Looking for Cheap Writing Services Who Are Skillful

Sorry if this question was asked 100 times before.
You are new to seo, low on budget and starting your first affiliate site.
Iwriter/freelancer $10/1000w content is too bad for money pages.
is it possible to find a decent writer in $15/1000w range (Upwork is my last hope in outsourcing content) or for money pages you just have to go with $20+/1000w content?
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write it yourself. decent Upwork starts at $30-35 and then again if they manually spin it, there is no way you ll know before you find the exact article. and if they block spin it, almost impossible
Finding a decent content writer is key, I'm having to write most of my content at the mo which is a ball ache
I just paid someone on Upwork $15 for 1000 words, it was rubbish, had to rewrite the whole thing myself. Writers I've paid $20+ always seem to be good
If you're low on budget write it yourself

Igor ✍️
that was kind of implied. it's always an option.

I think that for 1000 words the minimum is $25. You will have a lot of problems if you go below this price.
I have found that $20/1k words is the beginning point for good content. I've been able to find solid writers on guru.com. Have had much better success there than any other platform. Haven't really found any good ones on up work in that price range
Guru – Hire Quality Freelancers and Find Freelance Jobs
Guru – Hire Quality Freelancers and Find Freelance Jobs
Guru – Hire Quality Freelancers and Find Freelance Jobs
If you're on low budget do it yourself, or hire some cheap writer, do all the research yourself and send him links to those pages and guide him each and everything about content. English should be readable Though.

^This. Good content is expensive. Period. If you're on a budget and don't have that many projects I'd just bite the bullet if I were you and write the content myself.
Blog posts (if you're not necessarily trying to rank those and only use those as supporting content) are a different story. You should be able to find decent and cheap writers who can deliver readable (nothing more, nothing less) content. Don't expect Stephen King quality though.
TL;DR you get what you pay for
When I was on budget, I went through official guides and docs from Google, checked their text and found that the content they write is highly readable and mostly they use easy English so everyone can understand. I found many writers here who were able to write such English, I taught them how to write product reviews and how to do proper research from Amazon, Q&A sites like Quora and also Reddit.
Sites with that content also rank very well, still I'm using such content and my only focus is expert level research on the topic.
Douglas » Tim

This is all true what you are saying guys,but if you are not native English (or at least educated in English) it's so hard to do it by yourself,and it's so time consuming …so we need writers 🙏🙏🙃😉

Jones » John
so how do you know if it's good content or not?
John » Jones
good one…okay some level of English is definitely needed… I'm not native English speaker and I cannot write articles,but it's more then good enough to see what is bullshit text…

I think people starting their first site or whatever should really be writing the content themselves. It teaches you a hell of a lot.
You have to keep testing writers. Then eventually after about 20x writers you will find someone who is hard working and just good at writing English, they are hard to find
i hired a 10/1000 English writer who was very good. it was on Upwork so they are out there. she doesn't work for me now but u can find them

Jones » Paul
10/10000 is a pretty bad score mate! I'd give mine a 7/10
well i optimized my content and ended up ranking for 2000 keywords across the site so i cant complain lol mb find a better writer i gave mine a 9. It also pays to find a writer who is passionate about your niche my one participated in that niche as well.
Igor ✍️ » Paul
for those 2000 keywords, how many words did your site have? I'm wondering if the number of keywords (in top 100) is relative to the amount of content or whether it also depends on links and depth of your keyword research as well.
I have about 60,000 words on the site

This is what I do, I put a top bar in the site asking for interested and passionate writers on the niche to apply to become a writer. I pay them $5 just to write a sample article and if I'll like it I'll hire them.
Works like a charm.
Wow! I'm an SEO copywriter in the beauty/wellness industry and 10/1000 is a hard pass for me. Do you guys really find people who can write quality content for $10/$20? A good writer is worth every dime.
I pay a penny per word rounded up to the nearest $5 to college students for REWRITES. Just find a good article you would like to be your own and pay to have it rewritten. Cheapest you can get for the quality.


This may satisfy you: I Want My Writers Are Rich In Research Before Writing

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