Some Outdated SEO Ways Help Keywords Rank, but Mine Have Been Not on the First Pages of SERPs Yet

I have been doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of an angular website(SpideyGames) for 6 months. I have used all the off-page techniques, which an SEO guy can do.
Like in Phase 1 – 3 Months
I have used off-page techniques that are outdated now like directory submission, social bookmarking, blog commenting, Profile creation etc.
Phase 2
After getting unsuccessful, I changed my techniques and switch to trending ones like article submission, Guest posting, forum submission etc. And also optimize on-page SEO.
After doing this, my website rank goes up for some keyword. But didn't succeed to rank any keyword on the first page yet.
And also after getting some good ranking, the keywords are not staying in the same position. Like after getting a good rank on search engine 2nd or 3rd-page their ranking goes down to 5th to 6th page. This thing happened with many keywords.
Important –
In any case, I have to rank this website. Can anyone suggest me some good tips which can help me with this? Any kind of suggestion should be appreciated.
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Revisit your on page as it's often the case that lots more can be done. If you have already applied all the on page you know do some research on it to see what you don't yet know and need to learn or be reminded of things you know but overlooked.

Harish ✍️ » Paul
thanks for your suggestion. I have already done my on page. And i think it's in pretty good condition. But, ya you are right i can do some research. May be I will get something useful for me.

While doing offsite is important, your onsite is just as important. Make sure you're updating, you've not missed anything, go over everything on site and don't neglect social sharing. Even if you don't get a massive boost from social, it can be an important traffic source for your niche
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Harish ✍️ » Stephen
thanks for your valuable suggestion..yup i know on site also has equal value to rank any website..I have already done on page of my website and I don't think, i missed anything. But yes Social sharing can be a useful technique for me.

Big movements in ranking is normal, especially for new sites or those just starting Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Concentrate on EAT, look this up if you need to. Check you are giving enough info about yourself, contact info available, encourage engagement through reviews and/or comments, have the right policies in place, link out to other authority sites, make your content better than whatever is ranking for your keywords. Hope this helps
Are you a javascript dev are you using the new components where it let's you create a server side page with content that allows the search engines to read your content then the rest is given on the client side?

this, have your devs look. into Server Side Rendering (SSR) server side rendering), they can then have your content management system (CMS) look at the user agent and serve the rendered variant to googlebot and social media bots. just ensure that the JS client side rendered variant matches the SSR variant.

I think you should keep working on , on page content and traffic from social sites.. these days traffic and social media worth a lot for ranking stability.
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Harish ✍️ » Naveed
thanks for your suggestion..yeah i am thinking to focus more on social media. I think they will be good source for traffic.
Well, is the site spidygames dot com, and what keyword/phrases were you wishing to rank for? What you want to rank for has much to do with how much competition there is for the topics/keywords relevancy which may or may not include a degree of off page factors as well. Researching competitive factors is critical. Test and optimize. And do it again.
Harish ✍️ » Jonathan
thanks for your valuable reply.
Yes, this is, basically a gaming portal made on Angular.
Keywords are free online games, mobile games online, fun games to play online etc.
Google shows them low competitive keywords..but after working on them, i dont think so.
Free Games – Play Free Online Games at
Free Games – Play Free Online Games at
Free Games – Play Free Online Games at
Naveed » Harish
i also agree with jonathan… website types and competitors matter, but you can drive traffic for gaming website through social media, and why don't you try to whom the reviews of your visitors??
Free online games is massively competitive with well over a quarter million searches. If you use Google keyword planner the only competition metric it will give you is based on paid keywords which has nothing to do with SEO competition. I took a quick glance and your main issues could be over optimizations, lack of topic/keywords relevance and links. Your competition is far ahead with backlinks. You do not want to overly repeat certain keywords or phrases but rather combine them in a way that makes sense to the theme, subjects and topics. And you can strengthen this by site architecture. Research online games keywords and all the variations of this keyword phrase to start to understand subjects and topics that are connected to the theme of online games. You can also use Google related searches and Google suggest to increase relevancy understanding. Try to rank for lower competition phrases related to online games and build overall relevancy for the site which should make ranking for bigger related keyword phrases easier. You have a tough one. Nothing easy about it. Use Internet Business Promoter or similar software to assess competitive websites for the same key phrases you want to rank for to get an idea on what they are doing. If you client wants to spend money to promote you can try cheap FB video view campaigns and maybe re targeting strategies as well. Make sure your audience/device targeting is spot on. Anyways, your task does not seem easy. Cheers!
Harish ✍️ » Naveed
Naveed I give like/dislike option on the game page, which shows on search engine results pages as ratings. Are you asking to give a comment option, where visitors can share the reviews?
Harish ✍️ » Jonathan
First of all thank you so much to give this detailed information.
Yeah, I know this is pretty competitive. But, I really want to do my best to rank this on Google. I am always trying to implement something new on my website, which I thought can be useful for the website and give some result.
After getting your views, I will definitely do something about keyword relevancy. Sometimes, I also think the same, did I over-optimize my website with keyword stuffing. Now, I have confirmed it and will also do something about it.
And I also thought to rank on lower competitive keywords. So, I started to work on "mobile games online". Which has 22200 searches according to Google keyword planner. I worked on that keyword and lead it on the 2nd page. But, I don't know for which reason it got down to 6th page after staying 3 weeks on 2nd page.
I also tracking my competitors to get to know what they are currently doing and what they have already done.
I am thinking to start brand awareness or traffic campaign on Fb to promote my website.
And also thinking to start a blog on the site. What do you think, would it be a great idea or not?
And should I implement it on WordPress as a subdomain?
An interesting idea to make a WordPress blog on a subdomain. I think you could add a lot of relevance for sure which helps SEO efforts so long as content is good experience for user. Also don't forget keyword topical and competitor research to use as guidelines. Apparently Angular SEO is a thing and not to familiar with that. But here is a video from Google discussing how to make your Angular Apps SEO "friendly'…
Make your Angular web apps discoverable – JavaScript SEO
Harish ✍️ » Jonathan
thank you so much for all your help. It was so nice to talk to such an experienced person like you.
Harish ✍️
Hey Jonathan, I drop a message for you. Please check your message request or filtered messages.


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