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I'm the owner of an online shop with digital goods and have no experience with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), what costs should I expect monthly to implement good SEO?
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SEO is ongoing process. First you need to set monthly budget that you capable to spend. Then let know anyone experienced in SEO, he will give you plan to do for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
The cost depends on the general marketing plan…, depends on your site's status and your SEO targets (geographical coverage, competition, keywords, content, etc…) there is not a fixed price for advance and ongoing #SEO, competitors & data analysis matters during this process.
Hello Michal, I can help you in this.
from US$ 100 SEO services starts
If your can increase your budget till US $ 200
you will get expected result
US $ 100 / for SEO services
US $ 100 / month for Paid advertisement.
you can ask me to help you if you required these services. no hidden charges
Allright, for every guy pitching him / herself here, He didn't ask you to quote him; He asked how much he should expect in cost. Well, Michal, in order to know that you indeed need to gather data first. Not every webpage is the same, and not every niche requires the same budget to rank for it. There are various ways you can cut cost though buy doing things manual, but then you'll sacrifice some scalability though. Anyway, the best thing to do is to do an in depth analysis. 👍🏽💟6

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Let make it easy, is you are getting someone who is learning 300 a month, middle then 500-800, top-end 1,000 – 1,500. Anything less they do not have a clue. Look at it another way if you charging out an hourly rate what would your rate be, let's guess at £30 an hour (that is low for SEO) 300 does not even give 2 days a month. 👍🏽1
10% of what you are earning (assuming margins are at least 50%). I won't take on a client if I'm not sure I can help the shop earn at least 10% of what they are paying me. Calculate the by setting up an attribution model that will establish where the money was generated from. I am looking at the organic channel to determine how much they earn as a direct result of SEO. For example, If I'm charging $1000/m then they should be making $10,000/m in sales directly related to my SEO efforts. This is not an exact science…it depends lol 🙂 👍🏽2
A real SEO expert will make sure they can help you BEFORE they name a price.
But it ranges from $500 per month for a simple Google listing management to $15,000 a month for managing the entire show.
I haven't met anyone who charges more than 15k a month, but on an hourly rate I have met a guy who charges $200/hour and within a day can give you a plan. This is for huge companies though…


This may satisfy you: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Versus Pay per Lead (PPL)
I'll provide you free technical SEO audit report of your site after that you can decide.

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My audit takes about 20 hours to produce and comes with a ton of reports and actionable data. Which you provide for free is not gonna come close

You going to need to invest around $1500 to $2000 a month unless you know how to bootstrap some elements. We charge $2000 for the basics and one of my partners charges $1500 for a technical audit and $2500-$3000. You need lots of content, site structure updates, site speed audits and keyword research. It’s not easy and it’s not cheep 👍🏽1
Wrong-way of looking for good SEO! Advice,
contact the admin of the group. He or she might be able to guide on choosing someone from here. If you want to find it here.
Lori Appleman 🎓
There are multiple components to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and price is going to depend on what they're actually doing for you. At a minimum your site needs to be correct. You also need great content on your website. This could mean great product descriptions and good quality articles and other things depending on your market. The next step is human outreach to reputable websites to see if you can get them to connect to your site. Done incorrectly this can be devastating. Done well it's expensive. Typically most agencies will assess and fix your site 1st and then talk about building a plan to increase your back links and your social shares. Anybody who isn't talking about all of it is really an SEO person. That said not everybody does a 100% of the puzzle. YouTube optimization is also often part of the puzzle. I would say that anybody decent his going started a $1000 a month but understand some things may be project based such as fixing your site. Anybody good is going to give you a deep and comprehensive audit that includes that action plan before contracting for more work. We turn over the action plan and you can either do the work yourself, hire us to do it all, work cooperatively with us to contain costs, or hire somebody else. Either way it's all useful.
This may satisfy you: Monthly Budget for Building Backlinks and Creating Linkbait Content
Cost scales with quality of service. If paying somebody else to do it for you, expect to pay anywhere between $500-$1500 / mo depending on levels of service
my suggest learn the basic SEO first before hiring someone for SEO, so that you can accountability, see the process of SEO and goal. otherwise someone scam you and you will loss money and time, because there are lots of scammers. 👍🏽1
Spend the next 2 weeks and learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It's a life long process but it helps you understand whether the SEO you hired is delivering or not
depend on the niche, keyword, website and after this set your monthly budget and then hire someone who is capable to do this 🙂
You can spend a lot, but have you at least tried using an SEO plugin? Many have free starter packs that set themselves up and bring immediate benefits on simple things like copy quality and keywords.
I'd say at least $1000/month. But in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the more you invest the better the results are when it's in the right hands.


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