People Start Blogging After Reading Some Hype Articles Like Start Making Money ASAP


Why do people just assume blogging is dead without even starting one?

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I would guess it is a mix of fear of the unknown and not wanting to put time and effort into something that has zero guarantees of making money soon.

There is also the sandbox period before you get traffic from Google leading people to quit before they give it a fair chance.
I think part of this feeling comes from people who were reading/writing blogs back in the late 90s-early 2000's when blogs were more personal journals online. Finding new ones was a bit of an adventure and the process of getting to know people, sharing what we liked, etc. had a different purpose. There weren't so many social media options and this was the way a lot of us communicated. Comments were conversations with friends and it was more of a shared experience than it is now.

I'm not saying that these things are not true now, but the format and the streamlining of the medium has changed over the years, to a point where it is a very different thing than it used to be.

I miss those days.

the wanderlust ring was responsible for some friends that I still keep in touch with :)

People start blogging after reading some hype articles like make money in 3 months,6 months or whatever! when they see no results within this period, they quit telling blogging is useless. Blogging is just like any other business, it takes time every blogger should understand this.Blogging is not dead,only the blogger puts an end to his/her blog!

I completely agree with this. Blogging requires commitment, persistence, discipline and determination and most people don't have this.

Add to this that there's absolutely no guarantee of success, and people give up.

As someone said in this thread, it's easier to say "blogging is dead" then "it's too hard and i don't want to keep trying"

Because videos are much more informative. That's why videos are taking over and why sites like clickview and YouTube are growing so fast.

Somehow YouTube is still growing
It's quite saturated now – if it hasn't already been so for a while. Unless you have a good story to tell, is an extraordinary writer AND have some skills in PR/marketing, you can easily get lost in the shuffle.

I do have a blog, but doesn't mean I am some expert. Just another guy with their two cent.
Here are a few big reasons:
• Abandonment. As many have mentioned, most don't make it beyond the 6-12 month mark
• Lack of focus. Too many "here's a post about the latest movie I saw. Now here's one about sports. Now here's one about the book I'm reading. And oh look, here's my bestie!"

You should aim to have a single question your blog will answer for readers. So for example, if you have a gardening blog, you could ask yourself before writing every post, "How is this going to help the reader grow bigger flowers / vegetables?"

3) Lack of $$$. Too many people don't know how to monetize their blogs properly. They think they can put up adsense and their 5,000 page views per month will click the ads like crazy. Ads only work if you have hundreds of thousands or millions of page views per month (or if you have your own products to sell with those ads)

4) More competition. This is certainly true. To a point. I'd say if what you have to say is truly valuable, then it's easier to stand out among the sea of crap out there.

5) They only write for readers. "What? Who else should I write for?" If you really wanna boost traffic, you need to find what LINKERS think is valuable… and write at least 25% of your content for that. Then share that content with the linker, and show them how it's a valuable for THEIR audience. Same idea goes for guest posts on their site.

I'm sure there are more, but those are the big ones off the top of my head.
I feel that people are always hearing that video content is the way forward. This isn't untrue, and also, video content can be used successfully within blog posts, as many people do. However, I think people have decided that You Tube, FB Live, etc are the "new blogging". Written word does still have so much power. It's a serious mistake to underestimate this.

Personally, I don't worry too much about people who make broad statements, such as claiming that blogging is dead. We know differently. It's very much alive. Stay in your own lane, and go for it.
Because it's more competitive today than say like 6-7 years ago. Nowadays many people are starting blogs so most of the people assume there's no way they can make it to the top.

+ It's not easy. It takes a lot to build a successful blog (and a lot of time). So people think blogging is dead.

Also, many think making money from blogging is easy. They expect money flowing into their bank accounts after some months. And when it doesn't they are frustrated.

If they couldn't make anything from blogging they tell others there's no profit in doing it.

(Sorry for poor grammar, I'm not a native english speaker.) (:
Let' come to the what exactly is blogging.It means to transfer your knowledge on a particular subject to the reader,so that he is happy on receiving that information from you.Previously books used to do the same thing,books are still out there but publishing a book is a very hard task and requires a lot of effort.So now you have blogs which give can give you the same information but in a small way and the content keeps on getting updated on a regular basis.It's easy to publish and easy for the readers to get some one off information rather than going for the entire gamut.

Do you ever think people will stop searching for information?

Don't you think the existing information which is available there can be improved and fine tuned?

Can you target a small set of users and there issues and constantly help them in solving there problems?

If you think that the answer to the first question is NO and the next 2 question's is YES.Then blogging will always bring success to you.Go beyond the traditional metrics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Newsletters and try to connect with the users on a personal level.In this confused digital world,people need more and more personal interaction with a helping hand.


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