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Kishore Dharmarajan
If you can give away your top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Secret, what would it be?
Mine is looking at keywords that the site is ranking for on page 2 to 10 and creating a pillar post. It works very well.
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Add FAQ schema to already high ranking pages 👍🏽11

Lucas » Brikiatis
hey Bill do I need to add schema if I’m using Yoast?
Brikiatis » Lucas
Use the Yoast FAQ WordPress block. I've added it to end of the article after an h2 with FAQ in it. Answer the questions you know people are asking, even if it's covered in the article. But don't use exactly the same content as you have already. In some cases, this will give you an expanded snippet with Q&A at the bottom. It makes your page look like the authority on the subject. You may lose some clickthru with people that answer their questions from your snippet, but many people will select your snippet and clickthru. 👍🏽2

Mine would be: "Keep that secret to myself".
That kept in mind…I would say that there is no secret. It's all about being strict when it comes to best practices. And ofcourse meeting user/visitor intent a priority.
There is SO much to keep at mind when it comes to SEO. 🤭👍🏽💟9

Lori Appleman 🎓 » Kim
best practices apply onsite. Combining onsite with offsite can be done many ways. Likely none truly "one of a kind" but the best are not really common knowledge and there is a lot of bad advice out there too.

My secret is, SEO courses are a waste of time because SEO secrets are not taught in courses. 👍🏽11

Mallya » Ramy
True that, I had a digital marketing internship where one of the duties was SEO. I brought one of the costliest SEO courses on Udemy and could perform like shit at the job. Luckily they found my other work satisfactory 👍🏽💟2
Ramy » Mallya
happened to me too until I had to rank my own business 😉. 👍🏽2
Lori Appleman 🎓 » Ramy
funny, my art director is taking a graduate level marketing class. He needed an SEO project so I gave him our company site, which is about to be redone and was put up quickly so without full SEO planning. Over the years, I've found a few tricks to boost it but right now I am so busy it's falling. Seemed like a good idea to plan the changes into the rebuild. That said, I saw his project outline. Saying it was a high level description of how to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) would be kind. I found it sorely deficient. But he will learn some tricks from me.
Ruby » Ramy
sweeping statements like this are not helpful or true. SEO courses can help many people get an education all over the world who may otherwise never have access to information. Just because something may not be helpful to you doesn’t mean it can’t help other people around the world learn more. I am not referring to people who sell high ticket courses. I’m referring to free educational content 👍🏽1
completely untrue. You are just taking the cheap courses. Take SEO Blueprint from Glen or the content marketing course from Grow & Convert 👍🏽3


I find it kinda funny that so many people want to keep their secret a "secret."
How many websites are there today? About 200 million active websites with about 56 billion indexed pages. How many of those do each one of you handle? 😂🤣 Like giving away your secret it going to affect your business. You guys are too funny. 👍🏽🤭💟28

Lori Appleman 🎓
realistically, most SEO are crap. Many border on crap. Those that are good are expensive. There's clearly a cash value to our knowledge. Giving away bits is fine. Giving away your personal secrets even though it's probably tough to find something full original, makes no sense. Especially in a group that is pretty much public. If I gave it to you, that would be different and done only after some trust determination. It's part of my competitive advantage 👍🏽💟7
Mann » Lori Appleman
You're correct in that many people who call themselves SEO users are still in the beginning stages or maybe have never progressed, maybe just think they know. SEO is always evolving and your secret today may be worthless tomorrow.
I don't begrudge you for not sharing, you're not alone. Doesn't matter to me one way or the other. I just think it's funny cuz IMO it doesn't make a difference to your business how much information you give away.
If you are right about all the crap SEO users they won't know what to do with it anyway. 👍🏽9
Rachel » Mann
That's a good point. Information and Implementation are two WILDLY different things and there's usually a grand canyon sized gap of action and work between them. 👍🏽4
Kevin » Mann
I see both your and Lori's point. In defence of Lori's point of view, many of the bad SEO users are really great at pitching themselves to the business audience.
That business audience does not have an in-depth appreciation of the intricacies and the hard work (that's my secret) that goes behind SEO.
Bad SEO users seem to be adept at taking the information packaging and selling it – it's a very short-term gain because they cannot deliver BUT it makes it all the more difficult for legitimately good agencies to pitch their product. 👍🏽1
Schieler Mew 👑 » Lori Appleman
– I would say the best SEO's aren't expensive at all. They use an affordable pricing, scalable model. By this I mean they are probably niched down making tons of money for very little work with processes they developed.
After-all, it's easier to book 500 clients at 699 a month than 100 clients at 6999.00 a month. Less obligation, better risk mitigation. 👍🏽1
Lori Appleman 🎓 » Schieler Mew
maybe if that's all you do. I know all my friends who are pretty much just SEO agencies are higher than me and we've bumped considerably. But mostly we bumped our minimum spend. People want results sooner rather than later and, just as with ads, too little to spend makes it a slow course.
It's all in ROI 👍🏽1
Schieler Mew 👑 » Lori Appleman
– That's why the niche is so incredibly important.
If you pick a niche that has low SEO standards and you have a process that thwarts 80-90% of websites in that niche you can bake your SEO into a rebuild and watch people skyrocket over-night.
I'm only speaking from my own experiences of course but I will tell you that I rather take on a 699.99/mo client with a 1999.00 website rebuild in my niche, than a 10,000/mo client in something like HVAC or plumbing.
I can rebuild my niche clients website in less than three days with scalable procedures and reap a harvest for 6-months to a year without putting more than 2 hours of SEO into it per month.
Multiply that by hundreds of clients and you have a multi-million dollar business plan.
Try doing that with an HVAC, Realty or Gambling website…You will spin your wheels for 100's of hours over that 10k. 👍🏽4
Lori Appleman 🎓 » Schieler Mew
makes sense. Our niche is strictly ecommerce which can be a very tough nut to crack for SEO. Very few are local businesses. 👍🏽1
Schieler Mew 👑 » Lori Appleman
– Agreed. I have one eCommerce website and it has been no easy task. I would need Bill Gates money to take more eCom clients. You are a strong woman haha 🤭2


I'd guarantee none of the people who keep their secrets secret are my competitors. Different Geo, different target markets. So what's the harm. I think there's enough clients out there that we don't have to keep advice to ourselves. If that's the case why are you in this group? ☺️ 👍🏽💟12

Even locally it's funny coming across competitors who get all weird with you once they realise you're competition.
"relax buddy, plenty of work out there for all of us" 👍🏽💟6

There is a fact in SEO and it's not a secret which is "no one size fit all", so all those who say they have their own secret may work on some but not all, there is no crystal ball in SEO, all you need is to do your standard procedure and be patient enough. 👍🏽6
Use Menterprise or something like it to spin you a nice post based on your query. Then take 10 minutes to edit it, do meta data, make a couple of internal links and now you've got a nice shiny post and it didn't take 2 hours to write it yourself. (can't use this on every site) 👍🏽1
Focus on SEO'ing images FIRST, and then text content. Weirdly enough images seem to rank faster/easier than text and it gives a quick win to be excited about. Well SEO'd images can also drive lots of traffic to text-rich articles. (Obviously a lot of factors go into any SEO strategy, but images are a good place to start if you're overwhelmed with a new project!) 👍🏽11

Thank you for sharing a useful tip.

It seems to me that a good vocabulary and grammar is a factor.
Considering how many people you see on social media, who are barely able to build two sentences, Google sure does seem to prefer well written texts when it can.
So practice that plain language, meaning choose high frequency words (the less complicated and more used ones) and write coherently, but precisely. (I am clearly still learning 😉 👍🏽💟11
Schieler Mew 👑
I have no secrets, and if I do, Google SEO Mastermind is the first to hear about them!👍🏽💟8
There are no SEO secrets. The only "cherry on top" for me is intuitively knowing which domains and topics align or miss-align with the business or its owner, and intuitively predicting trends. But the technical SEO can be easily learned with the right set of tools and guidance.
Kishore Dharmarajan ✍️
One of the biggest learnings that I had after starting and running an SEO agency in UAE for the last 4 years is that you need to evolve as a business.

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