Should a Reliable SEO Specialist Be Capable of Speaking English Fluently and Correctly?

How important is the ability to understand English very well related to being a good/great SEO professional?
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Well, if you are working in your native language, then there is no need. However if you plan to work in english, then you definitely need to have expertise in English 👍🏽7

Alex » Athar
Sorry, I respectfully disagree – The newest tools and blogs and learning are only available in english, so if you want learn how to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you should be able to read english fluently. 👍🏽4
Athar » Alex
hey. I respect that. However, the person is talking about "professional level". We do not need professional english in order to run a successful site. My friends are working in their native languages, making earning out of their sites and they can't write an essay in English on their own. And yes, we cant deny that today, companies are working on native languages. Just check the alexa rank of sites like "bhaskar" or "jagran". 👍🏽1
Athar » Alex
here is an example which justifies my claim.
should a reliable seo specialist be capable of speaking english fluently and correctly
Alex » Athar
Agreed you don’t need super strong professional spoken English, but I think you should be able to follow a YouTube video or read a blog post post / use software with a English user interface … because the best learning material on how to do SEO are in English, and many of the tools are built in English before internationalization. 👍🏽1
Sarma ✍️ » Athar
Hi, I am actually not talking about "professional level" English but rather I am talking about English comprehension needed to become a good or great "SEO professional". 👍🏽1
Athar » Alex
agreed. Yes you are right. I believe that much English this pal knows 😀😀
Athar » Sarma
its all about practice and experience. We have various tools like Grammarly for checking the mistakes. You should begin somewhere. Perfection comes with experience and so does the proficiency. Based on your comments, I believe that you have a good command over english. The next step is to follow SEO blogs to learn the word selection for SEO which differs from niche to niche. In my case, I have never done any SEO, still 70% of my content ranks above the giants like Wikipedia, encyclopaedia, toppr etc. 👍🏽1

I'm German, but have studied English language and literature. Almost all my resources: blogs, newsletters, videocasts, articles… are written in English. If you want to constantly keep you up to date and continue learning and growing, you will find most and the best resources in English language. 👍🏽4

Ahmed » Thea
Very true

Sarma ✍️
Thank you all, for your responses. I will soon tell you the reason behind my question.
Sarma ✍️
My question is actually the result of a hypothesis formulated after working for more than 12 years in the SMB(small & medium businesses) sector as a journalist & content writer in India. Most SMBs in India have people in charge of SEO who can barely string together a sentence in English. So a question that came to my mind often was – How do they update & upgrade their learning in the field?
My understanding has been that most of their SEO knowledge is acquired orally and on-the-job because few of them, if any, read anything up-to-date. Having said that, it is still a matter of research & study as to how they manage to get desired SEO rankings/ results for clients or the in-house employer.
I feel the scenario won't change drastically in the near future too as kids from top-tier colleges are not lining up to study SEO & become professionals. Engineering graduates who didn't get a job in an MNC or Btech grads from lower rung colleges are the ones who usually switch to become SEOs in India. This, however does not mean that there are no top-notch seo professionals in India but rather the disconnect between language and skill set is something that needs to be studied in-depth. 💟1
I'd go as far and say in any technological profession good English is a necesaity. My husband is an IT specialist and needs his (excellent) English every day. 👍🏽1
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Sarma ✍️ » Thea
Yes, exactly my thoughts so it has always been a mystery for me how people manage to get by in digital marketing without being adequate in their language skills.
Thea » Sarma
the demand is higher than the number of actually qualified staff?
Sarma ✍️ » Thea
yes that is the most likely answer because everywhere there are digital marketing jobs and requirements. It is as if you throw a pebble randomly in a crowd , it will hit a digital marketer, an engineer or an MBA in India. 😁
Thea » Sarma
from the perspective of a middle European, it is impressive what changes India has gone through in the past few decades. It took a leap and is now a stronghold of technology. But maybe society, especially the educational system, was not ready for such a rapid change? The demands of the industry can't be met by the population? 🙈 Just my (definitely biased) two cents 👍🏽1
Sarma ✍️ » Thea
Yes, you are right in parts. The educational system is still not geared towards meeting requirements. In cases where they did try, such as in engineering, quantity took over quality leading to the same result of engineers not being industry ready. The population in terms of numbers is there but access of resources and opportunities is the issue for most. 👍🏽1

its a big world! billions speak other languages. 👍🏽1
Depends where you are and who your clients are. 👍🏽1
Language proficiency in whatever language you are native in is what it's required for excellent SEO work execution. 👍🏽1
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