Verify All Business Locations | Register Multiple Addresses on GMB

Discussion 3: Verify All Business Locations | Register Multiple Addresses on GMB
Chris Wren
Should you register multiple addresses for a service area business?
If you do this, can you have a separate web link for each and if so do you link to a geo page for each?
Ps I'm referring to Google My Business (GMB)
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Yes. you should verify all business locations on GMB so that you can generate a web link on it.

Wren ✍️ » Elmer
For service area businesses you dont have to list a location.
So the question I have is, should I list one or more with on that area, as this would help with proximity.
If I do go down that route, do I link all location pages to the home page, or link to a geo page for that town?
Hopefully that make sense.

Lori Appleman 🎓
Only if you actually have different physical addresses. It's one GMB per actual address.

Wren ✍️ » Lori Appleman
For a service area business it's says not to list an address, just add locations.
However it seems tho that post code is more important than anything even distance.
Lori Appleman 🎓 » Wren
So this is off Google's site – 1 GMB per business, list service area accurately. It isn't a GMB per zip code.
Guidelines for representing your business on Google – Google My Business Help
Lori Appleman 🎓
For best results using Google My Business:
Represent your business as it's consistently represented and recognized in the real world across signage, stationery, and other branding.
Make sure your address and/or service area is accurate and precise.
Choose the fewest number of categories it takes to describe your overall core business.
There should only be one profile per business, as this can cause problems with how your information displays on Google Maps and Search.
Wren ✍️ » Lori Appleman
I get what Google say, but those that list in the town are above me in the maps, this is despite having less reviews etc.
I'm just outside (couple of miles) but I'm a different county.
Leads me to believe that the postcode is important.
Have you experimented with changing the address in citations.
Ps we do dog walking, we list our house address and could easily change it to my parents address.
Lori Appleman 🎓 » Mew
Is really an expert on local. I do very little of it and tend to play by the strict rules.
Wren ✍️ » Lori Appleman
Do you telephone area code is a signal, if I had a land line it would have same area code. But the post code is for different town.
Mew 👑
Hey guys! Hope your Saturday is going well.
Here's what we're doing to follow Google's rules and what Lori Appleman posted.
We are checking the physical geography of each city that a client wants to serve (rural and proper) and then assigning one GMB per area and making sure there is no overlap in the service area section.
Let's take Atalanta for example in this picture:
Atlanta proper is outlined in red but local residents may consider Sandy Springs north of Atlanta part of greater Atlanta, however this is not how Google works.
We would put a GMB in Sandy Springs if our client services there and list the service areas as Sandy Springs, then we would put a GMB in Atlanta and list the service area as just Atlanta.
If you're using multiple GMBs like this do not cross boundaries with the service area section or Google Will combine them because, why have two GMBs that serve the same areas?
I hope this makes sense but please remember it is likely to change at any point if people start abusing this, which I see they already have started.
verify all business locations register multiple addresses on gmb

Wren ✍️ » Mew
That is very interesting. You doing this with the carpet cleaning company?
Mew 👑 » Wren – Carpet Cleaners, Plumbers and HVAC
Wren ✍️ » Mew
So you listing an address for each of the pages, or you leaving it out and just listing service area?
Also do you do citations for each of the locations including the full NAP
Mew 👑 » Wren – We add the address first and verify the GMB postcard and then remove. Google keeps the address on the backend and we find it's easier to rank if that address is there in Google repository.
We use SEMrush for the citations on every new GMB, yes.
Wren ✍️ » Mew
That's great, I'm sure that's what's costing me, I know some of my competitors registered theres and deleted, they have now moved to a surrounding village and are coming up above me.
Do you bother with citations for each of the listings, or just do it for the main office.
Guessing you also just link each page to the home page rather than the geo page?
Mew 👑 » Wren – We do citations for each of the listings and then do our best to make sure our clients are getting tons of reviews from those areas to them. This is a hassle but ratings and posts are two of the biggest determining factors for ranking a GMB right now in my tests.
We link the GMB to the websites location page for that GMB and then all locations are linked together as well through a hallway page, not to be confused with a doorway page.
Wren ✍️ » Mew
Ok, when I checked the carpet cleaning company you shared they seemed to be linked to the same page regardless of location.
Mew 👑 » Wren – Were having a hard time with that company. Google keeps reverting our changes due to multiple companies having worked on it and citations being all over the place. I would use that example for the on page SEO but the off page has been a struggle
Wren ✍️ » Mew
Alix » Mew
How do you verify the GMB in the other area? Where do you send the postcard to?
Mew 👑 » Alix – Employee houses, non flagged virtual offices etc. Anywhere we can and then we get the address removed the second it is verified to stay in compliance with Google
Wren ✍️ » Mew
Do you have any examples of your plumbers or HVAC sites done like this.
Also with citations do you use same phone number for each location?
Mew 👑 » Wren – We have tracking numbers on every GMB so we use those with the citations. We're very diligent in our segmentation and take a full scale approach.
Wren ✍️ » Mew
Tracking numbers?
Mew 👑 » Wren –
Numbers that we can track to listen to the calls and provide tips to our owner/operators and to understand if call volume is rising month over month
Call Tracking & Marketing Analytics Software
this is what I need to start doing.
Mew 👑 » Ryan – We have the numbers and team to help with just GMBs if you need bud. Get super good results. I know you know Ads and SEO already 🙂
Ryan » Mew
Shoot me some info!


Discussion 2 about GMB Google My Biz
Hey guys, question about "Google my Business". I am working on a rank and rent website that is directed towards a town I live about 40 miles away from. I do not have a physical location or mailing address there. How would I go about setting up a verified Google my Business page for this area? Thanks for any advice.
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Have you looked into Virtual Offices? Depending on the area, many offer physical addresses to get mail "google code" etc. As well, a dedicated number. Downside is that you will have the added monthly expense.
As far as the dedicated number, I purchase a number and assign it to the location, then forward accordingly.
Just a thought.

John ✍️
Thanks for the reply, dedicated virtual numbers are pretty cheap these days so that's not a problem. However, I have looked into virtual offices, my only wonder is that, can I cancel my virtual office or mailing address once I get my Google verification code?
Yes, they do a monthly on a lot of plans.
In high competition areas, you will see a lot of people using the same addy.. I try to fin an address less used. they usually offer multiple addresses.. etc.
John ✍️
If you had an address that Is being used several times will it still work with google business?
yes, you get assigned a suite. Views as though you are an office in a building.
John ✍️
Ill have to look more into that. If mail if sent to the virtual office it just gets forwarded to my real address right? Also are there any address providers you recommend that work well?
I've used Opus a lot.
Please note "and I should have stated from the start":
Virtual Offices are against G's quality guideline policy, though I have used so far without any issues. So proceed at your own risk. 😉
Further reading on policy issues and guidelines:
Guidelines for representing your business on Google – Google My Business Help
Glen » John
, in follow up to what
is saying though, I have a contracting business that I run from home. I used my home address for the business, but, if I were to do it again, I'd use a virtual address for a bit of privacy… it is a bit of a surprise when clients show up unexpectedly at the house… so, the virtual office would be better… Just saying there is a potential argument for why you'd have a virtual address…


Discussion 1 about GMB Google My Biz
Google My Business (GMB) Question👇
So I have my GMB address listed as my place and we offer a service that travels literally 100+ miles.
We are ranking in our area but it’s in the country and doesn’t really get many searches.
Our big city Melbourne is only 40 miles up the road and gets 20x the amount of searches.
I business services Melbourne + ranks high organically already and I would nato prefer to rank my Google My Business in the Melbourne snack pack.
Question is:
Should I simply change my address to some area in Melbourne and therefore eventually rank to many more people???
Competition is low for Google My Business (GMB) so I’m thinking it shouldn’t be an issue passing whoever is already in that area.
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You need to have a real address in Melbourne. Another option is to look at virtual offices etc so you can get an address there.
It's not as simple as just changing the address unfortunately, you need an address there you can verify via a post card in the mail.
If you have a contact in the area that will allow you to use their address (ideally not residential) it'll make your life much easier
Daniel ✍️
This was my only concern (the post card) and i was thinking of just changing my address to a friend in that area. But…i was watching a Youtube tutorial and they showed them changing the address to another and said that since you are already verified, you didn't need to do it again. It/they could be completely wrong but i was hoping the were correct. I need to dig deeper.

I'd be surprised if that was true (in 2018 anyway), if it was that easy everyone would register themselves at home and then change their address to the nearest big city.
Google are getting real strict on the GMB and are clamping down on PO boxes .etc. Didn't think PO boxes were even possible for GMB registration anymore tbh from what I've read.
I'm pretty sure even residential addresses are now also under scrutiny with Google asking customers if the address was a business or residential address. I'm no GMB expert, just relaying the conversations I see going on in the FB groups
Daniel ✍️
Yep thanks man, it's a real iffy one. If i was to legit move to Melbourne surely that wouldn't be an issue. I think I'll look to change it over to a friends place that's around that area to be as safe as i can be anyway.
Yos » Ryan
is right. Back in 2015, changing address worked. I tried out again this year and Google sent another postcard to verify.
Yes, asked your friend to help you out and make sure you won't get into a fight with him or he may take down your GMB listing…LOL

you'll have problems if you change address and not the phone number (if it's not a mobile) – probably need a postcard unless you're real lucky – if you know people that's an option or you can get someone on Airtasker to receive the postcard for you – you can also try getting a PO box and use the street address of the post office (then redirect the mail to your address)

Daniel ✍️
Yeah agreed…I do have a 1800 number though.

One trick that I know does work is if you find a shared office space or virtual office that businesses are using, and ranking in the local listings then use that… I have done it in a few cities. You just need to make sure that office location hasn’t been blacklisted.
Michael Milas
Might be able to help you out. He can get you in GMB listings without address verifications.
You need another GMB.


This may satisfy you: Most of the People Make these Mistakes While Creating or Optimizing Their or Their Client’s GMB Listing

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