Someone Wanted to Master SEO in 90 Days From Knowing Nothing


Is it possible to learn SEO in 90 days to start freelancing or getting a remote job? How is the availability of work for people trying to work online from South Asia?

Non-native English speaker here.

I live in Bangladesh. I have a BS in Economics, an MBA and 4.5 years in retail banking as a bank officer. Including commute time, I spend about 14-14.5 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week, totalling around 70-80 hours a week. The work load is very high and I am getting burnt out. Even with all these degrees, the job still pays less than a living wage.

I am therefore looking for a way, where I can do freelancing gigs during Friday and then if I start earning constant income, I will leave this job and become a freelancer full time. I would then be looking to transition into a full time remote job. I only need to earn USD 1000 a month eventually and that would be enough.

One problem is that, employers in the EU don't want to give work to people from SOuth Asia because of GDPR issues. As a result the job or gig market is smaller for us.

Now my question is: Is it possible to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 90 days, and is there enough work available to do the gigs as a freelancer during Fridays and then eventually find remote jobs?
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Personally, i don't think you can in 90 days. You might be able to read enough about the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be able to understand the basics but you would most likely not have the practical experience in 90 days to confidently take on clients and know what you are doing. The plus side though is that you write decent english so you could reach out to other SEO users to potentially see if they need support. This would give you an opening to learn under someone else and give you the ability to practice which is 100% where you actually learn. Good luck to you.

Hey, while I agree with your feedback, I also think his/her English is better than decent. It's engaging, and with no grammatical errors as far as I can tell. I would even go as far as suggesting they might try generating content with a focus in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and their field of expertise. You don't get to see a writer that has a mastery in a given field while being engaging and well structured very often. Just my two cents.

(Non-native English speaker too, so be nice 🙂)

Oh i meant no disrespect by my statement and i hope "decent" wasn't received poorly. I meant that his writing was good so maybe i understated it. That being said, understanding SEO strategy and mastering content writing with a focus on organic optimization takes time if you truly want to be good at it. Our industry is littered with people who think they can run through a crash course and make easy side money. No offense to OP but it's people like this that give our entire industry a bad name because they come in unprepared and ill equiped to actually create strategy that garners the results clients look for. There is a vast difference between someone who thinks that SEO is updating titles and writing blog posts vs someone who knows how to build a long term strategy designed to target valuable keywords and build a complete on page experience for users that leverage best practices set out by Google guidelines. People who try and take shortcuts effectively sour the industry for clients while people with years of experience end up having to clean up the messes that others have created when they don't know what they're doing. My goal was to let OP know that he does have the skills necessary to take an understudy position, if he can find one, so he can get to the point where he is qualified.
Oh yeah, totally agree with you, the industry already has/had a bad reputation and this doesn't necessarily help. I also think there's always room for someone in the industry to come with fresh eyes and focus on the user.

This is why SEO has a bad reputation. Can you learn basic skills in 90 days? Sure, but you're not going to be able to produce decent results if there is any competition at all. You're going to have a hard time getting clients with little to no experience, and a harder time keeping them if you don't produce results.

There are tons of agencies in SE Asia that you could work with and learn from. Get some experience, get some results on more than one site, then you can freelance and feel good about the service you offer.

If you know what you're doing you can make a lot more than $1000/mo in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

xphone ✍️
Ok. I guess I would have to drop SEO from my choice of careers.

Are there any other freelancing careers that I can learn in 90 days and where work is very much available for people from South Asia? I am in Bangladesh by the way, so its South Asia not South East Asia.

You can learn the basics of anything in 90 days, but you're simply not going to have experience to be very good at anything in 90 days. I've been in this industry over 25 years, 14 as an agency owner and I still learn stuff all the time. It's going to take a year or two of experience to get good enough, a few years to be better than most, and a long time to be considered an expert or thought leader.

Anything you can learn in 90 days and be good at it isn't going to pay much because anyone can learn it and be good at it.

Absolutely no

People who say otherwise are the reason why SEO can sometimes have a bad reputation

In 90 days you will only learn enough to think that you know Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but won't be able to actually get much results

Start with your own sites and once you get results for yourself then you will be ready to help clients and that won't happen in 90 days, maybe not even in 1 or even 2 years+ depending on your passion and capacity to learn

Is it so hard?? does this field have future
xphone ✍️
Alright. Can you suggest some other skillsets that I can learn in 90 days and where jobs on freelancing sites like Upwork is plentiful for people like me who are trying to work remotely from South Asia?

You will have to do further research and find something that actually interests you

Copywriting is a great option

By Judging your situation from the post, I believe it is not possible to learn SEO 100% when you are working 70-80 hours a week. sure you can get the basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 90 days but in order to get clients, you must know how to apply the tactics and strategies on an actual website. for that in your current position, you will need to spend more than 90 days learning and apply the learned knowledge before you start providing the services

Still don't let my comment or any other member's who says you cant let you down. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

One piece of advice that I can give you is to start learning SEO bit by bit and take your time learning it perfectly don't rush. it might take more time to learn than you expect but once you start the journey surely you will be able to finish.

Believe in yourself!
The problem is that SEO takes time to see the results. Even if you learned everything on day 1 it would still take 9 months to a year to show anything for it.

xphone ✍️
Alright. Can you suggest some other skillsets that I can learn in 90 days and where jobs are easily available on freelancing websites?

Go to Problogger and apply as a writer. You will make about 20 usd an article. After a while you will develop a skillset and can make 50.

After that make your own site.

In 90 days you can't learn SEO but why you need to learn complete SEO in 90 days to earn only $1000 per month?

I realised the actual question ‍♂️, so you have an interest in SEO and you wanted to learn it and make atleast 1000 dollars per month right?

So here's my suggestion that might help you to hit the target 🎯.

SEO is large so look for a corner. Let's e-commerce SEO, local SEO, national SEO, or affiliate marketing (blogging)

If you need something instant don't go for any investment like blogging. (It will Take a lot of time can demotivate you)

So choose e-commerce or local SEO.

Now still you can't learn everything in 90 days.

So learn one or two of these

audit, pages optimization, keywords research, backlink outreach, copy writing ✍️ etc

Learn only one of these.

Let's make it more specific.

How about "copy writing for roofing contractors "

Or "Quality backlinks for law firms "

Or "product listing for e-commerce "

Then you could join Upwork,Fiverr or directly contact to the companies.

If you practice one of those skills and start working I think it's possible to start your journey in 90 days . Then just continue your career and learn the other part of SEO.

You can find agency owners and tell them you have X or y skills and you can work as a virtual assistant.

If you work with agencies as a VA you will learn from the live projects.

This is how I started you know now I have a team of 18,20 people and we making decent $$$$.
Honestly you don't learn everything in SEO in just 90days but if you make a schedule and give some hours daily and follow SEO expert's then you would do much better in 90days. Go this website and first Learn SEO fundamentals and many more . If you want some practical experience build a website and implement your tactics .. When You do this solve problems in a website you easily understand the issues ..

Also Follow Google web guidelines and how search engine works .
You can learn a lot in 90 days, but the only way to truly produce results as a freelancer or sole implementer is to get your hands dirty first – do SEO for free for a friend or start your own hobby/affiliate site. You cannot give honest work for clients unless you've proven traffic/rankings/sales growth for others first. Spend 1 month researching, and another 6 months proving your concept (while continuing to research). As soon as you've delivered for your self or a friend for free, then you can start charging others.


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