Price Variation for an Article Around 1500-2500 Words

Hello white hats!
I have a question for content/articles creators: how much do you take for an article around 1500-2500 words?
I know that different niches may be different difficulties, and it takes different amount of time, but approximately?
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Will Lake
I charge clients 0.06c per word for standard content writing. But if it's for a specialist topic like Law (which I am qualified to write about as I have a Bachelor's and Master's in law) then it's closer to 0.30c per word. That would be well researched with legal citations and relevant case law supporting it. I don't get many of those gigs though, when I do, it's for law firms who want to see my qualifications first.
For that sort of length of article I'd charge about £400 – £500.
To do it well you need to do a fair bit of research. I don't want the sort of client that doesn't want well-written, fully researched content so I price high on purpose.
We have a few guest blogging clients and we charge around $100 to $200 for a 1000 word article. Price depends on the industry/niche. If we take more time to research a topic, we charge more than $100. We were successful in publishing guest blogs to high authority sites like BigCommerce [they have high standards of guest blog approval]. May be you get cheaper rates. It's not only the language but also the knowledge in the topic matters. Ask the writer if they know the topic well and it is even better if they can send reference articles in the same niche.
Head in hands: folks wtf…
I have done 2500 words for free, done it for £500 and also for £1000
My view is that they should now start at £2000 minimum.
My justification is that I have one article that earned me £20,000 in revenue.
A good article can drive traffic, create leads, get sales and rank for keywords.
Unless we start to respect the craft of writing no one else will.
Brian Dean has say 24 articles and that created a multi million dollar business.
Good articles take serious work, research and skill.
I sat down not too long ago and said I would charge £500 per huge article.
Had a few clients take me up on the offer.
2 things happened, the research required for the article was intense, the client also wanted a lot of consultation so my time involved shot up.
This started to affect the quality, the more I learned, the more time I wanted to take but the less I had.
You just can't run a business like that.
When I do 1000 words it is so much easier because my research is less.
My view is that a good keyword targeted article should cost a minimum of £2000.
This is very expensive, too expensive for almost anyone. I know huge names in the industry who would only pay $200.
So I made a decision a long time ago, I would rather do big articles for myself than prostitute my craft and skill level out.
If people don't want to have an incredible long form article I do 1000 words for £100.
The difference is that I am not writing an article that deserves to rank, it is one that is a great read but unlikely to be jaw dropping.
So the price increase for the large articles is based on the value they deliver to the client.
If they don't think it's worth it, or they want to pay far less then they aren't my ideal client.

Romas ✍️
That is a great answer Andrew!

This may satisfy you: How Worth and Word Count do You Pay a Website Content Writer Averagely?
This really depends, as you can see many people want to charge an absolute fortune, there is no way i would pay dome of the prices mentioned as the reality is that is a couple of hours work to write, and even if they took a few hours doing research then you are looking at say 10 hours tops for a well written article. Even if you paid someone a good rate of £25 per hour it would cost you around £250 . Andrew says 1 article got him £20k in revenue and i totally agree that the value of such an article can prove to have a massive impact. But realistically you need more than one article and if your were paying 2k a pop you would be bankrupt very quickly as not every article gets the same amount of traction
No offence folks but this is the wrong way to think about content.
Brand v Direct marketing: Direct is Facebook ads, Google ads etc. Where there is a cta, a trackable result so you can scale this.
Brand: blogs, podcasts, Youtube etc.
You invest with the hope that it will one day bring in a ROI.
But this is key, you set a budget and spend it all.
Should a business spend on direct or Brand, probably both.
But you can't track ROI on brand easily or like you do with direct.
Brand is the cost of telling your story, creating trust.
So if a company has a £200,000 turnover is it wrong to spend £24,000 per year on incredible content that creates trust, possibly brings in sales, assists with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and establishes them as an authority?
I would argue that the content would deliver far more value than an 'in-house employee'.
So here is the thing, 1 year of great content might be useful, 2 good but after 5 years of incredible content that is search focused… boom!
So what if the company can't afford?
People will say they can get great content for peanuts but in my experience that is very rare.
Good content inspires, is empathetic and builds trust with the reader.
can you get that for a few quid?
If you could then blogging would be the easiest game in the world. Spend $200 and get a Backlinko style article.
The power of content is incredible, it can change people but there has to be a degree of honesty with the creation process.
If we truly believe in content marketing we need to treat it with the respect it deserves.
Craig » Andrew
I'll never deny that quality wins all the time and there is some real low-quality stuff going on out there and its useless for websites you have to get that balance right. However, you are not going to convince anyone that some joker charging 2k per article that is a few hours work is value for money. Heart Surgeons don't even charge that for a few hours work, so what makes some big ego maniac content writer think they can charge that? Who is to say that this content is even any good? There are so many people overcharging for content and many other services and providing no value for money. Content people should charge an appropriate fee for their time, and not base the price on the value or volume of money people may or may not make as a result of the content. Content is a piece of the jigsaw, your content alone will not be the be all and end all of a business. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goes wrong, whilst unique relevant and engaging content is essential and vital for rankings, you have content marketers suggesting they are entitled to a king's ransom for doing so. Content is king, and a must, but to have an effective campaign and to rank for a decent amount of keywords then cost will be looked at, and value for money is going to be looked at, whilst there is people realistic in the world charging say £25 per hour for good content, then the 2k per article brigade will always probably struggle for money.

Or maybe some of those superskilled content marketers will bleed some poor business dry and someone will suggest that content marketers can be very overpriced, arrogant and dangerous.


This may satisfy you: Some Inputs on SEO Friendly Content Pricing per Unit in GBP

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