Marketing and SEO for the Intended Keyword Private Jet Charter

Anyone can help me point out why my domain is not showing on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for the intended keyword "private Jet charter"
Trying to figure it out on Google search console. It's telling me URL is not on google


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S. M. Fahim
Did you submit the sitemap? If yes, then need more information. Like the domain, location, age of the site

Nick » Sayid Fahim Islam
It says something about canonical on search console
Truslow » Nick
To get specific answers to specific problems, you need to describe the problem specifically. The error you are seeing doesn't say "something about canonical" – it says something very specific. (And there's also a little link right next to it to get help too, but that's another story).

Like Truslow mentioned we could use some more context on this. This is kind of a couple different issues in one. Did you rank for "private jet charter" at some point?
"It's telling me URL is not on google" This is also a separate issue entirely if your domain, or the specific page that might of been ranking for that term is not on Google. Let us know if you have more specific info on the Google Search Console (GSC) errors. I'm interested in contributing anything I can and learning from what others have to say too.

Nick » Garrett
marketing and SEO for the intended keyword private jet charter

Thanks all. The website is
I should be ranking for the keyword even if it's 100th placement as my Meta tag and page titles include the keyword and is well optimized. For some reason I feel like Google isn't detecting my homepage.
Private Jet Charter | Private Jet Hire | Charter Flights | Velox Air Charter
So it looks like your website is indexed just based off a site: parameter search. Your website is crawlable using SEMrush. Just wanted to share some insight and possibly a few things you can do.
1. "private jet charter" 12.1k volume and 69% difficulty (pretty competitive and your site doesn't have much authority or extensive content.) according to SEMrush. You will most likely need more quality content around this search term and on your location pages.
2. If you haven't already submit your sitemap in Google Search Console (GSC). If you have before, do a resubmit, and request indexing on your home page.
3. This doesn't really have to do with ranking for that specific term, but if you have the resources I would look into improving your site speed.
4. Do a little cleanup on some pages that shouldn't be live. Ex. redirect that to the home page. redirect to
5. I personally think the meta title tags (or title links as Google just announced) look unnatural and a little keyword spammy. I could be wrong on this but I try to go for more natural with the keyword and still drives clicks.
6. Establish a favicon. Back end of your WordPress site, <left side panel <appearance < Customize<Site identity< tiny logo. 😁
I hope some of this helps a little bit and gives you some insight.

marketing and SEO for the intended keyword private jet charter

Nick » Garrett
Phewww wow I'm very grateful for you that you took your time to structure this response with how it can improve. In regards to the speed, I paid a service however they where only able to optimize my desktop speed but not my mobile due to too many active plugins 😖 Mobile speed is a current battle I'm working on.
I will definitely implement the other key points you've mentioned. By all means I'm no SEO professional, this is my Business.
Garrett » Nick
No problem at all, I am happy to help where I can. As far as the Site speed, I totally understand it's a bit of a pain and you may need more of a custom solution. Plugins like WPRocket can only do so much and too many plugins can be a big issue as well. We do live in a mobile first index world so do what you can, but don't stress too much over it.
I did make a mistake, submit this sitemap in Google Search Console (GSC) in the sitemaps section that other sitemap I pasted was just your pages. You want all of them.
One quick win for your sitespeed could be installing a image optimization plugin like one of these below. 1 of these might be of help to you.
Nick » Garrett
Your point #4 I don't see the home-3 link in my pages section of WP. Would that mean I have to request a Reindex of the site map?
Garrett » Nick
No, honestly you should be ok. There is nothing on the page and it's not ranking for anything or driving traffic. It was more of a suggestion because I get hung up on little things and trying to make everything perfect. It really shouldn't affect you.
Nick » Garrett
All good I'm a perfectionist too! Lol. I have made those adjustments 😅


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