Revenue per 1000 Views of an Adsense (RPM)

This one is for newbies-
I got over 2,000 visitors and 6,000 Pageviews in less than a month from non-google traffic. If I had AdSense on the page, even at $10/- per 1,000 views it would be $60/- in less than a month.
Since most internet marketing (IM) guys, including me, keep raving and ranting about how awesome free traffic from Google is, when you climb the make money online bandwagon, you tend to look at Google as the only traffic source. This leads to disappointment, disillusionment and giving up.
Google is smart and wants to send readers only to sites which will give the most value. How would your first time site compare to an established one in terms of design and content value? Pretty crappy. Heck, I still am not happy with my site design and content formatting.
Add to that is Google Sandbox. Google Sandbox may not apply to HUGE sites which have thousands of pages of content (I proved that in my 1,000 post case study) or have thousands of backlinks from high authority sites (Glen from Viper Chill proved that). But your site in all honesty would neither have huge content nor a huge backlink profile.
As your site keeps wallowing on Page 8 or 9 of Google for your keywords for 6 months and you keep getting frustrated with no money to show for 100s of hours of efforts, you get frustrated. I have seen this happen to many friends in my IM circle.
Don't focus on an income source or traffic source, build a BUSINESS. You should not have a site, you should have an online business. Change your mindset.
My solution: Start promoting your site on social media in the first month. So have maybe 5 really good posts, the absolute BEST you can write which gives tremendous value. Optimize it the best you can for Google but then don't want for Google to shower you with traffic.
Get out there, share your posts on Facebook, share it in like minded groups which will be helped by your content, share it on Pinterest and Instagram if it is visually attractive. Keep commenting, networking and interacting on social media. DON'T SPAM and DON'T BUY shitty social signal packages. Put in the effort to solve someones query and link to your post if it gives more details solving it.
The way i would go about it is, when you are in a brand new niche learn as much as you can. Take out a day, read the top 100 listings on Google. make notes, make notes of the questions asked and keep a list of answers. Make a list of top 20 questions and the best answers, sometimes merge two or three answers into one BIG one (always attribute answers though which helps in getting noticed by the experts) and then solve problems.
I started russlobo (dot)com on 14th July i.e. less than 1 month ago and have over 6,000 page views which even at a conservative $10/- per 1,000 views would have given me $60/- via AdSense. $60/- is chump change but for a newbie struggling to make your first dollar online, its a validation of your efforts and struggle.
P.S.: A $10/- is just an estimate. I earn anywhere between $1-$25 per 1000 page views (RPM)
All the best
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I love this article and how you are helping people but $10 cost per mile (CPM) from Google AdSense is practically unheard off now unless you are established in a proper business niche like hosting or insurance. In which case, the site owner is prob already very successful. I have 60k page views per month and $3 CPM. Ok I am in TV streaming but even my pay-per-lead (PPL) type sites don't get $10 CPM.
Russell ✍️
I average $12/- on my sites buddy with my tax and finance niche sites getting upto $25/- revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) 🙂
Not being negative. Obviously, you was just giving an example and helping people to be positive. Personally, I found it much more profitable to do the old thing of offering some content in exchange for list building. I offer an upgrade to my streams and then upsell them with a virtual private network (VPN). 😊
For me, having AdSense is just another ranking factor. (y)
Russell ✍️
Yes Gary
I agree. I need to try that too 🙂
Will sub to your newsletter if you have one on your website. Seems you have some good knowledge to be doing that well with AdSense.
Joined just before you linked to it. 😊
I like that idea of having a group on your thank you page. That is clever.
Russell ✍️
btw isn't anarcho-capitalist an oxymoron 😛?
Hi Russell Very informative statement piece you have put forward and the follow-up comments and thought from Gary also helping to get the old grey matter fizzing gain with ideas. I believe that the IM market is based on a high attrition rate of new-comers buying ebooks and courses from never-ending academy of Guru's preaching the ways of the click-here vortex promising them the 'silver bullet' to outwit google etc..and blinding any degree of sensible logical thinking with pseudo-science and scaremongering with SEO terminology. I too had a throw-up website that I managed to build content for at an explosive rate and had 70,000+ pages in the celeb gossip niche ranking above the huff post and Thirty-Mile Zone (TMZ). After holding 3 weeks at page numbers 1-3 for or top 10 search terms we were bringing in £100 in ad revenue every few hours. We got slapped as our content was as deep as Paris Hilton's Attention span and de-indexed and banned from AdSense and the whole google product range with nothing but boiler-plate responses.
Russell ✍️
AMAZING William!!! 1,000 pages exhaust me. How did you manage 70,000+?
We used a strange method, Speech-to-text. So we would hunt down what was trending and re-write the top 5 stories and push them on social at key commute times. 7-8:30am 12-2pm and 6-8pm in bite-sized chunks with a link to a pic. (we only carried a thumbnail) In the background we would build up massive evergreen style wikis of the trending celebs and play videos through a Dolby 5:1 sound system to a dragon speaking software and use that to transcribe the videos and build a knowledge base. ranging the length of the celebs career. e.g; hulk hogan from his first wrestling match right up to his reality TV and sex tape scandal.
Russell ✍️
I am copying this and saving it. I would love to try this in the future. Will be more careful of the AdSense/google ban though. Thanks a ton.
William » Russell
we got banned by Google, which wiped my IP, my geo tag location, business address. all interpretations of my name and the last 3 addresses on file with credit agencies in the UK. So a word of warning to anyone in the UK to cover your track when in a competitive niche… I am working FT as digital marketing manager for a healthcare company and operate my own digital strategy agency in evenings.

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