Local Businesses Search Engine Optimization | Local SEO Such in Chicago

I have been working on my business website for years now and I spent 1000s of dollars on outsourcing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service and I cant get it ranked, can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? The website is
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local businesses search engine optimization local SEO such as Chicago

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Lori Appleman 🎓
This page is keyword stuffed – too many repeats. Try writing for the reader. Is there an internal linking strategy? Are you only focusing on the most competitive keywords or is there a long tail strategy? Is your site present in all local directories? Try doing social things like sponsoring a charity event and then pitching local press to cover this. https://signshouse.com/channel-letters/
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Saleh ✍️ » Lori Appleman
Yes we do internal linking and we are focusing on the keywords that matters

Kathy » Saleh
I see you in position 3 in Maps for "business signs" in Chicago. That's where most people click. So that's good. What's your Click Through Rate (CTR) there? Are you not getting calls from your GMB?
Your organic rank, as you know, is not good, but it is climbing.
The difference I see between you and your main competitor, Fast Signs, is great. For one, it's clear you wasted a lot of time and money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because I see the footprints that many of them leave behind such as copy written for the search engines and not for the consumer, black hat link building, no attention to conversion optimization or brand messaging on the site, copywriting, that endless list of city+keywords in your locations list, and more. And I see technical issues.
I know you don't want to hear this, but I'd recommend you build your site over from the ground up with the customer in mind. You need to wow them with pictures, your value proposition and differentiator, your copy, proof points, a gallery of options, and more. There is no point in getting traffic to your site if it's not going to sell. So get it ready first. It's not now.
Once your site is ready to receive, then go to work on the SEO (that's not to imply you don't build SEO in). It will start generating good engagement signals on its own which are important to Google, but now you can start reaching out into the community for recognition as one of the best ways to get local backlinks which will be powerful for your SEO. Your previous SEO users tried to get you visibility by building black-hat backlinks like this one: https://reidhcuqg.aioblogs.com/53163098/storefront-symptoms Your competitor Fast Signs sponsored local events like this https://cuboid-azalea-mtlg.squarespace.com/sponsors and joined local Chambers like this https://www.savannahchamber.com/news-and-events/news/chamber-news/grand-openings-ribbon-cuttings-congratulations-for-the-week-of-september-20-2021/ And follow Fast Signs example in their blog which has great information that can be really good clickbait in social media as well as clickbait and link bait for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Hopefully, this is enough for you to see that SEO is not like a point and shoot video game. At its core, it's branding and marketing, or it should be. Get that right and I bet your business will take off.

local businesses search engine optimization local SEO such as Chicago


Saleh ✍️ » Kathy
Thank you so much for taking the time to give me your insight on this, I think you are on point, and I would like get more detail on that if you I can buy some of your time, please email me your rates for a project like that and let's get it going

Rienzi Mosqueda 🎓🎩
Agency hopping is never good.
True story:
in 2018 I've work with a guy (think IT services) who's been in business for 10 years and has been with big agencies. When I say big, he was spending north of $4K/month for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) + Pay-Per-Click (PPC) + Google My Business (GMB).
Long story short. I took his business from 3-10 customers per week to 15-40 jobs at min $800/jobs. But this took 8 good months – a total site revamp, design, content & branding.
But he has to embrace the fact that he's not holding the SEO stick and he wasn't gonna challenge my methods.
I think you're similar to him in a good way. and I hope you find that Marketing partner who can really scale your brnad while you focus on doing what you do best!


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