Most Important Questions to Ask When Interviewing an SEO Company

What are the most important questions to ask when interviewing an SEO company?
SEO = Search Engine Optimization
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Ask SEO company where positions in the SERPs are their website under a few SEO Keywords.

Eric » Chris
not agree on that, if they have time for that maybe they are not that good, ask about clients ranking
Chris » Eric
on my opinion of they on the top 10 for SEO keyword then they know what they do for difficult keywords
Eric » Chris
SEO keywords give bad and low quality leads so I’m not sure why to waste time on it, but everyone opinion is fine by me
I agree. This is one of the worst things to ask. I dont get any leads for SEO they all come from referral so i don't bother ranking ourselves. We focus on client results so this is actually not a good questions because those ranking have a little too much time for themselves that could be spent on you.
Phil » Chris
whilst it’s not a great way to get quality work, it’s a good way to demonstrate your ability. Make time…
I'm not the SEO specialist but I'm a customer. I'm telling you like a person which using an SEO company. I had hundreds emails, a calls from SEO companies or the people who think they do SEO or SEO scam. There is no better way for me and people I know to proof where you can put me on Google for hard keywords than showing your website on the 1st page for SEO keywords. That's my opinion like a customer. Of course I'm talking about really hard keywords.

"Show me some of the content you've created for your clients". Ideally, you'll want to be working with a collaborative SEO company who is capable of creating content that your target audience actually finds useful and valuable.
Show the latest 5 projects with SEO results, including GA and Search console search data, keywords, CTR, impressions, websites, backlinks from Ahrefs, Semrush etc.
What is ur SEO position for the keyword "SEO Cityname" 😃

Brodey » Adeel
the leads these terms generate are bad. Good SEO leads come from referral. Thus, most agencies don't bother ranking themselves. Only agencies who take on anyone and everyone who have more time for themselves then their clients rank.
Callum » Brodey
I'd agree – if they have content/guides that ranks well that _could_ be a decent sign… but realistically good SEOs are usually very busy SEOs and have less time to work on their own site!

I'd say figure out what you're looking for and create questions based on those goals. Obviously you want to see some proof of concept, but this is an obvious question all sales reps are ready for.
The best question would be "how can you help me?"
It's really up to you whether or not you like their answer from there. There's plenty of others, but you want to get them talking as much as they want to keep you talking.
Do you write content?
Who writes it? How much do you write?
Do you build links?
Where from? How many? Do they stay if I cancel?
What kind of reporting do you provide?
What do you do for map rankings or social media?
How long will it take? – this is a trick question. Anyone with a hard promise here is full of shit. 1-6 months is my answer and that depends on 100 other things.


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I'm running an SEO company. And i never ranked or tried to rank for top SERPs.
But the clients which are with me are with me. I get referrals always. And work on non disclosure agreement with my clients.
I always charge for audit report. For new client Telling them what their website is now at and where it should be?
And this is what needs to be addressed?
This is how it can be addressed.
I always commit them with white hate SEO and keywords.
No weekly or daily blog posts comments directory etc etc . Me and my team do whatever it requires for a website to rank high.
As once a website is ranked at 45 keywords its good but more the better so after each time period we increase our prices in next package and clients happily pay us too…!
SEO is never about content, backlinks. Whatever is being told and marketed is false.
Its about marketing your business in front of google s algorithm and as per its guidelines.
The better you put up yourself there the better it will be in SERPS.
Wasted over $40,000 on bad SEO in 18months.
Here's what I wish I asked before starting.
– Do you do the work yourself or are you outsourcing overseas?
– Is content creation included as apart of your service? If so, please share with me examples of quality content you've created?
– Do you do link building through outreach or are you utilizing Upwork, Facebook and other similar methods to trade links?
– What is included in the service on a month to month basis?
– Will you be using PBN sites, if yes, do you block Ahrefs crawler?
– Will you be optimizing my site's load speed?
I understand you run a business and that your primary goal is to be a profitable business. I want to see results for the competitive market I'm in without manual or algorithmic penalties. Ideally, we'd also like our traffic to receive stable growth, no constant peaking and troughing.
How much would this cost me, so you can make a reasonable profit and so completing our SEO work is worth your while?

John » Delah
not one mention of ROI. Start asking better questions and you wont be wasting that sort of money.
to be fair to me I did ask but my issue is I also didn't have the data available to provide an accurate measuring.
Would be very interested in finding out ways to quantify ROI from SEO.

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Show an itemized list of deliverables, show a project plan month on month, how many projects managed per consultant, how many projects managed per account manager, how often will I be called, how often do we have meetings, do you do reviews of the work if so how often, what is your complaint procedure(very important for issues with work quality), don't worry about on shore vs offshore focus on quality and results some of the best SEOs are in different countries, what are your payment terms, what is your data policy, who has access to my details, what is your cancellation policy , do you use debt collectors, show me case studies of clients in same niche or similar niche, show me examples of documentation and deliverables, have you handled a penalty before, how do you handle algorithm updates, can you guarantee results (anyone who says yes RUN), why should I choose you over someone else?


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