PBN Sites Need SEO. Don’t They? Private Blog Network (PBN)

Hey Guys, just wondering if you ever did SEO on your Private Blog Network (PBN)s.. any thoughts?


Many people like to convert expired domains to completely new branded websites. In fact, it's very comparable to ranking a parasite page. Essentially, you're using the authority of the root domain to rank. However, unlike a parasite webpage, you have full control over the root of the website and additional folders/pages – alongside of it's potential to grow. Think of it as a starting point if you're trying to re-brand a domain.

As long as the originating subject of the domain pertains to whatever subject you desire to rebrand and as long a you're using an expired domain that hasn't been used for spamming previously, you will have no issues converting your Private Blog Network (PBN) website into a rebranded site!

Please keep in mind though, anchor text of previous backlinks can mean the WORLD when rebranding your new domain. Having a very diverse anchor text that's related to whatever subject your domain regards is great, however, you want to have a nice balance between diverse and simple.👍1

Great explanation thanks John.

THEN AGAIN, you might be referring to creating more link juice for your PBN(s). If that's the case, then the answer is YES. You ALWAYS want to drip feed some web 2.0 links to your PBN(s). Essentially, this gives them more link juice, which in turn gives more link juice to your money sites!👍1

So you usually use a social PBN of old web 2.0s to link to your normal PBN? I had heard of other guys just using social signals »» PBN »» moneysites.
John » Sia
I usually like to use the PBN as somewhat of a buffer website. Just to direct authority and allow it to pass through the PBN to the money site. As it definitely gives a little more link juice to whatever website I'm ultimately attempting to rank.
When I build PBN's I do my best to make them look like official websites. With that, I tend to have very diverse linking campaigns. Sometimes, I go as far as to drip feed social signals, Web 2.0 links and forum links linearly. Maybe it's just a placebo, but I truly believe that it helps to drip feed backlinks to your website!

Then again, I'm VERY anal when it comes down to anything technology related. Partially because I'm OCD. 😁.👍1
Sia » John
what service do you use for social signals? I had a couple of guys recommended Social Llama to me but didn't want to go in for a monthly service.👍1
I usually look for cheap services on SourceWave, BlackHatWorld or Fiverr! I've received GREAT services from all these places!
However, if you're willing to pay, Social Llama is a phenomenal place to get social signals!

However, if you're looking for a quick route, I'd use Addmefast! It requires much more work, but it's definitely VERY useful!
You can buy Addmefast credits from all three places listed above! (BHW, Fiverr, SourceWave).

PS: Addmefast has geotargeting too. Which is VERY useful in certain campaigns!


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Mercer ✍️ » John
; true.. I actually have done 3 expired domains that I got, which are pretty good when it comes to backlinks, although they don't have high metrics. all of them were indexed in G now with their naked url and I posted only a few articles, and I kinda think on getting it rebranded since, they are really good domain "names"…
One was for probably a directory site for practitioners (not article directory tho), but with few good stuff there.. the other one, Social Llama use it to brand my ebook that is about to be released.. and the third, kinda like an all-niche article sites with the "numbered tips" articles, like "6 ways to blah blah blah".. (sorry, don't know the term).
Was thinking on building PBNs not just for me, but to links to others too, since it is quite necessary.
As I have said many times before to many different people – Metrics are only an evaluation of what we believe affects SERP. Many SEO case studies conducted recently suggest that even some of the most trusted metrics in the SEO industry are irrelevant to some key ranking factors that Google uses to determine authority. It's best to check backlinks manually and use good judgement and common knowledge to visually determine if a website meets personal criteria for your PBN(s).

But back on subject. I'm definitely one for rebranding websites. It's very possible to do with a nice authoritative PBN!

✍️ Yep, that is what I am trying to do with SEO with it.. it is more like a PBN to me, but it is also like a rebranded site… like hitting two birds at one stone. After all people like to have some link juice on an Auth site.👍1
Indeed it is! As long as you use this website to promote whatever you decide SOLELY for that purpose, you should be fine. I highly recommend not using a website as a PBN and a brand. Then again, I've seen this done before. Quite interesting if you ask me.

Mercer ✍️ » John
: Yep, but usually, and normally, (lol, the redundancy…) people still see those metrics as their measurement.. it is because of all those so-called SEO experts, that, when you try to google "Private blog network" in SE, they ALWAYS talks about the metrics… You know who they are…👍1
By all means, use the metrics as a quick evaluation to determine if a domain fits the bill for whatever campaign you intend to run. However, I wouldn't rely solely on them. As they could be VERY misleading sometimes!
✍️ Well, I usually have 10 Pit stops before I purchase a domain for PBN, but lol, it is so hard to get them. Most good ones are in auction, and most do use autobid bots to win it, kinda pisses me off.
John » Justine
, use a domain scraper. It's the best thing you can even invest in!

✍️ I am using one now, and don't wanna shout it out here.. but what can you suggest?
Personally, I use a number of tools to obtain domains. However, just recently I have turned to a cloud based domain scraper which has definitely increased my productivity when it comes down to finding domains. I'll shoot you a message with the website and whatnot!
You can use screaming frog, it's also better but needs to have Great amount of RAM and also the power of the CPU.


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