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Olena Polissky
I need the help of the mastermind of this group, please!
I am a business owner working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant to help me grow my business. As per my SEO consultant, I need to develop my blog and post links on social media to share it to attract visitors to our website. He says that if you copy the same content on more than one platform (e.g. website and LinkedIn, or website and an on-line directory), then Google will treat this as plagiarism and penalize it.
I have now started being more active on LinkedIn to build my personal brand and increase visibility. To learn how to do this, I've watched videos, and read books and articles on and offline. Based on what I've learned about LinkedIn, the worst thing you can do is to post a link as this takes the visitors away from LinkedIn platform and LinkedIn would punish you by not showing your content to many people. To be successful on LinkedIn, you are supposed to write articles of 1900 and 2000 words on the platform.
What would you suggest to someone who doesn't have the resources or time to write articles specifically for LinkedIn additionally to the blog?
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Mew 👑
Hey there,
Just create the blog on your website, use a catchy title and meta description and aggregate to other platforms as a URL. No need to repost all the text of your website is your main traffic concern.
Also, plagiarism and duplication of content is a non existent problem if you own it.
You should prefer to create a blog for your own website. If you do a (right) keyword research and write a informational blog on that then you don't need to post articles on social platforms. Organic traffic will come to your website and in that blog you can also offer services through internal linking.
If Google penalized duplicate content, then why do all the PR websites post the same content over & over?
It is true that Google may only show 1 of the 5 sites where you have the information posted, but it would be the same one they would have shown if it was the only one with the content.

Joey » Gary
They do penalize you. So does the platform you're trying to work from. There are work arounds – but you are penalized for duplicate content
Mew 👑 » Joey – Absolutely are not. 🙂
Gary » Joey
No. Google has even come out and said there is no penalty.
I can show you websites that are the same, except for city name, and they all rank in top 5 of Google search results. How could 300 pages of duplicate content be on page 1 for each city if there were a penalty?

All you need to do on LinkedIn is post valuable information. I've tested articles and they get way less engagement. People are lazy and would rather scroll than read a long article.
It is not necessary to write 1500- 2000 Words, You can write about 500 Words.
There are so many AI Article generator as well if you want them to write, But Sometimes, The Content written by such a tool doesn't have any meaning.
So, If you really want to brand, Try to post a short and sweet article of about 500 Words on regular basis.
Also, You can copy some parts of your web articles.

Mew 👑 » Dulal – Article length depends on niche, competition and whether the keyword is transactional, informational or directional, not words 🙂
Dulal » Mew
Agreed, But Nevertheless, Short Quality Article is far better than that of Long with Low Value.
Yeah, too many people get caught up in length. A few hundred high quality words beats 3000 words of rubbish. It's not the length that matters, but the content.

Well what I would suggest is create an informative article and post it on the Website.
Then, if you want people on LinkedIn to go read your article on your Website, create a short spin around article which discusses any one of the points of the article posted on the Website.
Leave the LinkedIn readers a reason to read more. You can keep this LinkedIn article short and then leave the link to your Website, so the reader can learn more by visiting the Website.
All this can be done with just a little bit of thought while preparing the blog post itself. Plan on how you can create a content that makes people wanna come read your entire blog.
This could serve as best practice.


Hi! You need to differentiate the purpose of each channel. I'm not an expert on LinkedIn specifically but social media is ment to build a following. You will probably not get new visitors from social media posting exclusively because the people seeing the posts already follow you.
The blog and website however are ment to bring traffic, create trustworthyness and inform about your product/service. Here you should create a blog with many good informative blogposts about or close to your niche. See this as a platform to share knowledge. Do keyword research about your topics and use headings, subheadings and visual material to make you blogposts more engaging.
Start linkbuilding by reaching out to your friends and business-partners ans ask them to link to your website and your articles if they find them informative. Alao keep an eye out for news articles and blogposts from other people in your industry where they could benefit from linking to you (their readers might want to read your content). Reach out to them and ask for a link.
You will get traffic from organic search thia way. It will take some time if your website is very new but don't lose hope, keep posting and link building and you will see results in about 4-6 months.

LaFauve » Jessica
You definitely can get new traffic from social posts. It's all about engagement rate; if 5% of your followers engage, it means that their entire network sees that they did this. Which means it can attract people that didn't know you get.
LinkedIn is only a "closed" network if we choose it to be.
Jessica » LaFauve
Thank you for the insight, I will consider this in the future 🙂
LaFauve » Jessica
Good luck 🙂 🤞

Your SEO consultant doesn't know what their talking about. You can syndicate your website content and not get penilsed.
Some great advice above about writing for different platforms like LinkedIn will be different from your website content,
And your posts/articles should meet different stages of your funnel, Awareness, interested, decision for example.
Good luck.
Already some awesome tips were given, but to become LinkedIn famous, we need to stop treating it like it's Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
People are on LinkedIn because they want to connect, and they want to learn from others in a field they have interest in.
People use search engines because they are searching for a solution to something.
Wanna get LinkedIn famous?
– Post often.
– Post with relevance.
– Post "snackable content".
– Engage in conversations
– Respond to posts made by others with relevant information (!!!)
You can definitely write long form content on LinkedIn but repurpose this content to make smaller, bitesized posts. Because 1 simple one-off post might go viral? But it's more likely that it won't.
Hone your network. Engage. Be social.
The only thing imho how SEO and LinkedIn can work well together, is that you can get backlinks by posting articles, and by placing backlinks in your profile itself (I'm not kidding), and that if you're omnipresent visible, people are more likely to click your link anywhere.
Bonus Tip: SEO keyword optimize your LinkedIn. You can? Yes, you can! I had to actually de-optimize mine because I was getting wayyyyyy too much attention.
Good luck!
P.S: LinkedIn -does- penalize traffic that goes off platform. The way to go around that, is to post the link in the first comment. 🙂

LinkedIn Experiment: Link in Post VS Link in Comment

Duplicate content doesn't get penalized, it just may not index, and therefore has no ranking or SEO value if it doesn't index; that's the main mechanical problem with duplicate content. From my experience 80% of the time partial-duplicate content will index every time if you're pointing links to the URLs to help index.. Also, for anyone doing local I've seemed to find (with zero empirical data whatsoever..) if you build 100 lead gen projects all using the same content … (cough) .. Google may target them in a grouping and all your Google My Business (GMB) listings will get suspended because it's an easy footprint who knows.. but I don't think that's your issue here. 🙂 If you're syndicating content across social media channels that's totally fine and what you should be doing, and nary a penalty to be had ever doing that. Regarding content you post across social media that's another story: you need to pinpoint and cultivate each one to reap the benefits as each one has different strategic audience demographics.


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