Monthly Budget for Building Backlinks and Creating Linkbait Content

What's your monthly budget for building backlinks / creating linkbait content?
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0, nothing, nada, never…

What's yours? 😃
Denis ✍️
Depends how many backlinks I want to build that month. Usually $0 on backlinks and $0-3000 on content. For new websites, we usually have few big campaigns and then small campaigns once in 1-2 weeks to give activity signals to Google

Lee » Denis
Hey Denis… would you discuss “activity signals” a bit further?
Denis ✍️ » Lee
Google likes when websites post on a regular basis, especially if content attracts backlinks
Lee » Denis
Are there any established metrics for this? (i.e., posts vs page updates, time between posts, etc)
Denis ✍️
just make sure you post at least once a week
Sinha » Denis
What does your typical campaign looks like? (Just the outlines would do)
Denis ✍️ » Sinha
Preparing the type of content which can potentially attract backlinks, posting to blog, outreaching prospects. Then searching for type of content in similar niches because each niche has limitations which can be achieved pretty fast with successful campaigns

Anyone cab explain with example what is link bait?

Denis ✍️
linkbait is content type designed to attract backlinks. Not all content can attract backlinks naturally
Safeer » Denis
can you show me any example?
Denis ✍️ » Safeer
check any website in Ahrefs – best by links, the pages with most referring domains will probably be linkbait

Good question, Denis!👍
The answers you got made me think if “link building” and “building backlinks” are defined as two different strategies. 🤔
I know it’s possible to get backlinks for free, and that’s a great strategy.
1. Don’t any of you have customers, who want backlinks from specific sites put in content specifically made for them?
2. And doesn’t it cost you anything to publish the content on these sites?

Denis ✍️
1) I think the goal is always to start ranking for your main keywords, not to get backlink from specific website. This would simply limit my work.
2) Depends on content, proper content doesn't need any extra investment, it works by itself. Creating proper content surely takes time and resources.
But the content you’re talking about here, is the content you put on your own site for people to link to.
I’m talking about writing an article (content), that is published on another website and includes a link to your/my site.
Denis ✍️ » Ruben
these are two absolutely different strategies to acquire backlinks
Ruben » Denis
So I guess it’s important to define which strategy is requested.
How do we distinguish between them name wise? so you only use the first strategy? so you only use the first strategy?
Denis ✍️ » Ruben
yes, we are only building backlinks via viral content

When I started it out in 2012, I was putting around $1500 a month on Private Blog Networks (PBNs) and tiered link building until I got ripped off by a manual action, so I had to give up on PBNs and, after that from 2013-2018 I was using [paid] low-quality guest posts as the main way of building link, my budget was around $900-$950 a month [8-10 guest posts a month]
Links are still important and they continue to be the main way that Google perceives authority in the upcoming years but in 2020 Google now uses extensive machine-learning to devalue manipulative, unnatural links, but some spammy links are still being counted.


Denis ✍️
agree but I think it's the question of time when spammy links will stop being counted

Matey. One thing I know for certain is after many years of studying/implementing every color of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on my thriving websites, is that you’re wasting your time trying to get a direct answer from most of the so-called experts in the group and anywhere else. They are shit scared that you might copy their methods and become more successful.
Do some research. Google webmaster resources are quite useful. I’ll tell you why..
Play by the rules and your website popularity will increase naturally over time.
If you have original content Google will rank you for it.
Remember this. Quality not quantity. It’s a very simple rule. Get caught cheating and you’ll pay.
Perhaps you also noticed that nobody on here has actually had the balls to say how many thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars they’re making from their website. Trust me they won’t. Most of the so-called experts are full of shit.
I’ll say this one more time. Don’t try to cheat the system you can’t win.
Play by the rules, create original good quality content.
Make sure your website is fully SEO=ed to the hilt. If you can’t do this get someone who can. It’ll be worth it in the long run.
Good luck.
This may satisfy you: Reasonable Budget for Local Solid-SEO for a Small Business

Denis ✍️
I'm not trying to copy anyone's strategy because I have my own, just trying to get an idea how much other SEO users invest in backlinks. How fast do you see financial return on your investment for lets say new website in pretty competitive niche? As I know new backlinks don't start affecting rankings overnight
Klein » Eddie
what about local service business – where the content you create is likely boring (even if well done) and not likely to generate links independently. Any tips?
Eddie » Denis
I’m not suggesting that you are copying anybody my friend. I’m merely trying to give good sound advice.
Denis ✍️ » Eddie
thanks, I got your point and completely agree with it
Eddie » Klein
Why does your content need to be boring? Practise writing 300 words of eye catching content containing the words you want to rank for. Tell potential customers why they should choose you and your services/products etc. Mention how good your products/services are. Don’t exaggerate or make outlandish claims that can’t be substantiated. Keep it real.
Make the words flow naturally, don’t over use keyword combinations in the same paragraph, it’s spammy. You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to cobble together 300 words. (How many have I written already)
Local SEO is pretty easy to conquer depending on your niche.
Remember. Google wants original factual content. Be patient and the results will come naturally. Most of the ‘experts’ on here are talking crap.
Come back in 3/6 months and thank me for giving you great advice. (How many words have I written now!?)
See what I mean. Lazy people are stupid people – don’t pay for content or back links.
Do things naturally and you’ll be rewarded.
Kafka » Eddie
I agree on some of this, but I challenge anyone to copy me.
Your argument for playing by the rules is a fallacy. Sure, you need to play by the rules, but there's lots of loopholes and nuance within those rules that creates a spectrum of service providers in our industry. Telling a guy to just create great content is so 2009. LoL
Eddie » Kafka
In which case we’ll agree to disagree. I’ve made a good sustainable living from my SEM – SEO efforts over the past 8 years. I’d call that a success.
Kafka » Eddie
that's fair, and I never accused you of not being successful. I like to assume many of us are good at what we do and always looking to get better. That's why I'm here.
But the guy asked a simple question you just pounced on him and shat all over the members in this group. Idk what to call it, but never judge a book by its cover.
Eddie » Kafka
Thank you for your opinion.
Kafka » Eddie
have a great month!

Mine, zero. My clients, $1,000 – 25,000/month. Some more, some less… but that's the median range.

monthly budget for building backlinks and creating linkbait content

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