Some Tips When Making up a Homepage of an SEO Service Provider Website

Critique my landing page.
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some tips when making up an seo service homepage

Put subscribe option at top and only have two colors (excluding text) – the subscribe part be an opposite end of color wheel to rest of page color, so to focus the customer to optin their info
Apart from that its good – learned those todbits from course I'm taking 👍🏽3

Batra ✍️
What course?
Katie » Kellen
what's the purpose/result of only having 2 colors?
Kellen » Katie
Its so the customer focuses on opting in their info – tbh you dont get customers off the get go, remarketing is key and only possible if you get their information and a code imbedded in the optin helps remarket – legal since person willingly accepted
hey can you tell the course name so that I can look things up and learn more?
Indemandcareer . com

Too many CTAs above the food (Learn More, Watch Video, Lets Talk) 👍🏽2
1 Your landing is not single focus, it has 3 CTA, is better to do 3 landings for 3 porpuses . 2 What Kellen
told ya about maximum contrast using the color wheel. 3 your text is sooo not finished
From a UX perspective it looks great, although I would use less CTA. From a copywriting perspective, I would take a different approach – first, I would ditch, murder and burn the word "Guru". I am being harsh only because it could make you lose some potential clients. Lastly, check page speed insights cause it seems to me some images are large (install lazy load plugin) and JS and CSS might need to be compressed as well. Good luck, you're off to a great start!

Batra ✍️
This is just a concept/design on Figma. 👍🏽1
Živković » Batra
ah okay, I've never used Figma before.
Batra ✍️ » Živković
Yea I've been testing my concept to see what's liked and what isn't and I'll take away some good recommendations and come back soon to finalize the main page design. Then move towards doing other things 👍🏽1


Don't mean to be harsh but you need to start over from scratch. There's nothing about this that's going to help you get customers. Don't copy any of your competitors, they're all doing it wrong.
Take your business to Guru level sounds like marketing hype. It doesn't mean anything. It just sounds clever. Like take your business to the next level, or explode your rankings, it's worthless throwaway copy and should be discarded. Clever marketing only works for companies with tons of brand recognition, like apple and Geico.
Asking them if they're losing business to their competitors is a bad question. How would they even know? They have to be an analyst and even then it's difficult to know if you're losing business to your competitors. Recommending that you can increase exposure with search engine optimization has two things wrong with it. They're not looking for exposure. They're looking for sales, they're looking for customers. Exposure is an industry term. It's just marketing jargon. You need to speak to people conversationally in terms that matter to them. Also, what if they don't know what search engine optimization even is? I suppose if you're sending targeted traffic through paid ads targeting search engine optimization, then that part of the ad could possibly work. But it's too late in the conversation.
That image is a throwaway image. It does not help the reader of the page understand what you're offering at all.
You need to a way better headline, and then you need a value proposition, and your value proposition needs a hero shot.
Your headline needs to say something that gets people's attention without sounding like hype. Something valuable from their perspective. Your sub-headline needs to convert the attention garnered by the headline into interest. Then, you need three to five bullet points that show the unique value of your business. Then you need a great call to action, some kind of offer that's unique, and gets your foot in the door. Then you need an accompanying image that demonstrates visually what the content next to it says.
When you're done, your value proposition should answer three questions. And it should answer those three questions in 5 to 7 Seconds. The three questions are, where am I?, what can I do here?, why should I do it?
Once you have your value proposition, make a list of all the problems you help your potential customer solve. Then make a list of all of the benefits potential customers will get by working with you. Then make a list of all the questions they might have and answer them. Then make a list of all the objections they might have and counter them.
Then, prioritize the four categories and pick the top three to five. Then make one to two sections per category dedicated to solving problems, showing benefits, answering questions and countering objections.
Follow that up with social proof, reviews, certificates, trust icons, company logos, years in business, customer service, testimonials, Etc, and finish off the Page by repeating the value proposition. 👍🏽9

Batra ✍️ » Robert
some tips when making up an seo service homepage
Robert » Batra
I made my comment way more detailed in order to help you better.
Batra ✍️ » Robert
yup. That’s another design i was going for 👍🏽1
Robert » Batra
I do like the headline that's very attention-getting. You're halfway there. The headline is the hardest and most important part of the page. It sets the tone for the rest of the page. It's like the root of the tree. The top of the pyramid if you will. The problem with the rest of the copy is that you start talking about algorithm. This is technical jargon. Most potential customers aren't going to know what an algorithm is. The image is not helpful. It's attractive but it doesn't do anything to help potential customers understand your offer. It's way too complicated no one's going to look at it. There's a book out there called don't make them think. It's about conversion rate optimization. You need to be more clear as to what your offer is. You're stuck in the way that most business owners get stuck. All business owners really. You're not framing things from the customer's perspective. They don't care about algorithms or visibility, or in most cases even rankings. They care about phone calls. They care about emails. They care about sales. They care about leads.
Batra ✍️ » Robert
Yup. understood. What i really want is to generate recurring monthly subscriptions for full SEO package. 👍🏽1
Robert » Batra
you can do it!
Batra ✍️ This is the current state of the site. It's a template, but I'd like to turn this around and make changes, so i needed this advise I've been searching for past few years. 👍🏽1
Robert » Batra
too company-centric. Make it about customers and their needs first, your company and your services last. Like a good lover 😉 👍🏽1
Batra ✍️ » Robert
Agreed. Now that I gave some thought to it, differentiating myself from others, has started to become tough. I've created a similar site
Website Design Agency| Website Design Company | Web Guru DC 👍🏽1


1. I'm confused , what action do u want me to take on the landing page
2. u want to help bring my business to guru level, can u paint what a guru level looks like
3. what does the lady image mean?
4. are u selling a guide or a service? i cannot tell
5. u have some social proof?
6. who is behind the team? u have a "lets talk" button, but who r u?
7. below got subscribe button, but subscribe for what (ebook or newsletter)?
8. what is SEO? can explain more?
9. "Your guide to growth ahead", what does the "ahead" refers to? pls specify
10. your sub-heading only talks about search engine optimization but u listed social media marketing service section as well, this seems weird
11. do u have a specialized niche in seo? e.g. seo expert for dentist in X country with X results 👍🏽1
I agree with all the others. You have used too many CTAs here. Also you can use more eye-catching call to action. The style guide and over UI can be improvised further. If you need a free consultation please do connect 🙂
There's not enough content in it to even base any criteria on. Your headline needs some work, be more specific with the outcome you're trying to sell, or the problem you're trying to solve.

This may satisfy you: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Website Homepages

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