Marketing Service Pricing for a lawyer What would you charge a Lawyer?

Rienzi Mosqueda 🎓🎩
What would you charge a lawyer?


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Get paid in advance. They are terrible business people

Elaine » Garcia
They love a good set of ts&cs so yes, make sure all the fees and obligations to them and them to you, are water tight.
I worked in law for 20 years and 10 years ago pivoted to legal marketing specialising in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – so know their drive well.
Good luck!

Why does it matter if they are a lawyer or not. Your rate is your rate. Don't be a dick.

Rienzi Mosqueda ✍️🎓 » Nick
I cant send the same proposal to a lawyer vs roofer or movers. competitiveness is taken into consideration.
Nick » Rienzi Mosqueda
Absolutely you can. You're thinking the wrong way. This way, you will never make money. You will fail.
I charge $XXX regardless of who you are. I also make 6 figures a month. But hey, I don't know what I'm talking about right.
Kathy » Rienzi Mosqueda
My attorney client's competitor is spending $25,000/mo on SEO. You can't convince me that what you do for a roofer is going to work the same for a personal injury attorney.
Rienzi Mosqueda ✍️🎓 » Kathy
That's what I said. Hmmm
Rienzi Mosqueda ✍️🎓 » Nick
That's good for you! Do you work with a lawyer now?
Kathy » Rienzi Mosqueda
Exactly. You are right.
Nick » Rienzi Mosqueda
Nick » Kathy
You don't get it. Your price is your price. You should be charging the same amount per hour as you do for any job. Regardless of who it's for. I'll charge a crack head the same hourly rate as a lawyer. And they will pay. Some take minutes and some take months. All depends on what you're doing. But my hourly rate is exactly the same for everyone.
Rienzi Mosqueda ✍️🎓 » Nick
We get that. But you seem to be missing the point mr.6 figures. But thanks for the insight.
Nick » Rienzi Mosqueda
Rienzi Mosqueda ✍️🎓 » Nick
Haha hey really I appreciate the insight.
Caleb » Rienzi Mosqueda
I do wonder how it's ethical to charge different clients different rates purely based on their income. I do tend to agree with Nick that you should have a universal pricing structure. You may have higher tiers of pricing, but how can U justify charging a person more just cause they earn more?
Rienzi Mosqueda ✍️🎓 » Caleb
Thanks for asking.
– we should charge base on the X amount of work to achieve X results.
– there are different ways of charging/pricing – there's hourly, ROI based & there's value-based.
– universal pricing is something we do, every preneur knows this. But not all client knows the best budget for the marketing efforts.
Nothing in my post says charging more base on income. I just want to get the range.


What you should be looking at is what Budget on average is required to get the results your client is expecting and whether the expectations are set correctly. Pricing based on a quick cash grab is a mistake a lot of beginning SEO users make, though that is my opinion. Look at what is required for the client to book results, as well as your personal rate as well. Also about the above, I believe there are a lot of roofers out earning law firms lol, I might be wrong on that one but most roofers do quite well and are actually quite rehearsed in the marketing world. Your proposal however shouldn't necessarily be depending on the niche, more on the need of the client.

Rienzi Mosqueda ✍️🎓 » Brent
Thanks! your first sentence is what I'm trying to get.
Brent » Rienzi
That is mainly something your research should tell you man. But, if you got some data to go over, I am happy to go over it with you?

What works for me: compare how much the traffic would cost if they would have to generate it through other means, assuming conversion is more or less similar… "Accident lawyer" used to have a Cost-per-click (CPC) of $80++, so if you'll get him 100 visitors per month, that should be worth at least $8k / month … And probably more because organic traffic stays, while Google ads traffic just disappears when you turn it off.
Other variables to take into consideration: how much do you normally charge, how good are you and how much are they willing to pay? It's not weird to ask for their budget + expectations, so you can better align your fees with what they are expecting and willing to pay.
Sadly, if you don't charge enough, they may think your services are not as good, this is just simple price psychology. People generally assume higher priced items are higher quality, same goes for consultants, in my humble opinion.
Good luck!

Rienzi Mosqueda ✍️🎓 » Robert Paul
Totally agree. I don't want to charge less to look like I don't know what I'm doing but not too much that I'm robbing people. I'm still in the business of helping.
Appreciate the advice!
Dirk » Robert
Great way to gage it!

Damn… As a lawyer, I'm truly surprised to see that (1) we have such a bad rep and (2) people charge higher because of the job we do.
Imagine if I did the same and charged firms differently depending on their field …

Jonathan » Joachim
The amount lawyers charge is because the job you do… what's the difference? 😂
Joachim » Jonathan
Well that's not how I do stuff. Same work = same price for everyone.
Jonathan » Joachim
But your industry charges in general per hour significantly more than most industries…. Why? Based on your logic the industry shouldn't charge more than others too? Also just because it's a family dispute or a murder trail.. the cost should be the same too? Your logic doesn't appear to match your industry, nor any other in my view.
Joachim » Jonathan
I have a rate per hour that due to my specialization and the difficulty of making it.
Maybe my logic applies coz I only do B2B.
And no, family dispute and murder should not be the same, there is a whole other type of shit storm if you make a mistake. Responsibility is the main reason for the high cost after specialization.
I do make more from one client to another but that's only when I charge in percentage.
My logic is that one service provider should have a price for a service he provides.
A service being a specific skill and a specific responsibility. Which is why a neurosurgeon makes more than a physician.
You said that based on my logic, I shouldn't be more expensive than others, just to be clear, I never said all service providers should be at the same price. I charge 250 EUR per hour because I only do R&D law. If I did family dispute, I'd probably be half that price. Anyhow, my initial comment was a surprise as to how bad lawyers are perceived (in this group at least).
Kathy » Joachim
No one is saying that. Some got confused thinking Rienzi was asking about rates. He was asking about a retainer and there really is no way to answer that. A PI attorney in Dallas will require a lot more work than a PI attorney in Butte, for example, because of the competition. That attorney in Dallas may require 40 man hours a month, the other only 5. No one is upping rates because they think someone can afford to pay more, at least I hope not.


Richelle Anderson 🎓🎩
Hello Rienzi Mosqueda. We work with a few attorneys. We do charge them a little more than say our HVAC clients, which is just as competitive and here is why…
Content for attorneys requires higher-level writers than an HVAC company.
While Google sees most everything now as Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) pages, attorneys fall in this category big time.
So, when doing your pricing, look at your hours based on the tasks needed, how many areas of law they practice in, their competition, and add in what is needed for the level of writer needed for your attorney.
This way you stay fair and feel better about the relationship with your client.

Rienzi Mosqueda ✍️🎓
This is very useful, Richelle! Appreciate it. I'm definitely looking forward to giving them a fair proposal.
Finally an answer that makes sense. I'm launching my firm with my two partners. I made the website but for the content I tried to find cheap writers initially (being a lawyer doesn't mean being rich in France, compared to the US). Giving the bullet point content, I thought I could make it work. But we ended up writing everything as we realized the quality of the articles meant a price much higher. Which we understood completely.
So yeah, I'd say the one reason to charge attorneys more is because the expectation is often higher.
Rienzi Mosqueda ✍️🎓 » Richelle
This is a very similar case with insurance. We had to drop all sentimental entities in titles and the way of constructing the content is very formal and info-focused only.


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