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[Ultimate List] A list of Marketing Tools That I've tested over the years and found helpful to do better marketing with less work. More than 50 Tools To Help you with Marketing, Copywriting & Advertising! Starting to focus on marketing for your business, You will come across the same tools mentioned over and over by marketers. I would like to mention here tools that you might haven't seen going viral in the community but actually will help you grow faster and efficiently.
Starting off with My favourite Marketing Channel!

Email Marketing For Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)s

• Convertkit / Mailerlite / Mailchimp – These 3 Platforms are the best options for SMBs and entrepreneurs just starting out with email marketing. All 3 have free plans up to 1,000 subscribers.
• Scribe – Email Signature Tool, Create Great Email signatures for your emails.
• Liramail – Most Email marketing platforms don't offer great email templates. This tool will help you build great email templates with drag and drop.
• Quick mail Auto-Warmer – Most Businesses at the beginning don't know what to do when open rate drops. You need to use an email warmer like this to keep it up.

Email Marketing For Big Businesses

• SendGrid – Overall Email Marketing Tools, this tool is best for brands that have huge email lists and email marketing is the key marketing channel.
• Braze – This tool is leading in email marketing for large Email senders. When I was working for agencies, this was one of the best email marketing tools I had used.
• NeoCertified – Protect your emails for spammers and threats. To keep your email list healthy, this is a must have!
• Sparkloop – Referral Marketing For Email Campaigns. Email can generate great huge amount of referrals for you and Sparkloop makes it easier.

Cold Emails & Lead Generation

• Hunter – A Great Tool to scrape emails from domain names. The tool comes with a green free plan but Pro plan is worth the amount of features it provides.
• Icyleads – It's better than Hunter as it's heavily focused on the sales and prospecting to help you derive great results from your campaigns.
• Mailshake – Beginner Friend Cold Email Tool with Great features like email list warming.

Communication Tools

• Twilio – One do the best customer engagement platform used by Companies like Stripe and mine too.
• Chatlio – Use Live chat feature on your website with slack integration. My favourite easier to catch up on conversations through slack integration.
• Intercom – Used by Most Marketers, Industry Leading customer communication platform. Great for beginners!
• Chatwoot – Another Amazing Communication Tool but the best part is they have a great free plan useful for new businesses.
• Loom – Communicate with your audience through Videos. Loom is great for Software as a Service (SaaS) and to show human interaction to close new visitors effectively.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

• Outseta – This tool provides great CRM and their billing system is better than other tools out their which makes it stands out!
• Hubspot – I don't think this tool needs an introduction because Hubspot's CRM is the best in industry.
• Salesflare – This CRM is a great alternative to hubspot as it's beginner friendly and helpful for SMBs.

SEO Tools

• Ahrefs – One of the best SEO tool in the industry. They also just launched a bunch of free tools to help SEO beginners.
• Screaming frog – The only website crawler I have used since I bought my first domain. It's the best!
• Ubersuggest- The Tool by Neil Patel is the best SEO tool for you. (I'm Joking, it's the worst)
• Contentking – This tool is good at Real-time SEO Auditing, they do a lot of Marketing work through Newsletters. If you are subscribed to any SEO newsletter. You may have seen this tool.
• SEOquake & SEMrush – SEOquake is a great tool to conduct on-page analysis, Search Engine Result Page (SERP), and much more. Great tool but it's owned by SEMrush. You should go for SEMrush because that tool will cover all SEO aspects for you.

Content Marketing

• Buzzsumo – This tool is great for content research and but you may find the regular emails pretty annoying sometimes.
• Contentrow – Analyse Your Content and find it's strength. Highly recommended who are weak at content structuring like me.
• Grammarly – If you are not a native English speaker like me, you might think you need it or not. You need it for sure for grammar corrections.

Graphic Design Tools

• Visme – At agencies, Infographics can be more effective than usual postscript. Visme is a graphic design tool focused on infographics and designs related to Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C). It's great for agencies!
• Glorify – A Graphic Design Tool focused on E-commerce, filled with Designs useful for E-commerce store owners.
• Canva – All-in-one Industry leading Graphic Design Tool that everyone knows and every template is overused now.
• Adobe Creative Cloud ( previously Sparkpost) – It's a great alternative to Canva filled with Amazing Stock images to use in your visuals but the only backlash is the exports in this tool are not high quality.
• Snaps – A Canva Alternative that might not have overused templates for your Social Accounts.

Advertising Tools

• Plai – It's a great Pay Per Click (PPC) tool to create Ads for Instagram and Tiktok.
• Wordstream – It's an industry leading PPC Tool, great for Ad Grading and auditing.
• AdEspresso – This Is a tool by Hootsuite. They have a lot of Data sourced at the backend, which helps in Ad optimisation through this tool. That's the reason I recommend this tool.

Video Editing Tools

• Veed Studio – I have been using Veed from last year. It's one of the best Video Marketing Tool Optimized for Instagram & Tiktok.
• Synthesia – It's a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) video generation platform. From last few months, if you have seen marketing agencies including Videos in Emails. The chances are that's not a Agency member taking but AI generated Human.
• Motionbox – It's also a great video editing tool focused on video editing for Digital Marketers.
• Jitter Video – It's a great motion design tool. Comes with great templates, the only place where other tools I mentioned lacks. It's great and beginner friendly.


• Jasper AI – Google's John Mueller says AI generated content is banned on Search but I think with Jasper AI you can generate SEO optimised Content but you have to put in some efforts like at least give 30 minutes for editing the Copy by yourself.
• Copy AI – Another Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to help you write better copy. This one is more focused on helping you write copy suitable for Ads and Social media campaigns.
• Hemingway App – To help you write more clearly and Bold. This tool is better than Grammarly if you look for writing perspective and it's free.

Social Media Management App

I've used a Lot of Social Media Marketing (SMM) Tools and that's why going to mention all of them with a short review.
• Sprout social – The Best with deep insights coverage.
• Hootsuite – Great Scheduling tool just under sprout social.
• Later – Heavily Focused on Instagram from beginning and Now Tiktok too.
• SkedSocial – It's like a Later alternative with great addition features like link-in-bio.
• Facebook's Business Manager- Great but sometimes bugs can make a huge issue for you and customer support is like dead.
• Tweet Hunter & Hypefury- Both are Twitter Scheduling tools growing very fast on platform and are great for growth.
• Buffer – It's a great tool but I haven't seen any new updates to help with management.
• Zoho Social – It's a great SMM tool and if you use other marketing solutions from Zoho. It's a must have!

Market Research Tool

• SparkToro – That's the only one I have ever used. It's great for audience research and comes with great customer service. Founded by Rand Fishkin, it's one of the best research tool.
Influencer Marketing & User Generated Content (UGC)
• InfluenceGrid – A free search engine To find Tiktok & Instagram Influencers for your campaigns.
• Tiktok Creative Center- TikTok's in-built tool called "Creative Center" is the best to find content trends, audience demographics and much more.
• Archive – Find Instagram Stories and Posts mentioning Your brands and use them as Ads for your business Marketing.

Landing Page Builders

• Leadpages – Its a great landing page builder because the integration and drag-and-drop features makes it easier to work with!
• Cardd co – A Great Landing page builder with easy step up but it lacks the copywriting and tracking features.
• Instapage – It's one of the best out and I think the overall product is effective enough to help you stand out with your landing page.
• Unbounce – It's a great alternative to Instapage due its well polished landing page templates that might be helpful for you.

Community Building

• Mighty Networks – A Great Community building platform, and you can also sell courses within the platform.
• Circle so – A great alternative to Mighty networks focused on Communities specifically. We are currently using for small community Of ours.

Sales Tools

• Drift – You can get much more out of Drift than just sales tools but The Sales solutions provided in Drift are one of the best.
• Salesforce – It's the industry Sales solution provider. A go-to and have various pricing plans making it suitable for majority of Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)s.

Social Proof Tools

People don't have enough time to search across internet to decide to trust you after seeing your Ad first time. That's what you might be facing too. Here are two tools I absolutely love for social proof!
• Use Proof – Show Recent Activities occurring on your website and build the trust of your visitors.
• Testimonial to – Gather Testimonials across Social Media platforms related to your business with this tool. Capture tweets and comments mentioning your brands and mention them.

Analytics Tools

• Plausible Analytics- A privacy friendly Analytics alternative to Google Analytics if you hate Analytics 4 like me.
• Mixpanel – Product Analytics and funnel reports better than Google Analytics.

Reddit Marketing

• Gummysearch- This tool will help To find your target audience on Reddit and interact with them with its help and close your new customers.
• Howitzer- It's another pretty similar tool to Gummysearch focused on Reddit cold outreach to get clients and new customers.
Both are great but Gummysearch provides better customer support while Howtizer is helpful on a large scale Reddit Marketing.

Text Marketing

• Klaviyo – It's an email + SMS marketing tool, it's taking up space in marketing industry very quickly as an industry leader due to its great integrations but you need to learn the platform usage to maximise the outcome.
• Cartloop – This tool provides great text marketing solutions with integration with Spotify and other e-commerce marketing tools.
• Attentive Mobile – This is my favourite Text marketing tool due to the interactive dashboard + they have a library of Text marketing examples to help you out with your campaigns.

Other Tools I have used throughout my journey!

• Triple Whale – It's a great E-commerce marketing tools with Triple pixel to help you track your campaigns more efficiently.
• Fastory – To create well optimized Instagram & Tiktok Stories for your business.
• Jotform – Online Form Builder with integrations with leading marketing tools.
• Gated – As an entrepreneur and marketer, you may receive a bunch of unwanted emails. Use Gated to get rid of them and receive useful mails only!
• ClickUp- The main Tool for Project Management, one of the best and highly recommended.
• Riverside – Forget Zoom or Google Meet, For your Podcast Interviews and Marketing conferences. You need riverside with great video quality and recording features.
• Manychat- Automate your Instagram Direct Messages (DM)s and interact with your followers more efficiently + sell out your products/ services when you are offline.
• Calendy – To schedule meetings with your ideal clients.
• ServiceProviderPro – It's a client portal for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Growing Agencies, very helpful in scaling agencies.
• SendCheckit – Compare your Email Subject Lines with 100,000+ others in the database for free.
• Otter AI – Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) track your meetings more effectively, you can easily edit, annotate and share notes from the meetings.
• Ryte – Optimise your website User experience with this tool focused on User Experience (UX) aspects + SEO too.
• PhantomBuster – Scrape LinkedIn Profile and Data from Facebook/LinkedIn groups. I clearly love this tool!

Honourable Mentions

• Zapier – The Only tool you need to integrate your favourite tool with a new effective tool.
• Elementor – That's what I use for web design and it's great!
• Marketer Hire – To hire world class marketers to work with you.
• InShot & Capcut – I create Instagram Reels and TikTok's and life without these tools isn't possible.
• Nira – It's a great tool to Manage your workspace and this tool has launched many marketing templates in-built helpful for marketers and also entrepreneurs.
• X – The tool you love that wasn't mentioned here is valuable and I honour that tool and share that if you would like to!
I mean thanks for reading!

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