Meme: GMB hits away Traditional SEO

Now that is a bold graphic copy if I ever saw one. I wonder what they're up to with this one. Lol not even going to click to find out though. Probably has to do with some geofencing and geolocation trickery shenanigans. Why else could you claim Google My Business (GMB) to be so much more powerful than traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? I am very curious though just not going to click it … nope.
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meme gmb hits away traditional seo

GMBs get much more clicks and calls than the website organic section in most local niches. Being #1 in maps gets you more calls than being #1 in organic

Daniel ✍️ » Mike
Oh you mean like this? Lol … My client I had the first seven spots locked down until he decided to not take my ultimatum and now he's with a turn and burn agency and spot number three local pack is gone at least he's got one and two still and still got number one organic but yes of course I know organic has lost most of its power due to schema markup the local pack Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) video schema on and on I can go. I believe I will be getting this client back. And he will be paying me what I asked him for finally LOL
meme gmb hits away traditional seo

Mike » Daniel
Churn and burn definitely isn't a great strategy for a legitimate business marketing plan, I'm talking about ranking #1 in maps with your legitimate listing. I would be interested in seeing your data of how many calls that Google My Business (GMB) generates versus the organic traffic to the website though.
I'm willing to bet in position 3 in maps it still gets more calls than the website itself.
Daniel ✍️ » Mike
No question your 100% right, but what gets you the authority, Mike? It's not like just because you have your GMB verified it's going to pop well. No, you must do your SEO work and power your root domain or you will not even likely make an appearance in the LP, or MAPS.
Mike » Daniel
You don't have to do anything to your website or your domain to rank a GMB that's where the misunderstanding you have is.
They are separate algorithms …⬇ Both basing their rankings on some similar things but also different things …⬇
Daniel ✍️ » Mike
How long have you been in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Since before the local pack or since after the local pack? The main difference between national or international SEO and what is called local SEO is that they are proximity signals involved with the algorithms. Also it is only your root domain that you hope to rank in the local pack and maps only if you have a brick and mortar location for it is useless if you're a service company with no such location. For local SEO site pages aren't so relevant unless you're talking about schema markup and therefore land position zero PPA FAQ video schema on and on. At the end of the day my friend there is no such thing as GMB SEO. Lol … And if you say yes there is what about reviews well are you meaning to tell me therefore that reviews are not important for international businesses? No reviews are signals for local and international companies. And I hope you're not thinking that by posting every other day on your GMB page you're doing something special. If that is even a signal it's so marginal it's hardly worth doing. Yes I know Google will tell you to do it. Lol … But we all know that doesn't mean much. Because the last thing Google's ever going to tell you is what works. So no there are not separate algorithms there are additional proximity signals in the algorithms and factors that's all. But yeah man I didn't know this would happen. I've said enough … LOL I'll be moving on now.
Brian » Daniel
Curious mindset to use "client" and "ultimatum" in the same sentence.
Mike » Daniel
I can't even anymore lol, you say you can't do SEO to a GMB and only storefronts use gmb, not service area business?
I've been in SEO for over a decade. Ran over 40+ tests in the past year ranging from local maps and organic, have published over 115 pages of content on the SEO mad scientist I'm that time also, which is a free newsletter we do every week at web 2.0 ranker going over test data and googles algorithms. Web 20 also manages hundreds of campaigns, organic and gmb, that I've gone over and reviewed tons of data from over the past couple years working with them after selling my client agency which I owned for 6 years and generated over 7 figures.
Not that any of that makes me special but I know a little something about what I'm talking about like may others here.
So sorry you don't understand but it is clear you are more interested in being right than anything.
And I don't use GMB reviews for SEO, just another thing that I probably shouldn't waste my time explaining but reviews don't help ranking at a keyword level. Possiblity proximity but I'm still testing that and believe that is more a ctr/local engagement signal. Don't know why I'm still wasting my time explaining this. Hopefully someone else gets something out of it I guess lol
Amba » Mike
So whats working nowadays for GMB?
Mike » Amba
On the listing mostly the business name and categories. After that all the other standard things should be optimized but don't do much on their own. When combined with off listing signals like structured citations, unstructured citations, map Embeds, optimizing the gmbs website, links to the gmbs website. GMBs posting is another thing that helps with lining up relevance with off listing signals but still not powerful on its own.
Most of it comes down to co-citations and entity relationship. So running a press release about launching a new service and having your keywords in the title and thought the release with your nap and links to other properties or relevant organizations or something.
One of our tests we had a GMB listing that had no real optimization on the listing but they had citations built and the citations were optimized with keywords on the citations.
We then change the GMB name and categories so it was completely relevant for something else in a different niche in the GMB continued to show not only for the old business name but also various keywords that were listed on the citations with the old business.
It was a web design listing and we changed it to a title loan listing and you can see that we still get some impressions for web design and some weird cross reference things like design loan lol
So the co citations with your structured and unstructured citations are a big factor as well.
A map in bed is essentially a citation so treat it like that if you're going to do map and beds and then make sure you have relevant Co citations wherever you're doing those.
Those are more of the general things aside from going into details about specific properties and how to optimize them or leverage them for the best results like Patch for example. there's a ton of opportunity there for local maps optimization.

Also, optimizing a GMB is SEO, just a fyi 😉


Daniel ✍️
Guys, once you get GMB verified, what gives your ROOT domain authority? "which is the only thing that can make you appear at the top of the local pack" It's certainly NOT GMB. It's SEO. Obviously, you need your GMB to get in that Local Pack, just like you need a site to do your on-site SEO. Just like you need really good schema if you hope to score position ZERO, or PPA, or FAQ. But GMB is not what gets you to the top of the local pack. You only appear in those coveted first 3 spots in the LP if you have the AUTHORITY needed, and that is generated by SEO, NOT GMB! So, the graphic copy insinuation is absolute manipulative marketing horseshit. This is just fundamental and BASIC SEO knowledge I'm talking about here. Not even TECH SEO. There is no correlation in GMB, and ranking in LP other than it's like having a car with no engine, but fail at SEO and you fail to put an engine in that car = useless, and that car goes nowhere, you will not rank well in the LP. GMB is the key to getting in the LP, but it's still SEO that makes you ACTUALLY rank well in the LP. Clear?

Mike » Daniel
You know Google has separate algorithms for maps and organic right? You can rank a GMB without ranking the site and visvera. Optimizing for local is more than just organic optimization.
You also seem to refer to SEO like it has to do with websites. It stands for search engine optimization. If you add keywords to your GMBs description and citations then you are doing GMB SEO since you are optimizing the GMB for local search. Not sure you are sure about what you are arguing lol.
I'm pretty sure traditional SEO refers to the traditional method of ranking a website. So they are saying to SEO your GMB, not your website. I think you have misunderstood the ad as well.
Daniel ✍️ » Mike
OH MY … SEO is the power, not GMB. There is only a marginal amount of GMB optimizations that can be done, the vast majority of the power comes from SEO. You thinking posting every week, and updating your GMB regularly, is a major signal? No. SEO is the power that powers all the SERPs, even all the schema-related SERPs.
Yes. The only difference in algo's is the GEO FENCING and LOCATING It's based on proximity factors AND SEO is the primary that is all. lol
You can SEO a gmb, a website, a citation, anything really that is indexable I'm a SERP. It's all SEO. What matters is the signals Google uses to rank a property in any if it's various SERPs. This goes for images and video also. Optimizing a GMB isn't just posting and a description, there is optimization outside of the listing as well, just like backlinks for organic. Obviously there is no explaining this to you since you keep referring to SEO like it's a "thing" when it's an action you do to something.
I'm glad I'm not your client, that's all I can say lol
Jeff Coseo 🎓 » Daniel
Completely not true.
The GMB crawler looks for citations and how they are optimized. Uses this to boost your maps rankings.
Regular rankings uses on site content, ease of use for visitors, social media, backlinks, niche relevancy of links and about 300 other factors.


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