My Website is Slow | Should Mine Move to Another Hosting?

How do I sort this out?
My website is slow but before I change my hosting I want to address these issues.
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my website is slow should it move to another hosting


Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the website – I work with CDNbunny it’s fairly simple.
Try w3 cache it might work depending on your theme and builder to fix the http and expire headers.
expire header: search Google for “expire header .htaccess” you will get the code, add it to ur .htaccess file.
fewer http: check how many images you are requesting to load. You can combine all those in a image sprite and than add to your website. Your web developer will do this.
Use CDN: you can try Cloudflare CDN.
defer parsing javascript: check what all javascript it is showing to defer. If website is developed on WordPress you can do it by using any cache plugin.

Bogosian » Uttam
interesting do you think Google puts more weight on the time to first print or full page load?
Not sure about Google but for your website visitor to stay on your page, yes your webpage has to be fast. you can check your first byte with or by Google lighthouse extension for chrome.
WebPageTest – Website Performance and Optimization Test

Is this WP? If so use a caching/speed opt plugin like WP Fastest Cache or WP Rocket… AND check out WP Asset Clean Up which allows you to unhook various resources (e.g. JS & CSS) that might be loaded, but not used on a given page
Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster
Follow this if you use WordPress 1. Use Compress JPEG & PNG images plugin for image compress. 2. Use a3 or bj lazy load plugin 3. Use Asset CleanUp plugin for HTML resource optimize 4. Use W3 total cache plugin for page cache, browsing cache and html, js, css minification, use 5. Cloudflare for CDN
The easiest and most convenient way of speeding any WordPress website is using a combination of WP-Rocket and ShortPixel Adaptive Images. This combination pretty much delivers all the speed optimizations required for over 90% WP Websites.
If your websites are still slow after this, you most probably need to move host.

Tay » MoQa
noticeable difference after installing these 2 plugins. Tks, mate!
Cheers mate 🙂

This may satisfy you: Using a CDN Affects SEO
I disagree with a considerable amount of advice in this thread.
From what I gather you're using Siteground for your hosting.
Siteground is great!
I prefer them over most other hosting services for a number of reasons. Among them, they have a plugin that's one of the best for on page optimization with WP sites like yours. Install SG Optimizer and enable most of the options there. I've tested it on over a dozen websites and it always performs at least as well as any common bundle of plugins for deferring java, lazy loading, etc. Great tool that's super easy to use all in one plug in. The most important thing you're after is to inline and defer JS/CSS and add expiry headers which SG Optimizer will do for you. Make sure to remove/disable any old plugins whose function it replaces.
Your hosting server is located in London so you're good there.
HOWEVER… your nameservers with GoDaddy are located in Scottsdale, AZ.
This should be a nit picky slight matter of speed but I would fix that when you find it opportune before you renew your domain in a couple years because there's no reason not to. Again, it's a somewhat trivial consideration but I'd do it at some point so it's one less thing on the scale against you. Put this on the bottom of your things to do, it's not an item of significance just a long term housekeeping item I thought I'd mention since I saw it.
IF SG Optimizer doesn't sort out your speed sufficiently I'd address your content next.
As to theme you're using X which I must confess I'm not familiar with. However, it's touted as being a fairly SEO and performance minded theme. You site does suffer from code bloat but I suspect that's more attributable to design choices and plugins than the framework. If the SG Optimizer or other plugins don't optimize you sufficiently consider dropping some of the proverbial bells and whistles. If it doesn't need to be on the home page put is somewhere else. I wish I was familiar with X so I could factor in any limitations it has but in any event you can make significant gains by trimming the fat. Chief among them I'd consider making your above the fold content as lean as you can (which is to say drop the cute animation and consider reducing overall image count).
Your images are optimized adequately if not perfectly. The only one I'd really consider doing anything about is professional-upholstery-cleaning-in-hove-sussex.png but even then the potential gain is so small I'd consider it an act of stubbornness or desperation to try to trim the images instead of changing something else.
As to the CDN, I wouldn't worry about it. If you really want to use one just set up a free Cloudflare CDN. How many people in Wisconsin are going to visit your webpage? Right and you don't care if they do, they're not your customer. How many people around the globe are going to your site? Ranking cares about user performance. Loading fast in New Zealand only matters in the end if you have traffic from New Zealand. Again, if you just want to cover every possible base then set up a free CDN. Put this at the bottom of your list of things to do and feel free to forget about it. Much like the nameservers change I mentioned earlier this is a nominal consideration that's not essential just a 'nice to have'. If your business was different or your website's target traffic was different, it would be a different story. This is my one great issue with GT Metrix, it weighs CDN far too heavily.
It's very late in my corner of the world and I'm very tired but if you need more help getting your site's page speed up to par feel free to message me and I'll take a look at it more in depth tomorrow.
A Url would be nice so I can see your waterfall,
Servers are not always the issue. I run a $5 a month droplet from digitalocean. my gtmetrix are 100. with page speed just over 1 second. I did this by optimizing everything from image size to delivery of Javascript. also removing of unused code. also using server side software nginx with varnish and fast-cache php-fpm with https. My own custom server build. I have tested this with 50,000 WooCommerce products and optimized database with indexed tables works great. It's about having the knowledge to achieve this which unfortunately takes years to learn and is not well documented as speed and optimizing is not the same for every website. Hit me up if your looking for a service to achieve your goals.
GTmetrix Performance Report: A (90%) / A (92%)


This may satisfy you: Does Optimizing Website Speed Really Help in Ranking or Is It Typically a Waste of Time?

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