Some Prices of a 1000-Word Article

What’s the current ongoing price for blog post writing services?
As in per 1000 words or so.
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Depends on the type of writing. You can get a blog in $20, affiliate marketing blog at $50. I'm a writer and can help you with content.

Ryan ✍️ » Ehtram
I’m just looking for price margins and the going rate. Thank you.
Sure. It's $5-$50 in Pakistan
Ryan ✍️ » Ehtram
I’m based in the UK, so I’ll convert but thank you. Just working some stuff out at the minute.

It depends on your article niche Ryan
. we charge 10$-30$ p/1000w.

Ryan ✍️ » Kholil
Thank you. Is that including the keyword research too or just writing?

Including Keyword Research & other SEO optimizations it can go up to $100. It also depends on volume.
Well, for everyone saying it can “go up to…”
HOLD ONTO YOUR SOCKS! Because it can actually go up to…
£175 ($200ish) per 1,000.
That’s what I charge anyway and I’m flooded with work.
U.K. based. Masters standard education. Big international clients. AAA+ standard. Etc etc.
I often write to Surfer SEO recommendations – probably slightly less if I’m just working with a bunch of keywords and brand guidelines though.

Ryan ✍️ » Kelly
Thank you for the information! I’ve seen a lot of numbers being thrown around and as a result, it’s been difficult to find a sweet spot for pricing etc.
Kelly » Ryan
Are you creating content? Happy to ping some messages backward and forward if you’re hoping to work out your own pricing 👍🏻
Ryan ✍️ » Kelly
Currently in the process of trying to set something up! I’m just a passionate, English blog writer in the UK who enjoys writing blog posts. I’m trying to get away from providing entire SEO Packages and as a result, providing blog posts and writing. That would be great though 😊
Kelly » Ryan
My wife will be upset if I spend the whole evening on Facebook but when I’m at my desk I’ll ping you some of my thoughts man! Happy to help someone else venturing into this world!
Ryan ✍️ » Kelly
Likewise haha, that would be great thank you! Absolutely, very thankful for the help 🙂

£20-£25 per 1000 words through my company. Native English speakers.
Heavily advise not to go with these cheap options based abroad like India or Pakistan they’re all crap. Can’t even speak English properly. They’re the cause of the downgrading of so many industries – call centers, graphic design, textiles, etc. You get what you pay for.


This may satisfy you: Price Variation for an Article Around 1500-2500 Words
People often throw out prices for ' native English ' yet fail to understand there are plenty of not very good native English writers out there.
I use a team of 3 writers, each having at least an Master of Science M.Sc, native English born and bred, university lecturers and I pay £100 per 1k words on average. They charge a little more for Surfer optimized content.
They have written for huge organizations and also educational establishments and one is a published author.
All the content is unique, well researched and passes 3 plagiarism checks.
From a writer: Turning in 2400 words today for $225. Got a job yesterday @ $175/1500 words. Those are pretty average for me. Sometimes I can get double that based on the niche and work involved.
Some writers get more. But they often put a lot more time into outreach or have built relationships with high-paying clients. Still working on that myself.
Cheap content at under $0.05/word is for all intents and purposes invisible on the internet. It will likely never rank. And no one will stay on your website to read it.
Save your money and buy one post a month that actually does something for you instead of paying every day/week for content Google and your audience will ignore.
This may satisfy you: A 2000 Word Blog Post versus Two 1000 Word Ones a Week

Ryan ✍️ » Eric
Wow that’s a great earring for your content.
It’s taken a couple years to get there. Mostly due to my own mindset. There are clients out there who will pay more.
I’m sorry, but almost no one can write a great (or even good) blog post in an hour. How these people write posts for $20-50 is beyond me.
Either the content will be garbage or they’re lying to themselves or others about how long the work actually takes.
Living overseas might help when it comes to rates. But can most writers who live in another country really write content that resonates with your audience?
I go back to my original point. If your post isn’t getting indexed by Google, ranking, or engaging readers, you might as well flush that $20 down the toilet.
Even with a great writer, results will be hit or miss. With “bad” or “disconnected” writers, you won’t stand a chance.
These are the arguments I make on my own behalf. Not targeted at you or anyone else.
If potential clients want to talk about discounted pricing, I ask them how long it would take them to write a post.
Then I tell them to think about how much they would bill or how much revenue they need in that amount of time.
Often, the pricing conversation goes away.
If they say something foolish like “an hour,” say “bull 💩!” and move on with your life. And if they don’t make enough to pay the rate you need to eat, they’re not the client for you.
Okay, I’m done blowing up this comment. Have a happy Friday and great weekend! 😆


This may satisfy you: How Worth and Word Count do You Pay a Website Content Writer Averagely?

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