Re-Invest the Money You Earn from SEO!

How do you guys re-invest the money you earn from SEO?
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More Content, Remarketing, Links
I invest it in kebabs and curries
Buying Gold, savings, stocksReinvest into the business
For the most part, we reinvest in the business. More content, links, staff etc.
Recently we've had some internal discussion about starting a site we can monetize in some way. Nothing too serious yet though.
I pay myself almost nothing.
The rest goes right back into the business since I know I have systems in place that allow me to scale by just pouring more money into them.
Properties. If a person isn't making enough to but new props yearly, they shouldn't be reinvesting into anything but improving their skillsets.

Nazir » Vadim
real estate mate?
1000%. I reinvest everything into improving myself in this space, but later on I'll be putting money into physical real estate for diversification purposes.
Zed » Nazir
– check my reply for the Smith below. Explains details.

I find it a little alarming that people are mentioning real estate and not buying websites.
Real estate typically yields 5-15%.
Buying an established site and just maintaining it typically yields 30%+
With the SEO skills you already have, it's not hard to realize gains in the hundreds of percent with 12-18 months.
How do I know this? Because I do this 🙂

Real estate in North America is garbage.
You can buy apartments in coastal Spain or hotels in coastal European countries and make back the price inside 5-10 years – vs the avg 20-25 for a residential property here.
How do I know this? Because I live in Vancouver – and my house is worth 8-15 American houses. And seeing how slowly real estate makes money, I looked for short cuts in other countries. Or, as you say, I do this.
Smith » Zed
5-10 years is still a long time vs 3 years for a website (assuming purchase price of 30x monthly, which is average)
Sure, but it requires active development and improvement. The condo in Spain is just prop management company fees, and hotel is just a manager + maintenance fees.
Plus it's only feasible at a certain amount of money made – eventually, it just makes more sense to buy and dev properties vs buying and dev-ing site.
Not denying people shouldn't do that to get into the 8 figs, but to get into 9 and 10 – it's always easier for most to buy a 1.5mil house and put 300k into making it 2.5. in terms of being able to scale that to 3, 5, 10 houses a year.
Smith » Zed
oh at that level, then yes I totally agree. I assumed most people on here wouldn't be looking at the 7 figure+ mark 🙂
Then they should reinvest into content and links, as they say 😋
Marco » Smith
Buy, remodel, sell. Or buy, build, sell.
You don't even need a big budget to flip things for 7+ figure profits in a couple months if you refinance them.
Or buy land, segregate, sell.
Mark » Smith
agreed to some extent, but real estate offers a level of stability you can't achieve online so I'd never personally put all my eggs in one basket.
If you're investing into websites which earn primarily through SEO then you've got a single point of failure. Google can roll out these updates as it sees fit and you can kiss goodbye to your investment and income overnight. You'd need an earthquake, war or similar to wipe out a physical property.
At some point the net will morph and adapt so what we do now, may not work in the future. Real estate has its advantages in that regard.
The difference is accessibility drives price since the old "no one making any more land" is silly since there's tons of it undeveloped – but no one going to move 100k people into a freshly built city and just say, "okay, go, go, create economy and social structure now".
Accessibility doesn't drive net stuff. Everyone can go to Amazon. Not everyone can go to the Amazon. Which has tons of cheap undeveloped land too.
Smith its because people think its the right thing to do and that's what their mum and dad did. If you want to get into real estate then look into REITs instead. Having that much capital tied up for such a small return is crazy. Having 1.5 million tied up in a property as an “investment” is not smart use of capital.
Azedine » Zed
are you talking about Ibiza , Tenerife and Islas Canarias?
Zed » Pedrotti
at small scale. and for inactive growth.
at that level of monies – with inactive growth, sure – there's probably 100 other people who'll say "no just throw it into altcoins" and every other like alternative which can go to 0 as easily as any.
at that level of monies – with active growth – you'll never make 30-40% yearly with inactive investment stuff like REITs. Have to develop the prop. Because no one is tying it up – its just basic arbitrage with larger sums of money.
at larger level of monies [50mil, 150mil, etc] – with inactive growth – REITs might sound good on paper, but noone's going to entrust large amounts to someone else to use for growth. Since noone gets to 50 or 150 mil who sat around letting "other people grow their monies" through active use of it. So – this is not even a possible scenario – small time people REALISTICALLY have a hard time giving a few mil to someone to "invest for them" – even if the shouldawouldacoulders advise them to as the paper-logical thing to do. and big timers got there through active growth and will obviously continue doing that – on a larger scale with the larger money.
at larger level of monies – with active growth – my last sentence above.
And finally – I agree that tying up any money into some property in a suburb of Dallas, Texas – that land might be worthless in a decade. But buying landspace in any active hub is never stupid – and will never go to zero the way these paper investments tend to.
People are silly when they say "buy land, noone's making any more of it". They should say, "buy land in hubs, it's not going to go down unless there's total apocalyptic-level collapse in that region/country – in which case none of this really matters, logically cant prepare for ridiculous things like that.
RIP 100s of thousands of Bitcoin Experts of 2017/2018.
Zed » Azedine
i was just looking at apartments in Alicante and Malaga, even. But I'm sure island props would work too. They just have more high and low seasons – people visit Alicante in all seasons, something like Ibiza – while I never personally visited, I hear mention of 100s of times as spring comes, making case in point haha
Azedine » Zed
did you buy any? You don't have to disclose that;-)
Did not – figuring out now how banking works in terms of all that so I don't get hit with any 'foreign speculator' stuff which is kind of a giant shitshow of a cautionary tale in Van recently. So am going with path 2 from the 4 i mentioned before.
Spanish property values have bottomed out and are beginning to rise slowly. With that said, there is still a vast amount of housing stock that has been repossessed over the years and is simply waiting on bank's asset sheets for buyers. There are literally thousands of properties sitting empty in purpose built developments across the coastal areas in the South-East.
With unemployment falling and the economy strengthening, there is only one way the market can go.

Gareth Hoyle 👑
Spread the risk around a bit –
Rental houses
Stocks and shares
Digital assets

Craig Campbell 👑 » Gareth Hoyle 👑
watches 🙈
Charles Benjamin selling it for the same you bought 🤔. Charles Benjamin Rolex and Seiko are displayed at pawn shops here a lot and even branded handbags since past 10-15 yrs. Just my observation. Charles Benjamin there are also shops who do buy and sell exclusively.
yep. Rolex Daytona 116520. Patek Phillipe Nautilus 5712. Look at the price rises on these 2 watches alone in the last 12 months.
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520 (Watches)
Tom » Gareth Hoyle 👑
you try getting top £ for anything but the rare limited edition pieces when the economy goes to shit. Literally every stainless steel Roley toting wide boy in the world wants to sell when that happens. Look at the second hand sellers already, they are flooded with stock. Prices are artificially high right now because Rolex raised their prices in the last few years underpinning the second hand market.
Gareth Hoyle 👑 » Tom
sounds like the musings of a man without a Daytona 😂 😘
Tom » Gareth Hoyle 👑
musings of a man who currently does not own a watch lol… but have had multiple Rolex's in past. And getting tempted to dive back in but have promised myself a rose gold Daytona at some point lol
Which is probably not the smartest investment choice.

Building more solid businesses, saas softwares, real estate (physical and virtual), mutual funds (they have been giving a cumulative 18% yoy return here), crypto, and most importantly life experiences.
Tom Livingstone 🎓
Poker tournaments. Reinvested 30k so far. Had zero returns. Investing is all luck based though right??!

so about the same rates as if you had blindly invested into cryptos. but you had more fun.

I invest in properties. I want to build a portfolio of properties that can pay me upwards of 400k per year when I retire. Plus I would own them outright so retirement will be fun
I bought 200 shares of Amazon stock a few months back, now up $30,000

re invest the money you earn from seo

Properties + local business lending (crowdfunding) that gives me fixed interest per month so I can (eventually) live on interest ☺️
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