Long Tail Keyword Strategy in SEO

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Quick Win Tip For The Weekend!
Want to gain more visitors for your local services? Start writing blogs/posts about frequently asked questions!
This will allow you to pop in the search engine result page (SERP) above and below national queries when searched in that area.
Company: Local Plumber
Geo: Los Angeles
Long Tail Keyword Ideas
What is the average cost of a plumber
Are plumbing estimates free
How much does a water heater replacement cost
How much is a drain cleaning
Because of Googles algorithms, you will get SERP pulls for the long tail Keyword, even if they don't search "In Los Angeles" because they are in Los Angeles.
Note: It has to be abundantly clear to Google your website is a local service area niche. Adding the Geo to the H1 may benefit this process and the sauce!
Example below with screen shot. Searched from Tucson – posts populates here with other national websites as #2 for query.
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long tail keyword strategy in seo
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Mew 👑✍️ » Joshua
– Sauce?

Yes. It's public sauce. Now how do we replace the category "characteristics" that appear in the answer box? This is really screwing a lot of people because they seem to be just linking to random sites and there is no way that people aren't click on those links. I got position 2 for my hemp guy, thanks in parts to your words of encouragement, but that might as well be 6 with those dumb granular answers inside position 1.
BTW, have you seen the trending searches drop-down if you delete your search term for the form field? Is that new?
Mew 👑✍️ » Joshua
– screen shot of your example above please?
What, you don't trust me now? Your only friend?
long tail keyword strategy in seo

Mew 👑✍️ » Joshua
– What was the query for this?
Hemp bedding
Mew 👑✍️ » Joshua
– Give me a moment please 🙂 👍🏽1
It's right there in the answer box! I've looked at a few more answer boxes and nothing.
Mew 👑✍️ » Joshua
– Good job. You're position 0 by the way for "Benefits of Hemp Bedding". I am not really sure what your question is.
Note however, the number one position in the SERP feature is a product page, which means for the KW "Hemp Bedding" Google has determined that the page most likely to solve the query is a sale or transaction.
They have probably determined that people search benefits of hemp bedding before purchasing or after, which gives it a secondary relation to the first query, with cost being what people search after they either just buy it or know the benefits of it, presumably to weigh different competitors pricing.
The page you have coming up in this feature doesn't answer the query "Hemp Bedding" at all based on what I am seeing so I would say that you're lucky to have it there. I doubt this is the page you're trying to rank for this term though so to me, looks like you just have some extra sauce on the side for when you get your actual page to top of the SERP…
If I am understanding you correctly. 👍🏽1
You must have had a bad day or something. My question was in the very beginning of the post. How does one get those spots ("replace?")? Are they doing random sites to get an honest evaluation of the entity important characteristics or is it possible to get the whole box?
Is this new? I can't find it on anything else.
And that makes sense about them using an e-commerce page to fulfill intent, although, ODH does sell their own product.
I'm going to tell them to put up an e-commerce page just to rip this away from that cornball page.
Mew 👑✍️ » Joshua
– Oh gotcha!
I’ve seen this quite a bit now for transactional queries. I have never seen one website take the whole box. Maybe two spots at most. Maybe if you answer every query for every entry perfectly but I would doubt that’s possible – especially since google stopped letting websites double stack the SERP, for the most part 👍🏽1
You think those are considered to be search results?
Mew 👑✍️ » Joshua
– I think to some degree Google legally has to stagger the SERPs or they could be accused of a monopoly. To what extent another SEO may know better than myself
"You think those are considered to be search results?"
Mew 👑✍️ » Joshua
– Yes, as it fits the literal definition.
Yeah, I don't think so, bud. And I'm out to prove you wrong!!! 💟1
Mew 👑✍️ » Joshua
– Do if! I rather be proved wrong than right

We got some serious visitors by using this technique. 🤯1
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Mew 👑✍️
Likewise! Often overlooked easy win!


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Is this better compared to adding relevant FAQs on relevant service pages?
Also, do you recommend 1 post 1 Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) or 1 post multiple FAQs?
thanks 👍🏽1

Mew 👑✍️
Hey there!
My recommendation is 1 post, one FAQ, 3 h2 variations of the same question to pull for MULTIPLE queries. Allow me to give you an example 👍🏽2
Mehta » Mew
Cool, assuming the answer content isn’t too thin?
Mew 👑✍️
long tail keyword strategy in seo

Mew 👑✍️
Different queries, same page 🙂 If done right you can do it in two sentences 🙂. 👍🏽1
Mehta » Mew
looks great, thanks for sharing these examples.

Is this better than a FAQ page with several questions? Or do you include a post for each question in conjunction with a FAQ page?

Mew 👑✍️
Hey Kim,
Honestly it depends. I rather get a SERP pull position 1 for queries than FAQ snippets, as a lot of snippets don't convert to on page traffic. Truly depends on the goals 🙂 👍🏽2

Thin content would not apply to these FAQs, if you just answer one question per post? Or is it better to answer 3-5 questions per post? 👍🏽1
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Mew 👑✍️
Hey bud!
As always, this depends. What is the query? What is the competition? And most importantly what does Google want and how succinct can you make the answer as it applies to Google's understanding?
In general, I would rather have 1 post that gets a page 1 SERP pull for 10 queries than try to answer 3-5 different questions on one page. But that would also depend on how close in topic the queries are.
Jason » Mew
okay, thank you! 💟1
Mew 👑✍️ » Jason
– anytime brother man! If you need more info on specific queries just shoot me a message 🙂 👍🏽1

i followed this strategy, thanks.


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