May a Facebook Group Be a Place to Gain Google My Biz 5 Star Rating Each Other?

Not sure if this is allowed in the group but I'll ask anyhow. if we have a company and looking for some Google My Business (GMB) reviews would people be up for helping one and other out? I'm in the process of launching my new web design / SEO business it be great to get some reviews I would gladly help other out.
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Mew 👑
Note: I strongly advised against this type of activity, simply for the fact Google can track IP addresses and other various pieces of browsing information, which in the long term may end up hurting you more than helping you.
Please be cautious.

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is it not the same as me asking you for a view and asking a client for a review ? The reviews won't be coming from the same IP if it's different people on different machines in different areas ? I have seen competitors work on fake reviews and it did help them and there were never punished for it. I know black hat SEO is not recommended anywhere but black hat SEO works if done right
Mew 👑
– It is not the same.
As Google states, mass reviews without performance of sales/services is against their terms and conditions. Do you want the link, my friend?
I have seen dozens of companies punished for fake reviews never to return to the map pack again.
You and everyone here can choose to do as they please but I have a responsibility to let the rest of the group know this is not considered proper search engine optimization in the eyes of Google.
If someone screen shots this from group and a ranker links it to your Google My Biz (GMB), you will find yourself in a bad position. Please be careful.
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thanks for you input this is a topic I have had questions about for a long long time now. I still don't get find it difficult to understand. If I want to review you and your company because I know you do a good job? That's what reviews are about? Look it's a discussion I will look into further I just haven't seen the negative side of it yet and neither have my competitors. Which is very annoying
Mew 👑
– Unless my company does services for you; the actual services we state on our GMB, please do not review me.
It's a wonderful sentiment that people would be interested in reviewing you based solely on interaction, as you seem like a great person – this is not how Google views it.
More then happy to have a discussion on it, but since there are 6,000+ people here I personally need to state this goes against Google's TOC. What individuals do beyond that, I can not control and I do not want to.
If this method works for other companies, that is great but one day Google may come knocking.
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I get it and we could be going on for days about this topic but the above is how google explains it but it doesn't happen that way i'm afraid. Me as a user, if I want to leave a hotel a review without even staying in the hotel I can?? plus that cannot be tracked by anyone, no one knows if I have stayed in the hotel or not. People will ask why do I want to leave a review for the Hotel if I haven't stayed in it? Because maybe I know the owner or I know someone who stayed in the hotel? This is a discussion I have had a million and ones times and every expert, every designer, every white hat, and every black hat have different theories. I know its forbidden by google but so much is forbidden by google like black hat back linking but so many people and so many companies do it?
Mew 👑

Do you want to be like the other companies, my friend? My companies preform 100% white hat strategies and we rank just fine. At my 9-5 for CS Design Studios we have 86 clients total right now, most of which are local and about 85-90% of them are page 1 with no backlinks.
Backlinks help speed up ranking factors and signals but they don't necessarily determine them; for national either.
Yes it takes longer, is harder and requires a creative interest in figuring out how to rank your website without the use of "tricks" and "quick rank tactics" but do you really want your websites performance to be dependent on things Google advises against? Do you want to see huge spikes with every algorithm update? SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Sometimes it takes years to rank properties, and rightfully so. Do you really deserve to be above your competitors just because you believe you do? What about the thousands of hours they spent before you getting there?
SEO is a mindset, and you can fall whichever way you so choose…for me personally, I prefer knowing I earned my rank and played by the rules to the T – and enjoy reaping the benefits of knowing my properties do not go up and down with algorithm changes and can never be penalized. If that security is not worth it to you then by all means, adopt grey/black hat techniques.
At the end of the day you only have your reputation.
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I do agree with you on this and believe it or not I haven't bought 1 black hat backlink in the past. But I do know some experts in our niche who are excellent in what they do and have done black hat and didn't see an issue and got away it. I respect that you use white hat only, but if I was a client of yours I want my website to rank quickly and fast just like my clients do I would want you to do everything the get my business on top. Luckily for me some of the niches I have built sites for haven't been that difficult to rank for. But if a client comes to me and ask me to rank his site no1 in a difficult niche and he is willing to pay huge money. I won't be turning down that business and neither would the majority in this group. I know Google forbids in but Google ain't God it's a search engine that doesn't punish everyone.
Mew 👑

I don't disagree with you. I know many individuals who use black/grey hat tactics to rank. They work, and I would never say they wouldn't. They do however end up putting you in a rat race, as every-time Google targets in on your niche, you may experience a loss for your client and have to re-work your strategy.
If that is the type of client you want than by all means, do what you think is best. It is however not the client I want. If my client is focused on rank and not their entire business plan as a whole to earn rank through hard-work and diligence – we are not the same and there is no need for me and that individual to do business.
It's all about choices and I am not knocking yours. I rather have the client who is with me for 10 years as we grow together, than have a client who pays for three months until they are "ranked".
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can I have some of your clients 😉 lol

Why don't you ask your previous clients to leave you reviews?
Against it, too risky, you might get reported, worse penalized, article here with links to Google resources
"Although what these people are doing is against Google's guidelines, Google has yet to take action on tons of the massive networks I've sent in — and I anticipate it will take some time before they start cracking down on these users leaving fake reviews. Currently, what I see is that Google removes the reviews (sometimes) when they are reported but doesn't do enough to keep the user from leaving more."
What are the risks for businesses that are getting fake reviews on Google?
Dude it's so easy to generate legit reviews. 1) create 60 second grabber video about something of value you intend to teach 2) invite people using Facebook 3) show them a 15 mi it's tutorial on something of value they can take to bed with them (except VD) 4) request review 5) make sure review request has some sample sentences you'd like the reviewer to use 6) do victory dance as you've just won the internet.
Method 2 – create several local groups. Marinate said groups. Add salt and a dash of pepper. Then become the hero of your groups (genuinely by being the awesomest person in the world). Provide some demo and value. Request feedback.


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