Some Steps to find the right Local SEO Expert in Our Country

Hi guys. How do I find the right local SEO expert for me? Do I need someone from my own country, or perhaps even from my own area that understands the local thought patterns when choosing a local business? Since I'm not in the US will the conversion rate be a killer if I choose someone from OS? What questions should I ask?
I own a local service business and have written my own content, I create citations, write blogs every month and manage our GMB listing. I pay a local agency for two backlinks a month but feel they are overcharging me. We are on the first page of Google for most key words but have recently been outranked for our local keywords by a competitor's new website.
I do love this group and have learnt so much but I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong to lose ranking.
I think I need guidance from an expert but am unsure who to do.


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Mohaiminul Islam
What's you budget per month?

Simōne ✍️ » Mohaiminul Islam
Mohaiminul Islam » Simōne
What's the niche you are targeting for local ranking? Let me kno your niche+city. Budgets depends on city population and competitors ranking as you are targeting local business. You can get ton of backlinks in your budgets but it's not a good idea. Don't fall into overnight ranking with black hat methods and get banned your GMB's. For the local it's since harder when it goes very competitive.

hi Simōne. where the SEO expert is located is irrelevant. what is relevant is his/hers expertise and probably a good level of English. you'd want to ask them for similar ranked businesses like yours to qualify them. to see if they know what they are doing you'd need to know Search-Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) yourself. otherwise would be like me trying to judge if my dentist is up to speed with the latest treatments and technologies by reading some random facebook posts. the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is independent of the country you are in. you want a high conversion rate so that your marketing spend generates you more money. that's all. were you talking about CTR? click trough rate? that's something else, and it does affect your ranking. citations, yes u can do yourself and if you do them right, no need to pay someone else. same for the content. IF you know what your are doing and are doing it close to perfection…great. if you've just been outranked by a NEW site, that means yours is not seen by Google as authoritative enough. meaning there are things you should improve: on-page, off-page and entity wise. might also mean that the links you are paying for monthly are not good quality 😉. there are so many people selling "HIGH QUALITY " links these days…

Simōne ✍️ » Daniel
Thanks so much for your advice. I really appreciate it. There's so many people out there making huge promises. It can get overwhelming.
Where would you suggest I look? In this group? Is there another group I could advertise in?
Daniel » Simōne
The safest bet would be an agency that has a good track record with your niche and show you proof. or, even an agency that can show you results with other clients in possible competitive niches. in all the groups there are capable people and a lot of pebbles. finding diamonds is not easy if you don't know how to tell them apart.
Simōne ✍️ » Daniel
That's what I'm afraid of 🤦🏻‍♀️
Daniel » Simōne
I could help you vet some of them if you need another opinion. now, depends on what you want to do moving forward: get an agency do everything for you or do it yourself. the agency will charge you at least $1000/month and this is the low end. the DIY route might be the cheapest in terms of money but you have to consider how expensive your time putting into this is for you.
Simōne ✍️ » Daniel
That would be wonderful. I do a lot myself. I actually really enjoy it. So I'm hoping to find someone who will work with me. I'm currently paying $550 per month for two backlinks. Do you think that's reasonable?
Daniel » Simōne
2 links/month – I mean good quality links – could be more than enough to rank in your city provided you have a lot of them. you'd need to look at every page you are trying to rank: what keyword(s) do you rank that page for, is your on-page good enough? compare it to the competitors similar pages for that keyword. same for the backlinks for that page. do you have the links your competitors have? can you get them? if they are niche relevant and of "good stock", of course.
Simōne ✍️
Thanks Daniel. You give great advice. This is the sort of advice I'm looking for in an SEO agency.


Hi Simóne, I would suggest, although not by any means necessary, working with someone in your local area. If you can. As an SEO I love being able to work with locals, one small business helping the other. Plus, it's such a convenience being able to catch up with clients over a coffee. You can suss out what this person is about and also build a rapport and trust with them. Plus it's helping to "keep it local". Good luck on your search 🙂

Simōne ✍️ » Avilés
Thank you!

Simone, my recommendation is post your link here so others can weigh in. If you hire an SEO, chances are you'll only get SEO advice because that may be all that SEO knows, and you may need so much more. And the same is true if you hire a content writer. That person may not know marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or anything else you need. Post here in the open and you'll get a wide range of recommendations. All may be helpful, but if nothing else you will be better equipped to know how to hire right.

Simōne ✍️
Ok. I'll do that. Thanks Kathy.
if she doesn't mind sharing the url…sure, she can get some ideas. with a lot of reading, asking around, investigating each idea to see it's merits she could do it herself without hiring someone.
Simōne ✍️ » Daniel
Thank you! I've sent you a PM.

Simōne ✍️
Thanks everyone. Here is my website. Let me know your thoughts.
Tweed Heads Denture Clinic | Dentures Banora Point

Matthew » Simōne
Good morning.. Nice looking site, and you seem to be ranking well locally. . I did a basic search checking for Dentures Tweed Heads.
You have pages for those cities and rank on top or top few of page on each. Well done. Don't fire your SEO guys . Also I was surprised at the heavy competition! Lot of old folks need dentures in that area I guess 😉
Simōne ✍️ » Matthew
Thank you! I spend a lot of time on it. So I guess it was super frustrating when I was outranked. I couldn't understand how I could be from a competitor that doesn't have as many backlinks, doesn't have the same in depth information, and they've only just redone their website. It's very confusing and frustrating.
Matthew » Simōne
Honestly you are killing it for most of the rankings and you've got better brand coverage than the competition. I mean, when I did those searches it was Northern River whom I saw the most. in fact, I was like who's this guy. and it wasn't until a few minutes into searching that I even realized it was your listing all along. So that proves I had no bias.. I'm in the security guard niche, I always tell my clients to make a local page for the city and the service they want to target. You've done that and it's paying off.. I would just stay the course. Google will update- and again soon reward you.
Simōne ✍️ » Matthew
I really appreciate your feedback. I kind of feel validated 😂 I just wish I knew more. I'll just keep on researching and reading. This group has been very helpful.
Same for me.. Iron sharpens iron

Svetlana » Simōne
I suggest you do your SEO by yourself. We have been in business for 12 years, changed 7 SEO so called experts and had million problems.I got the course from Kate Toon,learned it in 3 months,has been doing it in the last 4 years and my website and business are skyrocketing.I am not saying there are not great SEO experts but we really did not have luck.All the best!

Simōne ✍️ » Svetlana
Wow! Good on you. I've heard of Kate toon. Ill check her out again. Thank you!


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