Private Blog Network PBN | Are PBNs Ever Going to Get Hit by Google?

Private Blog Network (PBN). Loads of people are using them, people are teaching others to use them. Are they ever going to get hit by Google? Thoughts?
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The moment people stop treating PBN as PBN and treat them as another money site, you will not get deindexed.
I run a network of over 300 websites, the contents are top notch and none of them have got deindexed once.
I build links on all 300 of them very frequently, but I make sure they look very natural. For example, I will try and get 10-15 High-quality links on each one of them randomly on each one them per month.
Also, I make sure that the type of links is different.
It's high maintenance, but my ROI is over 500% because of the setup I have built.
What people fail to understand is PBN is not some kind of magic formula. You need to nurture them every day just like your real website and grow it naturally. That's the key.
EDU, Outreach, Guest posts, I have a entire team handling this for me.
Just how you will build links naturally to your money site, I use the same strategy for PBNs as well.
Each of my PBN has got articles that are around 1500-2000 words long. No crappy shitty.
It does, because I do run some ads as well (not Adsense) but banner ads and make money from my PBN.
Like I mentioned before, I have built them as a legit site grew them over the period of time.
A lot of my traffic comes naturally from Search Engine.
The only thing I avoid is selling them as Public Blog Networks, that's a big no.
No, it didn't happen naturally. I never said I have been building links on PBN sites naturally.
What I mention was, I limit the number of links I build on those PBN. It ranges from 10-15 per month at the very most..

Zwawi » Udit
do you consider that you have a PBN or just a company that maintain & grow 300 websites that are linked to each other like in the case of HQ website + all local versions?
Udit » Zwawi
very few are inter linked to each other. I spent about a month planning everything before executing. I have been growing them slowly over the last 2 years now.
I have in house staffs maintaining everything. I no longer outsource anything unless its some small tasks.

Andrew ✍️
Ok just got back into this. I see a few issues here.
I have been taught a lot about PBN's and understand them.
So the idea is you own or rent sites which appear to be 'natural and' would only be caught in a manual review.
That being said there is a big difference between owning 300 quality sites and passing links to others than using PBN websites.
Big brands use their networks in this way to launch new sites and brands (and get away with it).
There is a concept in law called Actus Reus and Mens Rea (apologies if the latin spelling in incorrect) and it basically splits offences down in two parts the act and the intent.
So if we look at what Google want from a site is for it to add value to the web and judge PBN's on this and also intent they are found guilty of failing to add value.
PBN's are made and judged on domain authority. Something which I believe Google does not even assess (but we use it as a benchmark).
So I see Google moving more towards the long click, something I believe Search Engine Optimization | SEO tools can't measure.
So I go out and build/buy 300 PBNs all with thin content. The result is a site with a terrible dwell time.
So getting 1000's of links from PBN'S will become pointless because their dwell time for traffic is terrible.
My opinion is that links from sites that enjoy longer dwell times on pages will become the major factor.
So if I get a link from an info rich site like Nikolay Stoyanovs where people read and almost marinate in the info is far better than 1000 links from PBN's with DA's between 50 and 70.
Just my view but if you are building great sites there is no issue in linking, if not and the aim is to deceive Google then it will not be a model that rewards for its costs and effort.

Quality info Andrew, nice share.
So with this in mind, what would be the best way to go out build your own network?

This may satisfy you: PBN Sites Need SEO. Don’t They? Private Blog Network (PBN)
Andrew ✍️
I wouldn't. I would focus on building social media pnbs.
Because the cost of social media marketing is going to go through the roof very soon.
Build pages in social media that allow you to send traffic at will to a web page.
Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and even LinkedIn to a degree will be key because when big brands finally 'get it' then will send their big bucks that way and it will raise the prices 10 fold

I agree about social media importance. What do you mean a PBN of Social Profile / media . Like building a team of social influencers on purpose? growing names instead of pages?
Andrew ✍️
Hi, the thing with social is that right now it is cheap to build pages and communities like this one, just a bit of creativity will work wonders and hard work. But sooner or later the big brands will realize that people are in social media and then growing your page will be tough and expensive. So if you build pages now in as many niches as you can, when a client does come on board you can instantly send them traffic because you have an engaged user base for their industry.
Well, they will be here soon or later, some groups have seen an announcement of paid advertising on group's feed. Problem is, with social media, the traffic is not really yours as you are "renting" part of the real estate of the platform. What if they close/block your account? you'd have built all your way up and then no access anymore. When you think of it, groups and communities are not directly generating them money from advertising and many of us already use this as an opportunity to captivate free traffic. At some point they'll consider that one can't be benefiting that much anymore
Andrew ✍️
Its the same with anything. Build a website and Google bump yr traffic to zero because you failed to disavow a spammy link or two.
Even domains are just borrowed or rented to a degree.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social and anything which is free now to set up is going to get a lot harder to manage/ grow as the brands spend more on ads.


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