G is changing the SERPs interface. The same is happening on every traffic channel, YT, Social etc.
Chase has always been full of BS when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I'm not hating or anything but he's just a copy cat, from the first day the started.
Taking other articles and videos and making a YT channel out of it. Then he started with the BS positioning that you don't need links to rank. Overnight he became a technical SEO guru, selling BS service to his clients. Like changing meta tags and shit.
At least he's admitting it now.
And his last dumb statement to bring on the controversy?
SEO is dead I'll just watch p0rn, f*ck SEO.
He's decent at doing marketing but he sucks at doing SEO. Still a great comedian to follow, he's like coppercab into the SEO space, all he needs is to tone his blonde hair into ginger color and start yelling progressively at the camera that SEO is dead.
That’s not him talking. He’s obviously pissed at someone. He needed to boost his vanity by claiming ‘SEO is dead’ . Whatever that means lol. As long as people use search engines, there will be SEO. And haters … they aren’t industry specific. Deal with it Chase. You obviously don’t know how to deal with the limelight … you really demeaned yourself man. Gotta hand it to you. Lame way of going out . Anyways whatever value us experienced SEOers got from you, we got it a long time ago , and we’ve stopped watching your tutorials and engaging in your groups that long ago. That is, until I watched your ‘why SEO is dead video”. Funniest thing ever. You rant like a schoolboy man
Doing better than ever before. But don’t go around and and tell people about it. “SEO is dead” is a fine slogan to spread all over social media. … Please go ahead… Some people do things for the wrong reasons. SEO should be a professional job, not a way to get attention.
I think he means there is a bigger thing than SEO and that’s probably a whole integrated marketing strategy that u do for ya clients.


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