Someone Was Sad Due to Pinterest Unique Views Dropping Whereas What I Know That Pinterest Stats Are Always Fluctuating Indeed, and They Always Go Back Up


Pinterest unique views dropping Why? HELP!

Hi guys, I don't know what to do about this one or where to post to ask for help. Thought I'd try here. Has anyone of you experienced a drop in monthly unique views in Pinterest? I've had a good couple of months with the numbers going up rapidly. But the past few weeks… it's been dropping. This morning, it dropped by a full 1000. If this happened to you, what did you do to fix it? I'm at a loss cause Pinterest brings in the most traffic to my blog and I can't afford to lose it as a source… 😢
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My Pinterest stats are always fluctuating, and they always go back up, I'm sure yours will too! Do you consistently pin everyday? I know if I miss a week of pinning or using tailwind my metrics fall from being less active. Try repinning your successful content to new group boards for more visibility, that might give you a boost!

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Oh? They fluctuate? I had no idea it does that. Yeah, I pin every day. Guess that's all I can do. I'll keep monitoring of course. Thanks for the suggestion.

I've noticed the same. I had a situation where a few pins took off (no where near viral) bringing in around 100 visits a day, but my pinterest unique have stagnated over the past month, month and half. I'm pinning regularly and have a smart loop running via tailwind. a bit discouraging seeing numbers drop without rhyme or reason though. guess I don't understand the algorithm and tailwind as much as I thought. I'm trying to figure out how some manage to get thousands on thousands of uniques a day.

I'd love to get even several hundred uniques at this point as it's a nice bonus in top of organic reach which to me is way more important, sustainable and controllable imo.

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Exactly! It is discouraging. But I'm not giving up yet. I pinned with a vengeance today. Traffic to my blog from Pinterest was it's highest today so I'm curious if my monthly viewers will drop again tomorrow. One of the pins did quite well too so yeah I'm curious. What's your monthly unique views? I just started my blog on January 1st so the numbers are not through the roof or anything but it was going well up until now 😬

same, I just created a handful of new pins today. pinned to a few tribes and got the queue up to 100+. that should hold for the next 2 weeks. I'm dedicated to spending at least 2-3 hrs a week or bi-weekly, acting as my own Virtual Assistant (VA) to level up my pinterest game and maintain some sort of steady flow of pinterest traffic. monthly uniques via pinterest I'd say 3.5k right now. I'd love for that to be 35k, I can dream, heh.

What's your uniques? I'd say you're in a good place, only 2 months in and taking advantage of pinterest. good move to get massive traction early on. I only started a few months ago. most of my focus is on organic traffic rn.
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Pinterest says I have 84.1k monthly viewers now which brings in anywhere between 30-40 pageviews a day to my blog. My highest was 80, yesterday. Yay! It's back to being slow today but I'm okay as long Pinterest doesn't drop my monthly viewers. I hold my breath every morning now when checking the stats I think my progress is a bit slow tho. I'm hoping for organic traffic to kick in soon too. I get trickles of 1 or 2 a day. But they say you need about 55 posts up before Google recognizes a new blog. Mine is still an infant. I'm targeting to hit that number this month. At 45 now. I'm interested to see what happens then. Knowing my luck, probably nothing ‍♀️ 100 over pins, not bad! Even scheduling pins takes a lot of time. And that's not including designing them. So, you're doing just fine functioning as your own Virtual Assistant (VA) What's your blog about and how long have you been blogging? Any wise advice for this novice
30-40 ain't so bad. Congrats on your new high. Hopefully many more to come. I take very little stock in the monthly viewers metric. it's pretty much worthless IMO. I had over 2 million mo. views for the last 2 months and traffic has been weak.

45 blog posts in 2 months? you're beasting it. How long are your articles typically? I'm lucky if i get 8-10 posts out in a 2 months span. most of my content is long form, so anywhere from 1-5k words and I accompany each blog post with a YouTube video which takes just as long as crafting a rich blog post full of designed images, research, etc…

I think long form, in-depth, valuable content is better and so quality over quantity when it comes to ranking in Google. I don't think it's necessary to have a huge backlog of posts to start ranking in google.

I'm in the men's style/lifestyle niche, blogging for just over 2 years now. started from scratch without any prior knowledge of content creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, all of that had to learn on the fly. My first year was pretty much me making every possible mistake that you can. I had shit traffic through my first year. Not until year 2 did i start to learn from my mistakes and become more strategic with my content. I'd say the past 3-4 months i've seen way more growth than the first 2 years combined. And so i'm confident it's only up from here.

Advice? Hmm.learn a little bit about on page even basic keyword research and target terms that you know people are searching for and that you can craft a piece that answers all of their questions. try to be the definitive resource on that particular topic. much easier said than done, but Google tends to reward this type of content. Also, if you aren't already, engage with other bloggers in your niche on social, share their content and try to develop some sort of relationship with them. Target the big players in your niche with high domain authority, and pitch them for a guest post on their site. This way you can piggyback off of their readership and also get a quality backlink that will boost your own Domain Authority (DA). Finally, just keep creating the best, most informative content that you can. Really get inside your audiences' minds and try to answer all of their pain points. I believe if you do this over a long period of time, you'll win in the end. hope my rambling makes sense!
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Thanks for the advice and yes, it makes complete sense 😃 I have a lot of respect for people who can keep going with this thing despite not seeing much traffic or comments or other tangible rewards. There's just so much to do and problems to solve and strategies to think of for almost everything: newsletter, new subscribers, posts, research, affiliate marketing, advertising… You've got to find a way to stay motivated through it or you'll give up.

You've been doing it for 2 years and did not give up after the first year 😬 so it's really something. And I'm so impressed you add a YouTube video in all your posts as well. That's a lot of work! Hats off to you. I'm so glad it's paying off for you now. You're right about it being no way but up from here. Fingers crossed for both of us.

My posts are typically 2k-3.5k words each. Writing is all I do all day so I have no excuse not to beast it 😂 I'm working on a monster post now that'll hit 15k words – this is my definitive piece. But goodness me, it's a lot of work and research. It's meant to be the money maker post as well so it has to be really good. Tossing in some affiliate links in there. It's fun to experiment so I'm excited to see how it goes.

And oh!!! My Pinterest unique views went back up from 84k to 87k this morning. So it looks like I'm back in the game!

I'm kind of obsessed with the stats for now. As a beginner, it's the only way for me to tell if what I'm doing makes a difference. If people actually read the stuff I write, if they find it useful. It looks like it is for now. I even managed to get a few subscribers. I'm telling myself I must be doing something right 😅

Guest posting is on my list of things to tackle next. I just wish I had more time and humans don't really need to sleep that much. Sigh!
If you hadn't told me, I would've though you're a seasoned vet. At 2 months in you already know what I know now over 2 years later. This surely isn't your first foray into the world of blogging?

There's absolutely so many hats to wear, especially since early on it's not feasible to hire a team. And so all the things you mentioned can become overwhelming at times, but for me the motivation comes from the process of doing it all and everything I'm learning along the way. Plus I'm passionate about creating content, learning every aspect of marketing, advertising, affiliates, research, design, video editing, and most importantly the niche I'm in, so it's that passion that keeps the fire burning I suppose. I'm super inspired and motivated by all those who came before me, who are killing it in my niche and so I sort of use them as the blueprint, because if they did it, so can I…so long as I stay in my lane and keep on the path.

15k word, my goodness. My longest piece is maybe 6k? I'm curious about your background, you mention you write all do, so I guess it's your profession. I enjoy writing and can get super long winded with my posts, but I'm striving to be more concise and to the point without being too superfluous. Good luck with that mega-post though, I hope it turns out to be a big money maker for you with all the time and effort that's going into it.

You mention obsession with stats, I spend far too long combing through my analytics on a daily basis, but like you mentioned it's important to measure your results, what's working, what isn't and what you can do to improve, so it definitely helps, but can also be counterintuitive. I probably check my affiliates earnings way more often than I should too. But you seem to be doing everything right, and I think you're going to do really well in this blogging game.
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Lol! My first 2 blogs died a natural death. I didn't know much then and I wasn't serious about them at the time. But I've been reading about blogging for years now and finally late last year, I decided to really give it a shot.

You talk of passion and I totally relate to that. I love writing and it's the only thing keeping me going. And the prospect of making money from it soon. Others before me are killing it in my niche too which is personal development. I can only wish someday I'll be like them.

As for writing, I guess practice is the only way. English is not my first language but it certainly feels like it now. I used to be a content marketing manager for a Swiss company so I write a lot. My writing is not that good, but I figure it's not that bad either 😅 Quit my job early this year to blog full time. Silly, I know. But I'm trying freelance writing as well. I'm counting on serendipity 😂

Thanks for the well wishes. I wouldn't mind some luck. This is my longest post, yes. I wish it was shorter, sometimes. It's taking forever to finish.

Lol! That sounds like me except it's the pageviews I obsess about. If I had money coming in from affiliate marketing, I'd probably be doing the same as you.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, I do hope I succeed this time. I like your enthusiasm for blogging and hope I'll be just as passionate 2 years in. Quite an inspiration…


Facebook groups… I just joined one for my niche and they have a manual pinning post that opens on Monday and closes on Friday every week. You post 1 pin and need to repin everyone else's. Went from 6.8k monthly reach to 26k monthly unique viewers in under a week. Traffic to my website went from an average of 20 a day to an average of 50 a day and I gained 42 new followers. I was scared this was all just due to bloggers visiting me and following me. However, after close inspection in my analytics, I noticed that some of the repins I got through that Facebook grouo got a good 20 to 30 clicks and 1000 to 2500 impressions. I really feel a difference!

Edit1: there were 180 participants last week

SurvivingSingle ✍️
That sounds like a cool way to get traffic. I'm on some Facebook groups now but none for pinning. I'll have to find some groups like that. Thanks for the idea! Cheers.

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