My Website Fell After the Latest Google SE Algorithm Update Then I Use Yoast SEO, but Mine Cannot Rise on the SERPs Yet

My company website has been hit severely by the new updates and I don't know what to do. We have used Yoast SEO on all pages and stuck within the rules and I just am so lost now 😞
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How bad are the drops? It's day three of the update..I wouldn't push the panic button yet 👍🏽3

Vicky ✍️ » Savior
We are talking 40-50 places for 2/3rds of our keywords
Savior » Vicky
which niche?
Vicky ✍️ » Savior
health and safety training 👍🏽1
Savior » Vicky
location based service or general?
Vicky ✍️ » Savior
Its location based and online
Savior » Vicky
location based dropping then just wait. If it remains the same by next week, then its time for content audit. I had one client who dropped while the rest went up. Website was slow in Google page speed insight, and then content was very poor when audited on Surferseo
Vicky ✍️ » Savior
I have SEMrush. Is there anything that SurferSEO does that we don't?
Savior » Vicky
yes. A lot. Surfer SEO has a free trial. It's worth more than SEMrush for on page SEO.

Mew 👑
Hey there Vicky,
Few things here:
1. As others have stated, let your website settle with the algorithm. Google pushed these out and then they go back retroactively and fix inconsistencies that their AI may have missed the mark on.
2. Please remember that Yoast is just a tool. In many cases it can be a great starting point to build off of but do not rely fully on any plug-in to do your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for you. I am not suggesting you are but some of the “requirements” Yoast has in their green-list are questionable.
3. Create a theory. Why do you believe your website may have de-ranked? Put yourself in the shoes of Google and be honest with yourself regarding your property. Is there an about page with pictures of real people? Is your content actually better than the properties above you? So on and so forth. Reason these things out and then begin to make a list on where you can improve once rank has settled in.
All in all good luck! I’m sure everything will be alright and if not, we’re always here to keep helping and supporting you. 👍🏽💟7
Just relax and pray 😉 unless of course you're just making obvious rookie mistakes, which doesn't seem to be the case from things you say. But if things don't improve you can connect with me. Will see what I can do for you. Fingers crossed for you 🙂
Wait a 2-4 weeks. During that time analyse the websites that are the top of the SERPs for your keywords and try to figure out what they are doing that you are not. Make a list. If there's no changes to your SERPs within that time frame, start implementing the changes you have listed. In the meantime consider other traffic sources such as paid ads or social.
Oh and don't panic buy and pay someone to "fix" your website – it's still too early. 👍🏽1

Altman » Daniel
sync on this ^

So the issue is that you may have not been truly at those levels. There is whats called a natural Google SEO boost with new content and then it drops back to natural level. You might need to explore other tools like onpageoptimizer or seosurfer. Yoast may not be as good of a tool if you are not cluster keywords and looking at competition pages. Next step is really to analyze top 3-4 pages for keywords and build out similar key word volume, header, clustered key words etc. 👍🏽1

Joshua » Altman
you still working at Forix?
Altman » Joshua
not at this time. Was a fun place. Was a tech lead there and worked on some fun larger enterprise stuff. Moved to an engineering company and helping launch several sites. Less stress these days haha. Might do my own thing later this year. Where are you at?
One man agency, per usual. Forex came across my desk a few years back for a Magento customer. Really impressive work. Our only friend in common is Marty, always a good sign. Are you in his course?
Altman » Joshua
oh cool! Feel free to add me as a friend if you like? Forix was really smart group and great caring people. Miss them at times and my friends. I just joined Marty
’s group days before SEO RockStar thing. I purchased a course from him and diving in this week and next. I also just did SEO summit so after done with that then will move onto Marty’s material. Trying to force feed myself algo stuff for Google and Facebook haha. I moved into Marketing for this new company but using my tech. Happy we connected. I don't comment here much so glad we said hello in passing. 👍🏽1


Lori Appleman 🎓
Yoast is a computer and a guideline. It helps to think much more broadly than that. How GOOD is your content in terms of quality and competitiveness? Have you compared to your top ten competitors? How did the algo hit them? I take Yoast with a grain of salt. It's useful but not a bible that should be followed to a T. I find that using 3rd party software, I have both SimilarContent and SEMRush to be so much more useful. I use the SEMRush writing assistant and have found that, with a follow up backlink campaign extremely powerful. But after 20 years, the quality of the content has helped with SEO stability along with regular, fresh content.
Guys, Just follow the Google guidelines without contact to any Agency.They are doing link building and your website may be penalized after this kind of core update.
Simply follow the search engine guidelines… Genuine quality content and backlinks as well … No update will harm you…the main focus of Google is to provide the best results and user experience … So also focus on the user experience and interface of your blog or site as well 👍🏽1
Overall given the climate of the world and business closing down, it sucks that Google would implement this now and further curtail small business' exposure through search. I realize its up to us to keep up with the times, but doesn't seem like they care even tho it looks like they do through their tv ads. 👍🏽1
Seeing so many people just posting to sell their services is so annoying.
Someone needs help there have been some great replies, but the parasites are clouding that content 👍🏽1

Altman » Chris
yeah its annoying asking for help and people trying to just sell you. I block them depending haha. Makes the cloud smaller 🤣 👍🏽1
Daniel » Edwards
it wouldn't surprise me if these guys take the money, wait for Google to correct, then if the website regains its position claim the credit for themselves. 👍🏽1
yep, the update has to run around the data-centers twice at least to complete, and even then it might not be done.
Wait until Google announce the update is 'fully rolled out' wait 7 days and then the user knows where they are, until then do nothing is the order of the day

Check your website Core Vitals, i read some of the post that Google November update is for Core Vitals, check your content, make sure you don't do keyword stuffing and Plagiarized that can detect that your content came from other website.

Phil » Abala
core web vitals is next may 🙂
Abala » Phil
I agreed. I been managing websites and updates is on my side because I used clean SEO. I don't do ways that you think you can trick Google by doing that. 😉

Yoast SEO is just a plugin that can't improve SEO within its rules. It helps you to set up some "SEO things", but that's it. If you provide right SEO, updates can help you to achieve your goals.
1) Don't panic. What about traffic? Do you see significant drop in organic traffic?
2) Give it 1-2 weeks. Your website will recover. If you don't notice any recovery, you need SEO audit. From my experience website owners often overlook some SEO aspects.
I recommend you to hire SEO specialist, who can help you. It doesn't expensive and it can be a good investment in a business. How to find SEO specialist? First, this person don't use any "Search Engine Optimization | SEO tool" because Google Search Console and some web tracking tool are enough. Second, this person focus on your audience, marketing strategy, and your content. Third, this person should exclude tech issues. WordPress is SEO-friendly, but sometimes using plugins or some settings can affect SEO.
Good Luck!


This may satisfy you: To do SEO for WP Sites without Plugins Rankmath or Yoast

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