Search Engine Optimization SEO for Dating Coach Websites

Hey what's up guys. I'm a dating coach for men and I like to get some feedback for my websites Search Engine Optimization (SEO. My site is
My main way I get client is through word of
mouth/ referrals.
Any feedback would be awesome!
San Diego Men's Dating Coach | How To Get A GirlFriend | San Diego, CA
San Diego Men's Dating Coach | How To Get A GirlFriend | San Diego, CA
Professional, reliable, talented, and experienced Dating Coach in San Diego, CA. Find, Attract, & Keep your dream girlfriend.

search engine optimization SEO for dating coach websites

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Change your URL. It's both boring and too specific (what if you move out of San Diego or some client lives outside SD?).

O'Neal ✍️ » Smith
Thanks for the feedback Ryan, true that.

– Having way to many H1 tags not a good idea.
– not providing value in your meta description doesn't help.
– Call-To-Action (CTA) should be opposite your color.
– bg image of the city doesn't resonate.
– no mention of San Diego at the top part of the page.
– no breakdown of services (dedicated pages).

O'Neal ✍️ » Rienzi
Thanks for the feedback!

People need coaching for that 😳?

O'Neal ✍️ » Nziggy
Yeah Ofcourse, love is the strongest emotion of all and finding the right partner is one of life's greatest gifts. What if you gained the whole world but ended up in a sub par relationship with someone that doesn't really love you or is toxic?

Hey Pete, I see you use a Call-To-Action (CTA) on your home to book an appointment. I think that is to "quickly" for anyone just looking on your homepage. Offer instead something like a pdf with like 30 dating tips for free, just for their firstname and email. It is easier for a potential lead and will help them to get to know you.
Making an appointment is further down the road in the customer journey.
Hope that helps!

O'Neal ✍️ » Laura
Thanks so much Laura for the feedback! I really like your idea!! Super great and smart!
I was thinking like a e book too down the line, book, other small courses without the one on one coaching as well.
Laura » O'Neal
Investigate the customer journey of your ideal customer (buyer persona/avatar) and you know (promise) what they want to have (not what they need, you are the expert, they are not (yet) – give them first what they want). 🙂

You have a personalized video of you and its spoken as if you are the business, but the copy is written in 3rd person. I think it would make more sense to write in 1st person if it's definitely you who will be interacting with potential clients.

O'Neal ✍️ » Aaron
Interesting feedback, yes I get what you mean. Thanks for that. Eventually I will have other coaches but for now yes I'm the one who's in the calls with my clients.

Website is little boring and it need clear sections. Need to change theme as your business represent love. So colors should be cool .
Have some blogs that can help you to rank using target keywords like – 10 best gifts for Girlfriend, 10 dating tips, etc.
I like your clients problem -solution- results section make it more highlighted and make them separate.
And most important I cant see your logo on top(home )
Need Good Footer with all important details and social media handles . Though you have social media handles but they are very light.
Social media Is best platform for your platform to get leads – need to focus on that . Have only one follower on Instagram and no posts and some creative posts.
I can see you don't have any Address or contact number so you may be providing online services so don't keep your page specific to one place. You can work globally.
So… I am assuming your objective is to get more clients. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long run game. All the advice here is good but to get more clients now I would create Facebook / instagram / Tiktok ad where I tell them I will give them that free 15minute video if they provide me with their name address and maybe phone number for text (Create a landing page for that) then follow up for at least 12 weeks with mails offering advice and your services.
About SEO (Mini course here xD).
The first thing you should do is a good keyword investigation so you know what keywords you want to rank for. You can pay someone in Fiverr to do that for you if you don't want to do it, although you should know by know what your ideal client is searching for, there are a lot of tools free and paid that will help you do that.
Group those keywords by intent or description of service. The most traffic keyword lets call it Primary keyword and the ones inside the group lets call it secondary keywords.
Then check the keywords that are questions about your primary keyword, get as many question as you can, use answer the public to get that info. Lets call this question keywords Support Keywords.
Immediately use a tool like SERProbot to see where you stand in the keywords you want to rank.
Now lets put this info into action.
First create a page for each Primary keyword (put that keyword in title and H1, only 1 h1 per page), use the secondary keywords as subtitles (H2s). Once you have created that page use a tool like Surfer or Page optimizer pro to modify it until is 80% or more what Google likes. There should be a link to these pages in your top menu or inside the homepage content.
Remember the Support keywords? here is where you use them. Create articles answering each question, These are your blogs (You should have a blog section on your main menu) and you should put the keyword inside the article pointing to your Target page (the pages you created in the step before), Do 5 per Target page.
I am assuming your entity is stabilized, that means you already have your social media profiles, subscribed to business directories, (think yelp), and put your name is everywhere similar business are already.
With that info create schema for your home page (local business or organization schema) and your services.
Now Start the link buying, ejem i mean the link building.
Quality over quantity, point those links to the home page first and then to your articles and target pages.
There are 100 other things you can do, but if you do well ON page and Link Building you will rank fast
All suggestions good. You should have a video at the top of the page for increased conversion, building trust, and to establish authority.


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